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What the next four years is going to do to the president.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has done some unhelpful Photoshop aging of President Obama, predicting what the ravages of presidential stress will do to the First Face over the next four years.
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Ron Regan
all of the presidents seem to age a lot during their presidency. Seems to go with the job.
I know what they used to do to em
Yeah. Have you ever heard what the typical daily schedule of a POTUS is like, Ron? I read something somewhere, once. I think they said the Pope is the only person confirmed to be as busy, or busier, than the POTUS. The entire day is apparently planned out quite meticulously. Does not sound fun.
Nina Y.
+Maddie abney No, that is him 5 years ago. Being President actually made him seem younger.
His head will not get any larger as the image suggests.
It's interesting looking at before and after photos of presidents.
There is nothing unhelpful about this. The job of President of the United States is an extremely difficult and taxing one and this picture is a striking reminder of that fact. I wouldn't say this was unreasonable either, if you look back on pictures from the first campaign and pictures of him now you can see its been a tough 4 years and there is no reason to believe the next 4 will be any easier. 
i wonder if the process will be somewhat reversed once he leaves office. i would sure hope so.
+T. Todd Brown Your idea of socialism is radically different to the rest of the developed world's.
Pointless. Must be trying to amuse easily amused and distracted people.
He will actually look younger because he has nothing to run for so he will just live like a king for the next 4 years.
+T. Todd Brown Obama is a conservative democrat. Thats why he appeals to so many in the USA.
I wouldn't want to be the president. Way to stressful and busy IMO 
I agree, good thing BLACK DONT CRACK :-) 
Does anyone else see the resemblance to GW Bush?
qdara exdo mierda despues de este 21 de dic del 2012  ufff afirmateee  obama
He looks like George W Bush in this photo. I seriously doubt he will have nearly that many wrinkles.
after four more years, he's gonna look like he belongs in the supreme court.
It's probably only because we're watching. I remember Bill Clinton becoming white haired.
Obama is in good shape & is sporty......don't think he will age as bad even with the job stress 
Ouch. He looks quite a bit older here!
21 dec 2012 is comming  obama  UUUUu u.u
+Steve Mayne Mr. Brown is one of those conservatives who think that "socialism" is any government program that might actually be beneficial to anyone who's not white and rich.
Hell yeah! Back to unimportant things now that the election is over. I love America and the Internet. /sarcasm
Looks similar to the ageing photo they did of him for the posters around Copenhagen at COP15 in 2009.
He looks like Nelson Mandela. Freudian in many ways :-)
Carla S
Is that what golf and basketball does to a person?  : )  Just kidding.....
Things are going to get worse, I think. His challenges domestic and international are going to become very serious. Unemployment is not going down. Taxes are going up. Economy will slow. We're at 1.5% growth. Fiscal cliff on Dec. 31. Iran and Mid East Caliphate. He's inherited a big mess.
Maybe Morgan freeman will be able to play him now in the inevitable movie to follow.  ;op
We should keep this and see how accurate it is in 4 years.
How can this post and it's linked articles improve our lives? This is so much crap in the wind. What a waste of space and time.
And yet some people take the time to comment on a waste of space and time.  The irony is delicious.
lol +Satia Renee. I usually like what Mike posts (for the most part), but this is just jumping on the wagon to get views whilst the politiking is in high gear. How can Mike improve his reader satisfaction without knowing if his readers are satisfied? I hope my post helps. So, to sum up, his post is a waste of my time (all be it on a very small scale), but by writing my post i am hoping to make reading Mike's posts more worthwhile to many.
It worked for me.  I think.  I don't know.  It's been a crazy day and I really am too fried to think about anything.  I'm at the "ooh shiny" stage and I still have to be up for at least 4 more hours for a friggin' conference call.  But I can flush my toilet now so that's something.  So "oooh photoshop" and there I am.
He still going to look younger than the other president's. Pigmentation baby.
Black don't crack! Not like that at least. 
Wow, it took 57 posts for the first troll to appear.  Nice job +Wendy Sue .  :o\
+T. Todd Brown a public library is a socialist institution. I suggest you start buying all of your kids' books from now on.
This is up there in the journalism hall of fame with the photo of Princess Di if she was alive today.
why would anyone want that pressure
Gracchus: Fear and wonder, a powerful combination.
Falco: You really think people are going to be seduced by that?
Gracchus: I think he knows what Rome is. Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they'll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they'll roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the senate, it's the sand of the coliseum. He'll bring them death - and they will love him for it.

