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US government buys 7 million pounds of 'pink slime' for America's children.

Pink slime is when they take all the cow parts left over after everything usable has been removed from a cow, grind it up, sterilize it with ammonium hydroxide (which may not work), then shape it into burgers and other food-like products.

Pink slime is so nasty and controversial even McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell have stopped using it. But a new report says the US government is buying 7 million pounds of it to feed to America's school children.

Props to +Mark Johnson
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oh gross! :( And we can't pack our kid's lunches??? Well, I see a Homeschool boom coming soon. And lots of empty classrooms. :/
Are you serious? That is crazy lol...
So how do you know you're eating one of those?
Kay Bo
kids will love it as long as you just communicate the name "pink-slime"
... poor guys!!!
It's not just a protein, it's also a dessert!
When I first read the title I looked down at the picture and thought "Aw. They're buying some kind of play-doh knock-off. Maybe for some kind of donation for children." Boy was I wrong :/
That isn't really surprising. After the congress consideration that a pizza slice equivalent to a serving of veggies, everything is possible.
And yet they wouldn't let a 5-year-old eat the sandwich her mommy made for her, instead forcing her to eat the school's chicken nuggets (what is the equivalent of "pink slime" for chicken?)...
Kay Bo
...besides it is disgusting, what's the problem?
Wait! Stop. This is a trick by Republicans to try to kill public schools. They've been at this for years, and they keep getting closer. I want to see them feed this to their own kids.
Not all of us need, or want private schooling. Nor homeschooling.
And then we wonder why our kids our sick and over weight. Look at their diet. AND THE GOVERNMENT IS GIVING THIS OUT.
That is a atrocity. Poisoning our children with most likely toxic pink slime. I'm speechless and angry.
I saw that exact same pic for a McNugget story some time ago.
+christina Fisher Agreed. They feed the poor Native Americans on Indian Reservations bulk fatty cheese, lard, and spam and no wonder the Natives are getting obese, diabetic and dying early. They do horrible things like that on purpose to "save money". It really doesn't save money to buy insulin, hypertension meds, and funeral expenses. #greed
That's it, I eat only veggies from now on.
+Randy Peveto it really is not Obama at all. He wants our kids to be able to go to college, for the love of Pete! What did the Republicans say to him? They called him elitist because he feels others should get an education - not just himself. I will pray for you tonight.
And please.

It is an increasing sedentary lifestyle, not the form of food, that is such a health risk. Especially for children. They could be fed tree bark and still come out healthy and carefree if they simply remain active.

This is also a nation of choices and, more importantly, freedom. You are free to choose....
Interesting articles... and school lunch where my kids go, is already crap
+Mike Elgan Is the problem that you think it's icky, or that you're concerned about Salmonella, or that you question the nutritional value?

My concern would be the last, but I'd also want to know the planned government usage. I rather doubt this stuff will be used as the sole ingredient in meat patties. General usage for such things is a an additional ingredient to stretch the existing meat.

I'm not thrilled over this report, but neither am I horrified. (And I do happen to know a bit about nutrition.)
My own education on the subject is insufficient to do more than provide the same irrational, ignorant, knee-jerk reactionary aesthetic revulsion as everyone else, so rather than indulge myself, I'll say more generally that in the same way that our schools should be palaces, and our teachers paid like kings, and our children trained like Olympic athletes and filled to the brim with knowledge and reasoning, we ought to provide the best possible nutrition that can reasonably be served to hundreds of people at once. This will, of course, cost money that no one will spend.

We're a superpower that cannot produce superhumans: we're doing it wrong.
I saw this on a young turks vid.. it is seriously disgusting/disturbing/etc
Pink slime sounds worse than what is used to make canned dog food.
I don't see what is wrong than this. It is a beautiful color and it tastes good too. It is a great source of protein. I think we should all eat it. It is economical and efficient. If you don't like it, don't buy it.
Where is the -1 button when you need one?
I'll be a vegetarian (maybe)
+Joe Gutel You gana go fire all of the Government for us? Let us know how that goes!
+sean kennedy I don't believe it is unhealthy. What is unhealthy about it?
This is why I haven't eaten at McDonald's in 9 years. cream! Wait...what?
and it makes no sense that our govt is turning corn into fuel when people are struggling to buy food. no common sense is what that says!
If I had children I would pack their lunches.
....geeez....that shit is totally discusting.......
+Sean Kennedy I've heard it over and over, but I still think it's interesting to point out what our modern - especially American - society has created. In the not to distant past, little or no money = no food. Now little or no money = high fat, high fat, and high sugar "food". So in the past, people suffered from malnourished and the effects that brings, but in modern time, we have a fat and obesity epidemic and all that brings - cancer, heart disease, diabetes. etc.

