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Is Apple creating a new aristocracy?

The site defines an “aristocracy” in part as “a class of persons holding exceptional rank and privileges.”

Scanning the news recently, I got to wondering: Is Apple creating a new aristocracy?
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I can see how people can think that.
Bring on the "aristocrap" jokes... I can see it coming... 
Well, Apple users seem to think they're better than anyone else. No one else does.
The revolution is coming. Haha
Aristocracy is something you are by birth and cannot buy, unlike owning iPhones.
No. Maybe an age of arrogance and self-blindness.
As long as you avoid the meaning of the word Aristocrat and ignore the very large number of people using iPhones and iPads, then yes, this theory is super compelling.

Also Cheers to the dude who managed to shove in an Obama comment.
Apple's brand has always oozed a little elitist, but I don't think it's intention is as much aristocracy. You don't make as much money when you imply your product is for the "privileged". I think they're just trying to give a good user experience for all, and tie you into their ecosystem while you're at it. In the end it's always about money.
You Apple bashing guys are just really really sad... I mean really, snobbery for buying a product you don't enjoy to use +Jacob Clayton ? Are you kidding me? 

Use whatever you want, but don't hate, it just seems so proletarian ;-)
+Mike Elgan - Aristocrats, like every successful discriminator, need to be able to enforce their particular brand of privilege (or shall we say ignorance) on others.  Just being able to consume luxury goods does not an aristocrat make.  Snobbery and aristocracy are not one and the same.
Elitist because they pay more for their technology. Materialism doesn't impress me. It's nice knowing I paid 3 times less for a product, that accomplishes the same task, and more in some cases.
Daniel. I'm not bashing Apple but a large percentage of it's "head of my a$$" users.
This is probably the most pathetic and daffy piece of writing I've seen this week. lol! The part about precious metals I found most entertaining. Apparently the author does not usually go long in any of those. I saw the "iPad" on special offer in a store last week, hundreds of people queued for hours to get one of these lame pieces of plastic, no "precious metals" in sight. Observing the hustle and bustle and listening to some of their fanboy/fangirl conversations the impression it left is this: the average "Apple" customer is far from aristocracy. Save your money and realize it is not your customer power alone that makes you an "aristocrat", especially not when your brown-nosing has already reached the level of "brown-shouldering" - probably you couldn't suck up to Cupertino more even if you tried. Embarrassing.
We seek him here, we seek him there,
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven? — Is he in hell?
That damned, elusive Pimpernel
That's a perception. I use Apple products. I do believe that I am using great devices. But that doesn't make me a part of tech aristocracy. Android is equally awesome. Android users need to stop bashing Apple and appreciate their own awesome, and I genuinely mean that, OS. They need to be proud of being an Android user. 
It's not just Apple. Corporations routinely use the language of an implied elite to differentiate their product. Apple have just been doing it for longer. Saying "Hey, our product is the coolest" is hardly a new way of doing things.

If I was going to point a finger at Apple for creating a "class divide" where it really did the most damage was when Jobs introduced HTML5/standards versus Flash warfare to the consuming public, one of the most disturbing uses of aligning your customers with a cause in corporate warfare.

It muddled the debate and did significant damage to the fabric of the web, prematurely bringing to the forefront a technology that has not in any way improved anyone's lives other than corporations, though you still see people talk of Steve's assessment like it's gospel, even you +Mike Elgan . All this cry for standards compliance, yet here we are, with native applications utterly wiping the floor with web standards based apps, further locking you into the native platform. Not truth, corporate strategy.
Yes because Android users don't exhibit smug self satisfaction. No, that never happens!
Ugh, what a terrible fluff piece. There's really no interesting insights or even new info in the entire piece. Is this just an attempt to be controversial and get a few clicks? It really brings down the average level of your posts, I guess it's time to unfollow...
Is Apple the king-maker, or is our system which allows such government-enforced "benefits" to corporations who know how to game the system the problem? (Though, yes, I consider this an ethical problem, too, that Apple must own.)
This is interesting as +Andreas Rønning noted. This has been going on. People buy a coach bag because it makes them feel better about themselves, when really it does nothing special. Tech devices are no different. People buy ipads because it makes them feel a certain way. People buy android because it makes me feel better..I think rather than going for the exclusivity method they should design and work with other manufacturers to push tech forward, set a "standard" like the recent Motorola parents and then lease that patent. If I was on the board, that's what I would be pushing...then everybody wins. People could have Apple, Android, Windows mobile or rim based on what they want and make them feel better..and still brings in revenue rather than tarnish a brand because of constant litigation..look at Oracle..used to be powerful but now has a tarnished reputation.
I'm an apple product user.
I have an iPhone and an iMac.
I am better than all of you who do not use apple products because I made the better consumer decision.
One day I will rule the world. 
Of course, Apple isn't creating a new aristocracy. 

