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MYSTERY PIC: What is it?
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looked like a washing machine at first
No matter what it's. I want one!!!!!
Mary M
VW Hover vehicle that does not run on petroleum products, kinda kewl, like the Jetsons! :-)
This is something Capsule Corp. might think up.
We have these at the fair. They catapult you up on a bungee between two tall posts
Mary M
Shoot, I thought it was my next vehicle! Bungees you say...
a jetta life pod, it puts you in a cryogenic sleep for the the duration of your life, wishful thinking?
Mary M
You must ride on the cadillac of Harleys
_____________________ ?????????????????
+Omar Belingheri must be just a concept, because video is fake (no dust coming from under due to air stream + people look thru the car), wonder if it is also a Chinese VW brand.
+Omar Belingheri maybe the are real but not out yet ( maybe in 2040)
We have gone from farvegnugen to Flugvergnügen
that looked crazy, I want to try it out
It's a way to see the world without being exposed to the disease of developing countries.
Owned one back in '94, and it was one heck of a gas hog.
take a close look behind the vehicle and you will see a panel like thing which also cast a shadow
is that suppose to be a car of the future!
looks like a new-fangled Johnnycab to me.
Well, it doesn't have Quattro, that is for sure.
this is wonderful the world is going to a new level
it's a giant piece of shit flouting in the air
i think floating personal mobile pod, it works with air pressure, should be great if that can become a real product.
a gay dream of one stupid german motoring company that will never beat bmw nor never merc. period
So imagine, you're floating down the road in this thing, and the power source fails and it loses lift... but you've still got lots of forward momentum. You're now strapped inside a giant wheel rolling along the ground. I'd like my hovercar to have a flat bottom, thank you. I'm still hurtling ahead in a straight line if I lose power, but at least I'm not instantly put on spin-cycle. Not to mention the flat bottom would scrub off forward momentum quicker than a completely round design like this. If VW did come up with this design... smh...
looks like its attached to something above it...could it be a ride at some kinda fair ?
Gölgesiyle saçaklığın gölgesi faklı, çakma...
from volswagon: das auoto to volswagon die fliegenden Ball
Anti-gravity is possible - you just need a PW2 power plant - the same ones used in 688i Fast Attack Los Angeles Class Nuclear submarines to create the anti-gravity bubble under the vehicle. Oh and the vehicle, is gonna be a weebit bigger :) and a very special road surface and...
it's a Volkes wagon washing machine
+ Carlos Castellanos that's go back in time :)
EDIT: The Volkswagen H(over).P. Lovecraft
wooooo what is it?it is a car?
The new theme park ride sponsored by VW. Wash your clothes while wearing them on this trackless ride. Arrive hybrid fresh and pressed. See it at the 2036 worlds fair in Shanghai. Keep smiling.
a washing machine gone very, very wrong, right?
Evan Yu
wtf is this? hahahaha its awesome!!
Volkswagon has been building escape pods for Empire warships for some time now. They are trying to diversify their product mix.
Photoshopped the wheels off of it
Not photoshopped. Its a real frickin car. Holy crap
The Volkswagen UFO... in stores this June.
Certainly photoshopped . Look in the background , the bicycle there is found in countries like India, Pakistan.So what is VW doing there
What's ironic is people still are hanging their clothes and riding bikes in the background
who disclosed the secret photos of Volkswagen's new model ?... =^.^=
Is a compatible version of the delorean from back to the future
I'm fairly sure I can see a metal rod/ pole connected on top. 2 person monorail maybe?
Imo Day
i want one! ha
Nice. It's not an actual car yet, but if we get this in 10, 15 years? Sweet.
From inventing the wheel to .... inventing the wheel
what ever it is I want that to be my car;D
Product Placement in new Total Recall?
are children allowed to drive them please tell me yes?
I think it may be something that someone with an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator may not want to ride in!!! And what will happen if the magnetic fields reverse...adios amigos!
He went Back to the future and got himself a hover VW.
Smart move ! Lol
Does it have "Air Brakes"? >;^}
awaits the sound of The Jetsons car meep meep meep meep meep meep
I got the story .. "Volkswagen had launched a new ad campaign ‘The People’s Car Project’ in China. The company invited the Chinese to submit their ideas of what would make the ultimate new people’s car. A young girl who study animation and gaming design from Chengdu city, had submitted a spherical car with no wheels. The concept car uses magnetic suspending system to float in the air, and runs like those flying auto from the vintage movie ‘Back to the Future II‘. Volkswagen picked up the design and created a promotion videos with CG effect to make it become reality. "
Obviously VW has sponsored a ride at Disney World!
Telephone box with VW stuck on it.
Wat kind of a vihicle is that.fantastic
Not sure what it is...but I know I want one!
I guess that will some day replace the car.
transparent doors no privacy.....
No possible way that there is such thing as flying cars. It would be all over the internet if it happened. 
Haha look at the top of the picture you can see a pole sticking out the top
When I was alive . . . Augh, these new-fangled phonograph devices.