Dmama J
lollol he not tht old yall
As far as im conserned President Barack Obama has done a better job as our president then any other president.
+isaiah caskey really? How's the inflation at the grocery store treating you? Obviously he hasn't improved education unless "Sacromento" is the new spelling for the capital of California. 
Adam K
He does look better that way. Give him glasses and more wrinkles especially near the neck and mouth.
Earning that nobel peace prize caused a lot of stress.
no. I'm not a fan of that guy in the president's chair. But, I can tell you black don't crack. Hell! I'm 75 years old.
Looks like he's ready to go meet 'Lizbeth (clutches heart)
Hopefully he ages more than this. 
Looks a lot like what he did to our economy in his first two.
Rick, is it because he's black?
It's also 4-8 years toward that time in your life when ageing tends to be more notable. Hair graying, wrinkles forming, etc. Time alone does a lot of damage, I'm sure the presidency isn't a major source of damage.
i love all this bullshit about the end of free america - hahaha - republicans stand for freedom.. if you're white, straight and christian... and rich.  
Why not he's caused the country's hair to thin. 
Odd---I don't remember George W aging much during his presidency...
Not funny in anyway. You mock the one thing a person can do to change their life.

This is not funny. The one thing a person (no matter where you are on whoevers pole) is to vote. You may be upset that the president speaks as close to the truth that politics will allow. I am happy to see that there are enough people who aren't brain dead!

Yer Iggorance appalls! Never mind your stupid spelling mistakes and failure to see any truth you haven't invented....
and Rick Sloan is Anti Brains
Don't matter he's Commander In Chief!!! 
Seen this 4 year's ago, inaccurate
Poor guy.. yes, cause he has to back up all of what he said, where's the money gonna come from
Ian Cox
Thats not Obama, thats someone else
This goes out to all the obama haters
Ya because the communist doesnt belong in the whitehouse
lol about pic but not 2 the obama h8ters
He worked hard these 4 years. he is getting older than normal. 
THE US is in real trouble this dummy does not have a clue what he is doing
He may not make four years with his allowing four Americans to be murdered. Of course Clinton made it through, but did have his right to practice law revoked. 
you think that's funny well something that's not funny is a pic of Romney and a quote saying ''I'm not concerned about the poor peeps cause I can't see them from my crib''l00k it up on google funny pics of mitt romney
I agree you dont Luis Garcia but theres no need to put yourself down in a public forum
that's ok becuz this so called "dummy" won the election so ha!! nanananananbooboobooboo hahaha :P
DANNY JONES I agree what color would you like me to paint your house  ... COMRADE
Thank you Mr. President! You give of yourself so much. I appreciate it.
It may be unhelpful, but (considering what the past four years have done to age him prematurely) it may not be entirely inaccurate.
the US can survive Obama,we've done it before,but I dont know if we can survive a population who will keep electing him
Doubt he will age like that. African Americans tend to age better and wrinkle less. Sorry.
What they should have done was bring up the aging they did in 2008 to see how accurate they were.
+Ben Schorr Yeah, Obama himself said he would look like that in the White House Correspondents' Dinner...after poking fun at Romney.
Ugghh dont even remind me of america for the next four years
Michelle will take good care of him, he's not gunna end up like that in 4 year's!
So funny to see the Repubs crying over a second term for this POTUS, after they ridiculed Dems for lamenting that Bush took a second term.  

I suppose consistency just isn't a part of the GOP philosophy.
People always has something to say. But he still looks good
lying and murdering is very stressful
that's a bit extreme, but considering how white his hair has gotten over the past four years, I'm not entirely surprised
He looks greek,,,oh,,my bad this is greece,ahhh,rome,,???
Hatred and resentment is also very stressful.
I don't think Obama will age that much. With the addition of more gray hair today, Obama pretty much looks as he did in 08.
that looks mad real and it actually might happen 
ha ha hes old and stinks go romney
The devil is a lie...
Those who continue to throw out the "socialism" tag cannot think beyond what they hear. You obviously have no idea what socialism is. 
Whats this about a chip I'm reading about in the obama care bill,under your skin!,do they inject it,or cut to install,its not real clear???
I hope it ain't so, but it certainly is a lot of stress for a brotha, tee hee!
More like what it's gonna do to us!!!!!! I can't believe many people still voted for him after what he's done!!!!!!!
The question is what will america look like?