I don't see the 'easy pass' working especially well, as the TSA isn't likely to give up any of it's power just because you have a iToy.  You'll still have to wait in line for security.  It may be a different line, but it'll still be a line.

If they do allow it, it won't be for long.  All it would take is one wrong person with an iToy (like they are hard to get) and using it to bypass security.  Hell, you could scare the people into going after the government to stop it by saying 9/11.

And Orbitz is only going the standard business route.  If people are willing to pay more to get less, then of course they'll spend more for rooms.
+Freddie Redding I am an apple user. The genius bar and I are superior!
You will not speak to me in such a manor!
For me, Apple products simply make my life easier. I spent precious hours of my life dealing with unfinished Microsoft applications with patches, incompatibilities, and such. The extra price is worth the hours I save dealing with Microsoft-run junk.
for US n users in developed countries, the price of iproducts are not veeery expensive, but still more expensive than counterparts in the market, so i agree with u. apple is playing sort of "aristocracy" to show they r upper class. to be emphasized, in poor countries such as china, the iproducts are veeeeeeeeeeeeery expensive and ppl hving iproducts consider themselves upper class, in general.
If exceptional using a product with limited functionality and options then I have to agree.
Note that I answered my own question in the negative. I wrote: "Is Apple creating a new aristocracy? Of course not!"

I know that some people lose their sense of humor when Apple is the topic of conversation, but come on, people.

This was just an amusing look at some common threads in Apple news.

Lighten up, some of you!
Hey +Mike Elgan, any word of Apple creating their own search engine? They probably won't ever (you never now..) promote bing, but they can't really do the same they did with maps.. can they?
The biggest problem is that many people DO believe that Apple is creating a new aristocracy and they want to be part of it.  Whether or not Apple is actually doing that is another argument entirely.  In my mind it's all smoke and mirrors but I can't deny the fact that Apple is a phenomenal marketing company.
"They seek him here. They seek him there. Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in Heaven? Or is he in Hell? That damned, elusive, pimpernel."

I love Sir Percy Blakeney!! And Apple sir is no Scarlet Pimpernel. They may have started out with the noblest of intentions but they definitely have gone elitist.
I've said this for years. Every Apple product comes with a complimentary iEgo to go with it. 
It's not about the Product, It's Idea. I dont like this ''just apple'' attitude. Sounds Nazi for me :)
It's The Scarlet Pimpernel!  I love that movie!
I am amazed at how the Orbitz revelation got such a pass because of Apple. Everyone knows that "Macks (sic)" prefer expensive things and we are just giving them what "everyone knows" that they prefer!

Really? It is alright to serve up more expensive hotels because the person is using a Mac?

What would have been the reaction if they served up hotels that were near fried chicken restaurants to persons that had IP addresses that were in Chicago or South Central Los Angeles? After all, "everyone KNOWS that they would prefer that".

Give me a break!
Paul MacEwan is right. Don't blame Apple, blame people.
office boy & office girl in the officer
So many bloggers, posters or whatever you want to call them keep up this Apple vs Android vs this vs that only to garner interest and artificial online activity. All this debate and "thought provoking" articles about big companies that makes enormous amount of money.

You know, it's ok to have nothing to say and turn off the feed for awhile and let things be. I feel a lot if times when reading online that people write just for the sake of writing and appear active. A nasty effect of social media.

And this incessant need of being in a camp or against one, be it phones and brands (and we could say about other aspects ...) is sheepish to say the least. It's surely playing in the corporations hands. 
+Jonell Galloway the people here know what you're saying is true. But the hate, and what even seems like jealousy of Apple products here trumps anything. I have a MacBook, iPad and an iPhone. They work seamlessly together. Do I pay more for it? Sure. But it makes my life much easier. I'd be pulling what little hair I have left out if I used an android phone, an iPad and a windows computer together. 
most things do not last forever, either way if they are or are not.
+Jacob Clayton I Think you need to look up proletarian and comprehend a semi-funny comment, relax, it's f'in' technology, don't hate, just use.

