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Here comes 'Katniss Barbie'!

Are you ready for Barbie, the reluctant killing machine?

Mattel is actually developing a Barbie based on The Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen.

The doll is available for pre-order starting today, and ships in August.

Pre-order here:

Props to +Cassandra Hallacker
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Man Mike what next she kinda scares me. What's PMS barbie LOL
Well, I think it's kind of cool. But, then I would have bought a Ripley from the Aliens movie "Barbie" for my daughter had one been available.
Ok that's actually pretty cool. The face gives me more of a Lara Croft vibe than Katniss though.
Wait... so Barbie just became an action figure? I can see little girls rounding up all their dolls and making them fight to the death lol

I don't think Katniss had perfect nails.
This will be a hit in the Capitol.
This makes me want to volunteer as tribute.
Ralph H
I understand now. Barbies will lose their lives, and their heads, and limbs, and you will have to buy more Barbies. Can cannon fodder Barbie be far behind?
They need to add Gale, Haymitch, Effie, Prim, Peeta, all the other tributes, Rue, Thresh, Cinna, People like that

Itd be sooooo cool and you could have a collection of barbie hunger games! They also need to make extra clothing for her from the movie

The Arena outfit isnt enough!
Other wise I love it
They just need more clothes and all the other main characters!
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