+Bret Koehler He didn't do shit to this economy ya boy fu** that up! YAWL stop blaming President Obama for other ppls f*** ups! 
James - I agree!!  Maybe now that the election is over, MAYBE, we'll begin to focus on what happen to the four Americans that were killed!!!  I don't care if it was a Republican or Democrat president in office - the incident in Libya needs to be resolved and not simply pushed to the back burner!!!  Heck, we impeached Clinton, for a sexual encounter!!!!  Americans have DIED and NO ONE is being held accountable (with the exception of throwing Hillary under the bus!) - Especially in light of the information that has came out about the prior knowledge of the attack!!!
Some wonder why the rest of us love President Obama, God bless this man for wanting such a stressful job.
Marc G.
Haven't all Presidents from all eras faced the problems of being commander and chief? That is becoming old quick? It's not easy. 
Yes...Yes Good bye too mitt the liar!
Considering all of the whiny butthurt going around the Internet, this is probably the nicest Photoshop I've seen of the President today.
You don't need to be talking about no Damn body! How old is your a$$ +Edward Schultz lmao! 
This image looks surprisingly similar to GWBush to me. (Honestly, not a troll attempt.)
Surprise John Marziano they are all liars.
it would be an odd thing if the President of the United States of America had no worries.  Us Americans are very different people living in the same nation.
Being president has aged Obama at least 10 years in only four.
No lie...Bush aged quickly also.
+Nathan Bluteau I applaud you Bruh. You're 1 of the folks that have sense. These haters of Obama they know the deal just not man/woman enuff to admit it. Psychologist say, if you tell yourself something enuff times you'll eventually start to believe & think it's true. The folks that blame the President for everything, they're those ppl... There's no way! They think he's responsible ya know what I'm sayn? That's just insane!! 
Well, consider what four years of the presidential pressure cooker would do the visage of Mitt Romney!
Kindly add Egypt president to the list.
A monkey :o he looks like an old monkey :o
So, with that much stress, and knowing you'll be crucified no matter what you do,  having your hands tied because the Reps and Dems can't just deal and care little for the common man, what kind of a courageous and dedicated person would wnat to take this on. Easy - A Great Man.
And I thought he was ugly before!  lol
He's going to turn into Morgan Freeman?
our fearless leader...I would not follow him anywhere..
yes he gone to look like that just because the way bush leave the country 
Tai Gu
very funny!
Well Romney is 65, so imagine how he;d look!
i think he will take long time to be like this
Dude needs to slow down with the beer and cigarettes, and maybe use sunscreen.  At least Bush moisturized.
A better thing to ask, what's the next 4 years gunna do to us.
being the president ages you. Clinton, Bush, and now ...
Sadly that's probably not far off.. the last couple presidents have NOT look good at the end of their term(s)!
If we are lucky? He will spend lots of the retirement money on rejuvenating his health? And have a heart attack before he is 60! Yayy!
All great things take four or more years to per fect
I wonder who he will blame the crappy economy now since he isn't replacing bush 
Probably not they drastic! But yes, NEWS BULLETIN ...PEOPLE AGE!!!! 
He really doesn't have to do a lot and he would accomplish more than the last four years
Other than being the first black president what good has he done?
Very possible. Every President ages rapidly, with the possible exception of Reagan, who left as aged as when he was Inaugurated.
yes the office of the presidency is a stressful job. but I feel he will look nowhere like that in the coming for years. because he knows what's a head of him. he won't let the office stress him out to look like a old man.
I feel like it depends on how old the president is when he is elected. 48 years old to 56 looks change. Every one looks diffrent in 8 years.
They say Presidents age twice as quickly because of the stress of the job. Even still, this looks a bit too old.
If old man die were will his soul be Hsquare black man hardly old
Welcome to hell! or The United Socialists States of America
+James Dyson Yyyeeesssss, grrrrrraaannnnddddssssooonnnn, iiiiiiiitttttttzzzzz mmmmmmmeeeeeee
AAAAAaa no son that there is just a look at what shock and owhhhhh will do
He might look like that right after the new year with the budget and all
Heavy is the head that wears the crown
Cogradulations Mr.President. ...................Well Done..........Keep it simple and ever so easey and turn ........AMERICA........around......
I think the next four years will be easier on him than the first four were. 

Obama has a mandate.  The GOP lost.  Either they cave, or they get destroyed in 2014. 
That's very good obama
+Robert Nugent That is about as ignorant a comment as I could expect from someone who supports this tyrant.  But then again, no surprise there...
