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Dude Creates Map of State Stereotypes Based on Google Autocomplete

A blogger created a map of state stereotypes, drawing data from Google Autocomplete. Just tap the state, and find out what Google users think of it.
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Hot, racist, boring and humid from Georgia - Take that Florida!
I know this is quibbling, but the dude is a woman.
Why is Missouri so humid

That's all we get. Gawd, how pathetic.
I am not impressed with the intelligence of Google users, if one of the most popular questions is "Why is New York [City] so big?" I am even less impressed that has a page on it, and the answer is "All the people just kept building things and finally they built huge buildings and then it just got so big after a while."  I suppose millions of people sleep better now that their question has been answered.
I wonder if the results might not be skewed by customization and/or regionalization. I spot-checked a few of the results myself (using Chrome's incognito mode, so I wasn't logged in) and got almost completely different results.
Just searched "Why is America so" and received:

Try "Why is England so":

Pretty fun thing to try.
Checking on from boring, haunted Pennsylvania. There is actually a book about weird things in Pennsylvania.
I have a feeling the "boring" part about Oregon has to do with the town of Boring, Oregon, which was mentioned recently in an article about unfortunately-named towns.
LOL....  Look like will all the "boring" states, we must be among the most boring in the world.  
Ha. Rhode Island... small, boring, corrupt, but also important.
Pretty cool, although I don't know if Renee DiResta appreciates being called a "dude".

Would like to see some trends from this kind of research. Google autocomplete says a lot about our society.
Why is Canada so Expensive, Lame, Gay, Great.
+Johnny Callinex Easy enough to do it yourself on As +Bryan Pillow found "Why is Canada so..." comes up as Expensive, Lame, Gay and (for me) Awesome. Ontario comes up as Humid Hot Populated.
I don't think Canada is expensive.

I'm kidding!!!
Personally, looks like more fun to ask "Why are Canadians so...". That one comes up with Hot, Nice, Rude, Good Looking.
This is so awesome, great to have this interactive data about america
Texas! Cheap food makes awesome, hot fatties. 
I like texas.  They seem to be one of the few states that has its fiscal priorities together and it should stay red to purple. Not too red and certainly not too blue.
ppl in idaho dont have computers HAH
idaho has computers... but they are made from potatoes jk
tony d
What about the colonies...i mean, territories?
whoo-hoo go Texas born & raised, humidity is the only thing that sux here, ANY-PLACE YOU GO HAS SOME TYPE OF PROBLEM! there is know perfect place but heaven
Going to Texas on Monday I can't wait. Going to San Antonio,autim

Not too sure where the "representative democracy" came from, but the rest are extremely good questions!

why is australia so expensive
why is australia so boring
why is australia called the land down under
why is australia called australia
why is australia so expensive to live in
why is australia the lucky country
why is australia a representative democracy
why is australia so dry
why is australia in afghanistan
I hope I can get this to work in my classroom next week :)
tony d
The Belle's Curve?
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