Knowing the slowness of Americans to change much of anything, I've got my doubts that this is going to change either. Anyone remember the soft drink lobby and the "keep Congress from taxing my groceries" ads? Now soft drinks have become one of the major food groups! Good luck getting people to change. We'll have to pry the pink slime "burgers" from their dead hands first! :(
+William Cousert Accepting personal responsibility in that way is the best solution I know of, whether for your childrens' nutrition, fitness, or education. Too many people simply turn their children over to schools, presuming the institution will be responsible where they themselves have not been; this load on the institution is much of why our educational system works as poorly as it does.
NASTY!!!!!!! I'm never eating school lunch meat in my life again. Like, ever.
Thats what i want at school for lunch!

Waste not want not?! First world problem?
We have a salad bar at my school. It comes from green slime.
Don't like it? Start funding schools instead of taking their money every year.
I am so glad I made the switch to a vegetarian diet. It's stuff like this that really pushed me in that direction... unsanitary...
+Sean Kennedy Absolutely, you are entitled to your opinion too. For every article that claims processed food is 'bad' for you, there are others that claim that processed food is good for you. I have looked it up online. There is nothing inherently unhealthy about pink slime. It may not be my first choice of meat and it may not be 'as' healthy or 'as' good for you as unprocessed food, but if you look into it, you will discover that it is perfectly fine food that tastes good, is inexpensive, and full of good, healthy things that your body needs. ;)\
Pink slime...just call it what it really is pink shit
THAT IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(
wow, isn't this another plan of massive long-term killing in US? well, there is information about the debate of the bad and good of processed food but someone should do an experiment or research to monitor the effects of those food after 5 to 10 years of consumption. i think by then we might have a solid result than guessing.
The photo above is actually of pre-formed, pre-breaded, chicken McNuggets. It's made from the whole chicken. Mmmmmm good!
Well, this is just lovely. America isn't fat enough, now we are going to load our kids with totally worthless calories. Smart move America. I thought Michelle Obama was against this kind of stuff.