I love my macs, my iPhones and my iPads If that make me an aristocrat in your optics, you are all crazy and illiterate.

Just saying

I've always considered Apple fanboi's there own special Doucheocracy.
ken r
Headline ends in a question mark? Then the answer is usually "no", and an old trick to get eyeballs on the page. Moving along...
Hola....!!!! solo puedo decir que la fotografia es marabillosa ., quien mas quisiera  vivir por solo un segundo aquella epoca.¡que privilegio!!!!. si amas lo que haces ,viviras mucho mas para disfrutarlo.
i always referred to apple as the Gucci of electronics. 
an aristocracy? you need only a couple hundred bucks to buy some Apple, what are you talkig about?
+Mike Elgan I like the idea of calling them a new aristocracy. Being a history buff my favorite stories were of the people rising up against the oppression of the aristocrats and leaving them lying in the gutter Sans head for the rats and other varmint to feast upon. Yes that sounds like a great ending to your fairytale!
Its meant to be exclusionary +Greg Emerson, and a bit arrogant.. a way of suggesting everything else is inferior.  As far as I'm concerned apple's products don't just work... how about trying to change out the battery for your iphone?  Or, you want a widget?  Or real multi-tasking of applications?  Nope.
Most people buy Apple for this reason. The interesting point is that the company knows it well!
+Greg Emerson can't speak for all iPhone users, but when I think of android, what comes to mind is the users talking about what rom they use. What skin is on it. How they used cyanogen. Or that they flashed the phone. Which flavor of android they are on. It makes the OS seem overly complicated. You just use the iPhone and "it just works". 
Real apple friendly environment here, I never had to deal with this persecution on FB and you talk about them like the devil incarnate, so much for choice in this country, what works for you is great, what works for me, should be just fine as it has no effect on you, I'm sorry I keep hearing this we want g+ to be successful but your hating on a large group of people, yeah yeah I've heard it before get a thicker skin, makes me sad
Sink me, I believe that is exactly what Apple is trying to do.
+Reginald Watkins we are human we explore and tinker and ask ourselves what could I do to make it better or different or faster. We don't drive Model A Fords anymore because people wanted something other than a black car that just worked. It was the same philosophy as the iPhone way back then of give everyone the same thing and you will sell a bunch of them. But there are those that want to be different, that want options, they want freedom. People that drove model A's were not better or worse they were content. Not everyone fits that mold and when forced to do so they will rebel against it. I don't root or add custom Roms but I love my android as you do your iPhone. No better no worse just different.
+Jonell Galloway please give details on unfinished Microsoft products and what patches you speak of. If it wasn't for ms office life would be a bit tough in the business world. Also, a lot of Microsoft patches are security updates... Which Microsoft releases quite quickly
+Ronnie Friend +Greg Emerson I agree with both of you. It's all about perception. Of course most people use android straight out the box, never change it and it just works. But they are the silent majority. And if you want to change stuff, iOS isn't the way to go. But for me and most iOS users, this isn't rocket science. K.I.S.S and enjoy. 
Who cares about Apple? I love the Scarlet Pimpernell! One of my favorites. :)
Aristocracies would arise naturally when Oligarchy is the reigning form of government.
+Reginald Watkins actually, you likely wouldn't. There's absolutely no communication issues between the android phones I've owned and any of the windows pcs I've owned. I'm not sure about the iPad, but android tablets communicate just fine with windows pcs, as well. As does my iPod.

Basically, interconnectivity isn't an issue with android. It talks to everything just fine. Android actually has more in common with Apple's ios than any version of windows.
OMG ! That is such a terrible piece of writing. It made no sense at all. I had read it 2 times to actually believe that a column can be so bad.
I think the opposite is happening. Is your only news source 'Cult of Mac'?
An extremely thin hypothesis.

Real aristocrats have, well, money. I don't have that much left after iPaid!
I'm sure people would love to think that buying an overpriced piece of electronics makes you part of an elite ruling class. Unfortunately, even for a luxury good, the barrier to entry is just too low to mean anything significant.
Oh great, another bullshit patent.
The developer version of Project Glass costs ~$1500.  The retail version will most likely be priced similar to current smart phones ($200-$500).
They wore white wigs, like todays applications of AI.
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