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My 5 communities.

I'm really optimistic about Google+ Communities. The reason is that G+ is already the best place on the Internet to talk about ideas. Communities focuses that desire, and gives people places where they can be as enthusiastic and passionate as they want to be, without freaking everybody else out. 

I've created three communities, which represent the things I'm very interested in but which didn't already have existing Communities: 

Silicon Valley:

Digital Nomads:

Ancient Sparta:


International conflict:

So if you're passionate about any of these subjects, please pour yourself a cup of wine, join the communities and let's talk!
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I love G+ and I love the #communities. I setup one up for Asperger's Autism.
I hope they update the app with community functionality soon. 
Definitely an interesting 24 hours. A good time to either have fun or pull hairs out. Hee hee hee. It's been a pretty good experience for me so far.

I joined several communities and I created one for something that interests me greatly. This is for those that are into cartoons, animation, voice acting in cartoons, etc.:
Re Sparta: If you haven't read Stephen Pressfield's novels about ancient Greece, they are very good.  One covers the Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae and the another follows the career of Alcibiades.
let me hope this stuff is illegal or legal
A cup of wine. Very practical +Mike Elgan . I'm in, not because I'm a digital nomad, but because I enjoy reading about them.
bottle of wine will help person go to heaven very early.
nice view and the wine make it even better
BTW, I took this picture about a month ago from our hotel room in Kusadasi, Turkey. 
N. Cho
This is really nice - a beautiful town, Kusadasi. Nice picnic at the balcony, there!
ANYWAY. Glad You and Family r back home. Pic Fantastic!!!. 
I realize this post is 6+ months old +Mike Elgan but I'm curious on your thoughts looking back. With everything else you do, is managing your communities difficult and time consuming? Any tips/advice to make sure things run smoothly?

I run several forums - such as - but am exploring how we can offer our fans more by extending ourselves with Google+ Communities. That being said... it seems like a daunting and time consuming task when our own communities already take up a lot of time!
+Rob Jackson I don't really have any interesting advice. And I don't think communities need much management beyond deleting and banning members who spam or whatever, which can be done with a single click. 

What are you spending too much time on, specifically?
We have a massive staff at AF which helps, but mostly all of the time sink is in keeping the peace and the spam at bay. Hard to do if you're not following all the conversations. And the larger your community gets, the more difficult it is to stay abreast of all the different discussion.

Probably best to just dive in and learn on the fly, but was curious how your opinion may or may not have changed 6 months later. Been super impressed with how active, responsive, engaging, and entertaining you are on G+! Keep it up!
Hi +Mike Elgan​​​​​​​, please delete those members name that starts with symbols like !', as they are fake accounts that put themselves on top of the member list for self-advertising. They are all over Google+ Communities. If you can't manage the communities from time to time, please appoint moderators.

In my opinion Google+ should scramble the member list to avoid this kind of abuse.
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