Stupid people in charge are stupid.
looks attractive...(to kids)
+Joe Gutel You can say the same thing about dirt. It doesn't mean I go around trying to eat dirt.
im glad i dont eat fast food!!!!
Hey I think we should be using all parts of the cow including its... Wait what is that???
gross! and we worry about washing our hands before we eat - maybe we should worry more about what it is we're eating
that's nasty, i hope i haven't eaten that
I don't think you have answered the question of why we shouldn't eat it. It is meat. It is food. We can eat it. +Shane Corning dirt has no nutritional value. Meat does have nutritional value. Dirt might taste good if you seasoned it and prepared it right, but it would take a lot of seasoning, I think. But if you want to eat dirt, go ahead.
That is so nasty. I'm glad I bring my own lunch. But I guess it's cheap. All they gotta do is mold it and color it and it can be any food they want.
+Joe Gutel But, Joe, Dirt does have nutritional value. With all the articles you mention, that wasn't in one of em, huh?
yuck! I knew those burgers were made of plastic and also Go Minecraft!
Is no one aware of the contradiction in the first paragraph? How can you take the word of someone who says that it is the part that gets used when there is nothing to use. It isn't even a good lie.
Thank you Jamie Oliver. I believe that you have brought these stories to light.
+Joe Gutel We shouldn't eat it because it is made of the parts of the cow that butchers pay to have taken away, because they are inedible by humans. This stuff is normally made into animal food, because their stomachs can handle all of the e-coli and bacteria and pathogens. The meat companies then separate the fat from the meat in a centrifuge, and then they wash it in a bath of ammonia. You are eating animal food washed in ammonia (look under your kitchen sink for a bottle with a big skull and crossbones label if you aren't sure what ammonia is)
Note that the BPI (beef products inc) site doesn't even have a picture of a cow on it...good god.
Similar USDA rules became effective November 4, 1996, and were later updated, stressing:
“Due to FSIS regulations enacted in 2004 to protect consumers against Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, mechanically separated beef is considered inedible and is prohibited for use as human food. It is not permitted in hot dogs or any other processed product.
I thought G-Plus was a place to get away from all the mis-information out there.
You need to fact check this one- urban legend.
Kinda makes you wonder what else they are adding to the pink slime if they are forcing kids to eat it without option of bringing food from home? I smell a rat!!!
I feel like I have to take my lunch now.@_@
looks like a pink snake, wat do u it?
your kidding right that looks nasty
and we're supposed to be the greatest nation in the world
+Ben Schlessman I know what ammonia is. That is exactly how they make the meat edible. The ammonia kills all the bacteria. Of course, humans can't eat ammonia, so they wash off the ammonia. It's like when you wash your hands. You don't leave the soap on your hands, you rinse them and that takes off the dirt and the soap. Same idea. So the meat is washed, rinsed, made edible and now we can get even more out of cows. It doesn't take the place of nice juicy filet mignon, but if I only have a buck to buy meat on, it certainly works for me.
yes.. and most likely is genetrically enhanced by 'Nonsanto' ???? The Capitol of horrors on American foods, going world wide. Is such a shame!! This is a joke right??
What is the world coming to when that replaces good wholesome food?? Really scary it seems money has taken over as a priority rather than the health of children. No wonder we have problems like obesity and other health issues when that is what people are eating!!!
Are you kidding me? This is what I'm eating at school? WTF!!!
WHAT??? food for school children which is made from left over cow parts??! as in the animal COW????
This is how chicken nuggets start too. Yummo!
no wonder school lunches taste so bad
even though they use "pink slime " is it healthy for kids?
isnt this photo about 10 years old?
Don't let them eat that, gross!
meh.. still tastes pretty good.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! im SO GLAD im a vegetarian!
Yay! I remember pink slime when I was in public school!!! Yumm. Brb gotta go for cancer treatment.
im a 12 year old student if there gonna give us tht stuff just raw i cnt wait not to eat it but to throw at stuff and people
The STUPID government looking for unenvironmental ways to save money
mmmm makes me so hungry.. I could eat the whole box!
Is it wrong if that stuff looks kind of appealing to me? just asking...
Fu** that........might as well go vegan.......that is>p
i told my little sister about it....she said she's packing her lunch from now on
"and we're back on That again ..." , +Jon Embury it's the US Government buying it and forcing the children to eat it. There is no choice. Read.
+Sonny Moore : You thought that G+ was a place to get away from misinformation? More than the NYTimes or the other articles cited? So what's the case?
"In 2005, the USDA limited the amount of ammonia-treated Lean Beef Trimmings in a serving of ground beef to 15 percent, but lax labeling requirements mean that it is virtually impossible as a consumer — and for parents of children at a schools where “pink slime” is a part of lunch — to know whether a given package of ground beef or hamburger patty contains it. "
Is it a case of changing wording from "mechanically separated beef" to "lean beef trimmings" or what?
And as a homeschooler, my lunch comes from the magic box that is the fridge.
sick ass wholes why would anyone do that
warn the children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the heads up Mike. I felt ill that Taco Bell STOPPED using it and outraged that impoverished children are to be force fed it at schools.
This reminds me of that thing with the Tubby custard machine on Tumblr. They both talked about pink slime, but that ended up being fake. How do we know this isn't too?
that is why I stopped having McNuggets
Thats sick..even more sick is that the alleged purchase was processed and nobody considered the reaction?...idiots
This is F**ked they want too help the kids get in shape and this is what they are gona do now, feed the kids some real protein and a well balanced meal....Idiots
Even though McDonald's no longer uses this crap, I've vowed to never buy from them or any other food vendor that used it because of the lack of respect it showed to customers by using this garbage all these years without informing the consumer.