Yeah they were way off the first time and again the second, black people don't age at the same pace white people do. At least as far as wrinkels go.
He believes in bigger govt. He plans to take more from those who invest and hire to give to others. This is limiting our freedoms and will ultimately further divide our country. He has not demonstrated working with others. I am a small business owner and do not plan to to make investments in my company until I see him working with congress like Clinton and Reagan.

If mitt romney won i would not be here right now
Proof that he is a saint. The pay isn't good enough for the hardest job in the world, and look at what you have to go through just to get it!
How do you think he would look like next 4years if he was't the prisent of US ?
Well, you know with this terrible economy Obama is inheriting in the next 4 years, I wouldn't be surprised if he looks worse. 
Obama ll be physically old in 4yrs but mitt is mentally old NOW.....
Que viejo narizon rasista tonto y chango
He ll look like one brave person i know Nelson Mandela aka madiba....
He has not kept very many promises yet...
You crazy he could die right now!!!! I'll go shot him!!!!!!! 
Vern A
Are you serious
Hopefully he gets impeached before then!!!!
It's actually, kind of sad... seeing what presidential things can do to a person. But on the bright side, very happy that Obama won the election!
The terrible economy he helped destroy.
Fact: the national debt increased from $10 trillion to $16 trillion in four years. More than what Bush racked up in twice as many years. Son of a bitch loves to play with drones.
+Martin Alexander. Yeah bush had nothing to do with throwing our money way on wars. Wars. Wars. Obama is faced with "bush" problems. 
I doubt our President is going to look that old by the end of his second term. 
Imagine if that was Hillary and how she would have aged... yikes!! 
Very true and cool picture
I think Obama has more confidence and a better idea of what he wants to do in the next four years. Let's not be rude towards him.
Not much different than four years in the classroom....
That is four years back & it's going to "more four years" well it's going to be double! 
Your hair would turn white too if you knew everything about this country!! Bigfoot UFO's and other country's threatening us! LOL!!!!
Oh I don't think it will be quite that bad, but yeah being president ages  you. George W Bush looked terrible when he left. Clinton turned grey and Reagan developed a mental disorder, not sure if it was pre existing or brought on by stress. 
I heartly want to win obama. NOW because of we r muslims. It must be dificult to take us as a human. But  i want no more WAR no more killing people like muslims if muslims r not go to the rough way aganist american and other country people. IF WE R OBAMA CAN STOP EVERY ECONOMICAL HELP AND CAN TAKE ACTION. But if obama wrong with us we mast hate him and fight aganist him upto our death. My allah always bless OBAMA.
people age - presidents and plebs alike
Getting older faster and has more wrinkles by taking care of the world
oh.......... i bilve this prs
It's a stressful job hiding government corruption from the public...look how they swept their collusion with Wall St/Banksters under the table. Not one criminal went to jail...instead they fleeced the citizens into rewarding the crooks they work for...
are those ear wrinkles? quick check his heart
Age is not about number only
haha, poor Obama :-D
that's what a high-stress job will do to ya
Every Candidates first term is always the hardest trying to get to the re election then they all nestle in and do what they really planned on doing. Look at Clinton and Bush unfortunately Bush sold our soul to war profiteering, but Clinton just wanted to give a little money to poor people and get his dick sucked noble causes.
Awesome obama.....
With all the sun exposure from golfing, this might be right! 
zaw! mate, your being  bit rude. hes a awsome guy so back off buddy!
looks like Nelson Mandela.. hehehe
B Mo
I doubt that is four years. Maybe a bit more than that. Good black don't crack
It's the stress of the job and I think he has had triple what any other president has gone through with republicans blocking him. I think he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents in history.
Is that after prison for funneling trillions into the hands of Buffet, Soros, and Turner? Or is that after the impeachment for Benghazi security directives that lead to the deaths of Americans? Maybe Dick Durban can be his cell mate? 
He has aged rather quickly... Smh..
Wow, that is a lot of sun exposure during golfing.
With the republican party as bat shit crazy as they are today it would happen to anyone.
America made a good decision to be on the side of Destiny to reelect Obama for another term in the office. Now comes the hard part, to support him with our prayers that Destiny will guide him to fulfill purpose for our benefits. God bless the United States of America.
Well Come To Next Four year...........But Stop The Same Zanetic Sex.....We Should Good Luck.
Barak obama is real hero of all world .