*Rules and restrictions apply; see inside for details.
let me guess, it's a failure made by Volk-swaggin'
it looks like the.......whats it called now??oh well,somthing of a plane!!
Its a FIAT without weels...someone stole them, i guess
For me it looked like a wrist-watch at first...
some kind of hover craft?????/!!!!!!???
The Center of Gravity would be too high for basic Air Foils or Air flow similar to Hovercrafts or such design..
a car from the future
its a new development in car making in china they are making a new type of car thats safe and eviromentaly safe. they hope it will be sold around the world.
Looks like a pod in a merry-go-round.
its like something i saw in a popular science magazine but they dont fly
it's not a Wolksvagen... it's A wolkSWAGEN
They are either about to go over niagra falls or get rolled down a very steep hill.
VW makes lifts (suck as ski lifts) that look similar to this.
scratch that super volks wagon donut lol
I think I've seen IT before on a South Park, invention of Mr. Gerrison: It Beats Dealing With The Airline Companies
china commercial! their way to get literally "over-the-top" ; ) and attempt to win over D-Land regarding their (germany's) very own vehicles? : )D Volkswagen instead of reading Made in or product of Germany soon to be Made in China... Ha! ya wish ; ) However, they do want to expand their VW productions.... true story
Wow! That is so cool! Even better...It's a Volts Wagon!
its a volkswagon hovercraft that we r all guna be driving in the future duuuh.
soo cooool want one how much does it cost!!!!
its one of those weird wheels
what in the world??????!!!!!!!
never mind it looks more out of this world.....
It's a cylinder made of mostly glass holding two people in it. Duh. How is it nobody got that?
The smartest smart-car in the history of smartness
It has to me some new car. It has the Volts Wagon Sign on it. I think its cool but it looks like a death trap.
so coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that the new flying car everyone is talking about?
A giant VW 'time out' container for your wife and enfant terrible
Luke didn't pay his road tax and had his Land speeder crushed.
what ever happened to privacy
Whatever it is...I want it!!!
The next model of "smart"car...
(I call them dumbcars, so now It makes sense.)
I want it now!
Do any engineers want to make a prototype with me?
My dad has a volkswagen...
The beetle looks bigger than that
eddy G
Oh I see, it's a carnival ride. I see the arm holding it up. Haha busted.
I think I saw one on southpark
wait............... is that a real car????!!!!
How are we supposed to drive flying cars when people still can't drive correctly on the ground???
ah aha i knew there would be a floating vehicle somewhere in this universe that loks so automobiclaley cool!!! :)
Conveniwnt place for the vw logo... Right in the middle of the windsheild
Finally a car that can wipe my hard drives
Another ridiculous photo shop. I'm not aware of any levitating vehicles.
It's the car of the future, it's also for people who are to lazy to actually walk:-P
This is a game in the amusement park
the way people will walk in the park in 80 years
It's a photo that you put on Google Plus.
this is awesome how did you find it
Looks like the "It" from South Park.
Sorry still like big trucks with 44 inch Gumbos. GO BLUE!
She makin' gumbo, mighty rad gumbo, it's the only way she can go, with that mighty rad gumbo
Looks just like the prototype for the one in Men In Black 3.
Tubular cars. Hope it has a good stereo inside. Introducing acoustic sitar.
its a bird! its a plane! its a.....
Let me guess it's a Volkswagen hovercar
Let me guess it's a Volkswagen hovercar
Let me guess it's a Volkswagen hovercar
Let me guess it's a Volkswagen hovercar
you must be this tall to ride the......transperent floating wheel?
It's a bad attempt at viral marketing.
Well it is obviously a Volkswagon. I want to say it is something like a hovercraft or something
Let me guess it's a Volkswagen hovercar
A washing machine for personal use. Finally, you can put your kids into a washing machine and know for a fact they will be clean after the rinse cycle.
I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie and the chocolate factory remake?
This is pretty boss! I would totally want one!
Looks just like something out of Tron! :3
Okay !! this is very COOL,but it kinda remines me of some kind of space like Automobile,that's all I can come-up with.Always,Lori H-Smith 1st.May 2012 It's an air car!!!
wow But who said I don't already have one?
Ax Dsg
hi is that air floating vessel ?
a taxi of the future maybe? Like if you'd tell it to take you somewhere it would use a up to date GPS system to take you there in a matter of minutes. Is it something like that?
Probably edited out the wheels and added a v w sign....
i have seen something like this before...
its like a two person segway?
Sería muy bonito que realmente existiera un vehículo como ese.
ma ba
Its from an old movie,photoshopped
looks like a two-person Zorb though
What ever it is looks pretty neat! Its a little late to call dibs though
A person in a Volkswagen prototype hover-mobile.
A hovering vehicle, beautiful.
i dont belive it .if it was tre you wold difine the law of gravity whic is un posible
looks like fun to me
Its look like a circular cable car.
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