And now my kids will be packing lunch...
Leo T
No wonder I have trouble taking a s**t /:
+Drew Mann What is sick about it? It is healthy food. +clayton clayton It is real protien. +Tricia Lynn It may not be the best quality meat but it is good, healthy meat. There is no real reason beside aesthetic not to eat it. +Nicholas Horsey It may look bad to you, but why sad?
I love the pink color. My daughter loves that color.
Some people got government cheese others got government meat
I bet you its as processed as a plastic bag. I will strongly believe that this is worse or just as bad as eating a processed hamburger
That is a great advertisment for eating apples!
+clayton clayton I agree with you about the processed hamburger. But there is really nothing inherently unhealthy about processed hamburger.
Ya know. +Joe Gutel have a point. If it came down to starving or surviving id eat it or maybe even give it to my kids. But im not so i wont. The gov isnt either but theyll give it to someone elses kids.... Just sayin
oh cool that looks delicious!
Glad I'm done with school! The extremes people go through to save money... idk what's worse the government for buying it or the cattle farmers for selling it. Smh nasty just plain old nasty
+Drew Mann Very true. The government is always going to end up doing whatever is most expedient at the expense of the public. My kids pack their lunches.
mm the insides of my intestines
Ever wonder why as frozen yogurt it looks good, but when told it is meat, it looks bad to many people?
wow, this image is overused. Last week it was processed chicken, now it's cow bits...Two years ago it was soy polymers...
The "worst" meat products are always sent to college dorms and prisons. When I taught at the university, one of my students brought me a label from a box in the kitchen at the college dorm that read "For university and prison use only."
Yeah i know Snopes. One of the links leads to Washington Post. Isn't that reliable? I think pink slime is waste and should be thrown away.
Its funny reading all these comments because people are flippin out over the 'pink slime' when in realty we all eat this material. It actually has the same nutritional value as breast meat.
Soylent Pink Is People!
Suddenly reminded of all the times my mother said "You'll eat it - like it or not."
Eek! I saw this story recently... I'll never eat fast-food chicken with ease again.
+Richard Switzer That is probably a visceral response to its aesthetic. There actually is nothing wrong with it.
Gelatin, is used in so many things and has been for many years, many of those yummy sweets and deserts you had as a kid were largely gelatin. Now, with people more informed than they once were, you get comments like those that make up this comment thread, about how disgusting gelatin is, many of them, along with vegetarians and those who's religious beliefs restrict what they can eat trying to avoid consuming gelatin. This has led to more and more effort being put into finding alternatives to gelatin for the various things that gelatin has typically been used for, this has pushed up prices, and as a side effect, has left a lot of left over meat products no longer being turned into gelatin. It would appear that 'Pink Slime' is a way to use that and gain more of a benefit from the contained nutrients than gelatin could manage.
The main two issues for me regarding pink slime would be a) that it's processed properly to ensure it's safe and not with batches of bone shards etc and b) that it can be prepared into an appetising meal. My guess is that if used in school meals then typically there would be a failure to achieve b), I suspect those that are able to make beef steaks look and taste similar to how I expect pink slime to taste wouldn't be aiming to enhance the pink slime experience.