I think about you
Hey men hope is something as strong as Obama was made what he is out of it.We better keep it then!
our world best and outstanding leader is barak obama .
That's sad....HILARIOUS....and true. The next four years will be tough, rough, and brutal in every way. If you think otherwise, you have your head in the sand watching too much TV.
HAHAHA This is some good photoshop work! :D 
Aging is only on d face but d mind is smarter n younger.
Please repost in 4 years so we can see the comparison! 
Looking forward to the next 4,I am cautiously optimistic that we will move in a very positive direction. 
This picture is actually shows after 20 years. USA may have run 3-4 presidential candidates in 20 years time.
Where's the missing earring in his right ear lobe?
Dan G.
Uncle Ben!? OMG your right! Hehehehehehe
He works well. And he is president one more. Usa lucky country because of Hussein Barack..
Obama is a good president, but not as good as Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.... haha
Hope he gets so stressed out that his ass starts bleeding
+Ben Munday "Reader satisfaction"? What do you think I am, Newsweek? This is my Google+ profile. I post what interests me, and people can circle or not circle. 
I think if you want lose some killos be a president
That's ok to become old. Being Romney isn't ok.
Obama has another chance of getting and recover America economic back on track. 
Funny how we all will get there, to look like that. If we don't kill ourselves first. The marvels of technology sign of the beast.
Jio Oh
That might be possible
there is no beast in him he has to much logic for him it would be a last resort
Let's see .......................
The best is yet to come" is the President's victory millennium speech. I believe that Brack Obama, would like to convince the world in general, that promises are worth fulfilling in order to make tomorrow another day of success and victory for not only himself, but for other committed vibrant leaders that are yet to come. He will touch lives, i positively hope.
Well, if he didn't die suddenly, after 4 yr, he would become young again in a very short time ;)
Mr Obama...If yr gonna be re-elected 5 times,, yr still a good lookin man!!
Whether we like him or not majority voted and hes in .lets c what happens for the next four years if he snoozes on the job he will definately loose (our vote that is). Thats y we vote in the first place, to make a better amarica not for the president but for us the people
Congractulations Mr President from Malta !!!!
Handsome Mr. President.... It takes an OBAMA to keep an OSAMA dead.. for USA to remain a Strong Political will amongst nations....
wise man always became Aged . ..but . its natural phenomenal . He gives .another . valueable Years to nations ..& History forever . keeps himself .Younger ..#1000%congratulate..#1000%congratulated
The only aging he will get and be revealed in his skin complexion, will be from sunburns garnered from his golf outings and vacations, instead of being present and running the country.
The people who did this are probably Republicans !
+Charles McCabe, I bet they'll get Morgan Freeman to play him if they ever make a film about Obama. However, I think a comedy about George Bush would be more entertaining!
Ryan Ng
+Henry Lim If someone takes North Korean food, I feel bad for that person
Nothing compared to the misery and horror that will be inflicted on the nation by the next four years.
Old is gold, so he turnin into gold?
Remember when you were a kid, and YOU wanted to be President?
Good can't wait for it to happen!
I think its the other way round ...what the president is gonno in next four years .... All the best and many congratulations ...
I think its the other way round ...what the president is gonno in next four years .... All the best and many congratulations ...
Yes bigger central government to crush and enslave the individual. No more freedom of individual choice. Evrything reduced to a one sized fits all federal government solution. 
Frank M
And why do we care? Oh, look, people will age, and stress will leave marks. /facepalm
تو کی هستی؟ شیطان بزرگ ،دشمن ملل فقیر،مسلمان مسیح نما ،ناجی آزادی بیان
The next four years..............Are gonna suck.
Who cares? Let his sorry, progressive azz rot. 
Well the peesident shall be as shown above and the world will be like the apple's loggo... literary.......
+Paul Atwal Conservative Democrat?? You're an idiot. Nothing conservative about raising taxes or spending 5 trillion dollars in 4 years 
Ryan Ng
Stress causes aging, duh. facepalm
who put this image i am going to kill that guy
He gonna end up looking Morgan Freeman? Cool! 
I don't know what people see in this guy. The unemployment rate that is higher now than when he took office, the 16 trillion in debt or maybe the over 40 million people on food stamps. 
No wait, it's not Uncle Ben. It's Isaac from the Love Boat. 
no he won't cause he has no stress, and does nothing!
How much stress can there be on the golf course?
Dang he looks like that now-- I think this health care thing is bad for his health.
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