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The new Google+ comes with new vocabulary!

Activity drawer - a slide-out box that displays +1s and reshares (pictured below). Just click on the set of mini icons and thumbnails on the right just below posts.

Application - features and destinations, such as "Home," "Profile," "Pages," "Hangouts" and so on are now called "applications" or "apps."

Card - the box that contains posts and everything that goes with it (comments, plus ones, shares, action buttons, menus, third-party browser extension links like "Translate," etc.

Explore - a new page or "application" that shows you a variety of stuff that might interest you, including "Who to follow," "What's Hot," and presumably other stuff in the future.

Ribbon - "Applications" sit in a strip of real estate on the left called the "ribbon."

Please study these. There will be a quiz tomorrow. ; )
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You will have a lot to talk about today on TWiG
How do I get the new look? I have not yet got it... (UK)
Time to make some flashcards.
I also do not have the new layout (UK), when is it due to roll-out here.. anyone know?
I don't care. G+ sucks on the iPad and that is where I prefer to use it. Google needs to get with the mobile thing someday. I won't develop on Android either because they don't get mobile dev.
This is a cool design. I only wish I can make it a little bit wider to fit my wide screen better.
I got the Ribbon and Explore. Activity Drawer and Card? Phew!
You can force the new layout by creating a google+ page... then log out and back in... that worked for me :)
Liz C
ahh love a handy tutorial!
And with even more wasted space on the right side
They need to at least have a collapse option for chat
Nice one, Mike. Thanks.
I like the new changes except the stream is too far out to the left, my neck feels weird.
No roll-out for me. How do I speed this up? I'm one of the early gmail beta testers... no love.
+Jim Preston trolling much? "Google needs to get with the mobile thing someday." Are you kidding me?
It just rolls when it rolls. They did say all day, so fingers crossed that you get it sooner rather than later.
Hit ctrl+ to decrease white space and shrink chat.
Sweet! Will the quiz be a practical or multiple choice exam? Also, should we break into study groups?! Please, we can't fail the GooglePlus quiz!
I really think they should've used "threads" instead of "cards"... the more they try to "innovate" terms on G+, the more they're going to confuse members, especially newcomers.
I knew something was up.. change... the only constant in the world. Thanks +Mike Elgan made me feel much better reading this.
Wait what Translate?

Where did you get a translate button from?
If you don't see the features yet - don't worry, you're not alone. I'm sure it'll take some time for it to roll-out to us all.
I have it in UK already on Chrome (FYI for UK people above)
Let me collapse the chat no matter how wide my browser window is, and have the stream fill the space, or at least let me drag it wider.
I realize now why I don't like the new design... it feels like frames which take me back to the 90's. Frames on one side (ie top) are forgivable, but this is on 3 sides, which makes me feel like I'm trapped in a box. I thought we got rid of these!
I agree with the frames/box comment. You've wasted most of my screen! I just want to see the stream. This is a dangerously facebook-ish change!
They seriously need a way for us to put it back the way it was. This is bad.
Fluff - labelled "Trending on Google+" and formatted to look as if it displays timely data that changes moment to moment. Conveniently placed in the center of the display.
I am gonna ace that quiz studies furiously
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Don't forget "View Ripples" a visual depiction of who is sharing a specific post and how they got it. Its hidden in the drop down arrow at the top right of each post. I like it very much.
I actually find the "whats hot" stuff annoying, a whole lotta people posting in languages I dont know spamming up my page and sending email notifications, so instead of staying in touch I end up spammed with garbage
I don't care about features. I can't read the gray on gray text. I'd rather be able to read the text on the website than get a bunch of doodads.
I feel like the stupid people are on facebook, and the people with minimal brain function are on G+.
this is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a lot of people are not aware about Google plus and some don't know how to navigate it.... and how incredible it is to be in Google +...
+Mike Elgan Did u notice that the "Send Feedback" button has now disappeared? It means google no more needs its user's feedback, especially on new design.
I don't have much love for Facebook either, but at my University it seems to load about 7 times faster than Google +. I have to go home to use G+, if I wish to avoid frustration.
Can we maximize the "card"? This is a ridiculous waste of screen real estate.
you are so cool how did you get that pic
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