My latest acquisition: A Class Bialetti 3-Cup Espresso Maker.

I drink mostly white tea, but also enjoy an occasional coffee. Since I've been in Greece, I've been making Greek coffee (similar to Turkish coffee), which involves boiling water together with coffee grounds. The grounds settle to the bottom of the cup, so you have to sip carefully when you get near the bottom. 

However, I've now upgraded to this Bialetti espresso maker, which I bought yesterday in a local coffee store. It's a thing of beauty, and makes amazing coffee. 

If you're unfamiliar with this style of coffee making, you put water in the bottom, then screw it tightly and place it on the stove. When the water gets hot, the rising steam pressure forces the water up through the coffee grounds and then up into the top container through a pipe in the middle. 

You use an espresso roast, but a fairly conventional grind. 
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