Hopefully there has already been some work put into preparation and presentation, so that when it's actually served it will go down well, though then again, if it looks like icecream it'll probably go down fine with a little gelatin based sweetener and topped with jelly beans...
The secrets of cafeteria mystery meat revealed!
If this had happened under a Bush administration they would have strung him up. Obama does it and... Whatever. All I know is that Grimace and the Hamburgler fed this to me my whole life, and I never knew it changed. Still eat margarine, too. And twinkies. As for the pic... I could drop a pound of ground filet mignon on the floor and take a pic and it might not look too appetizing. You want kids to eat organic food? Send food to school or pay more taxes...Flat taxes.
Keep it up, U.S. government. You're doing a bang-up job convincing me to homeschool my future children.
Even happier to Cyberschool my son. Yes visually scary as sh*t (reminds me of the thing that grabbed Luke's leg in Star Wars). Some where chef Jamie is crying. +Joe Gutel nothing wrong possibly, but being an extender there is also nothing good. I haven't been this freaked out since BK began "engineering" their Onion Rings or McFlurries used petroleum based plastic "extenders". Some things need to be better than just OK.
Ask the businessmen why they do that. Cost control. As it is not toxic and lawful, they are very happy to use them instead of real meat, as the children cannot found out the difference, the adults don't care about the taste when they eat in McDonald's (They sell junk food, do you expect junks are tasty?).
I may agree with you about this would be taken if it were under Bush but to think paying more taxes would get schools to go organic; I have a bridge to sell you. Monsanto has the school menu on lock down, ain't no way they'll give that up. Better to send your kid to school with organics, atleast you know where your money is going.
Yeah I saw this pic a few weeks ago. Still gross.
And yet another reason I homeschool :)
Makes one wonder if they aren't already slippin this in...
Ah, seems like a good reason to go vegetarian to me!
Wow! Yummy! Welcome to the NWO. If you don't vote for Ron Paul you don't deserve to complain!
Mi Mi
Sorry, but if you have to rinse it with a poison to get it clean of human-killing germs, that's probably a sign that you are eating the wrong thing.
See Mom, I told youthe school lunches are toxic. But you diden't believe me...
How unbelievably disgusting - how can they feed that crap to children!!!!!
"McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell have stopped using it."?!!! What?! So they used it before? Lol!
yes the poisoning of our parents we have no idea whats been fed to our children... nice post
Hmmm, just seen a news report on how eating processed meats can cause higher risk of colon cancer. The meat used in the report was processed but at least it looked like meat this stuff looks and is defined as processed process so the question is does eating processed process pose a higher risk? Also note the goverment wants to feed it to our children.
scum bags, the parents pay for an education and the kids are geting dog food niiice
They just store freshly ground up meat slime in cardboard boxes? D: Nasty.
is this ugly scrap allowed in Canada ? As usual, the poorer your are, the worst food you get ! Cannot afford to bring your kids to private school ? sorry the US gov has no money, so he's willing to feed yours kids with nasty so-called food ! and to make it nice, they call it Pink-slime :what a wonderful marketing...Pink-slime = CANCER
O-M-G Are they serious? Feeding this to our children. We should be outraged! Food Inc., for REAL! thanks for posting this!
It gives a whole new meaning of Offal.
Freshly ground AND (somewhat) sterilized! ... it looks like strawberry ice cream =(
NO its chicken not beef watch the video!!!
Mcdonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell stopped using it because they have an image they need to sell to consumers, not because they felt it was so unhealthy it wasn't fit for their food. Use your brain.
From Snopes:
"Contrary to what is claimed above, the process does not involve the grinding up of entire animal carcasses ("bones, eyes, guts, and all") into one large, amorphous glob of meat; it is a technique for removing what is left on the bones of a carcass after all other processing has been completed."

The biggest question raised by my on the Snopes read: from what creature was this MSM created?

From Snopes:
"...due to concerns over the spread of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (commonly known as "mad cow disease"), the sale of MSM-derived beef products for human consumption in the U.S. was banned in 2004."
+Chris Lopiccolo

Overall rating
its waste the us govt feeds the kids in schools there :O
Looks like ice cream. Close enough for the children who eat it anyway.
I thought it was ice cream and it loooked pretty good and I was like :D until I read the title and i was like O_O
Chao Xu
another report says this is chicken nuggets, confused....
Sick. That's our government for ya. Just think how messed up healthcare will be.
I remember when I first saw this picture and it was actually of McDonald's McNuggets production.

So, how far off Soylent Green are we?
And I thought my cafeteria food was already awful!
But Turkey and Cheese sandwiches are out of the question and not healthy enough for the kids to eat.... RIGHT!!!!!! Ugghhhh But why should we be surprised by this. Its the Government. yummy...can i have that....................hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm
Think a sack lunch is lookin better even more now THANK YOU MOMS
Don't worry.
same situation in my country.
we eat all of those each day and we aren't dead yet.
dumb down the kids, save money :(
never heard of pink slime!
And here I was thinking pink slime was Chicken. Not sure it is Beef though.
+Darrin Coe

I didn't until last year. Jamie Olliver was doing a demonstration in one of his TV shows, it's really disgusting.
Another example of how a government is not always to be trusted in their actions as governors of our lives
This is one reason the federal government shouldn't be involved with education. How can you implement programs to promote children's health all while feeding them this crap. Seems wasteful.
May I have salt water taffy with a side of E-Coli and mad cow prions?
Gross!!! Unfortunately I believe it! Sad but true.
McDonald's has not used that stuff since 2004, but I do agree that our children should go back to home cooked meals and only fast food when no other options
Not feeling hungry at this moment!
just another reason the people are becoming "ungovernable". Do this to our kids...what else do you expect. Stupid people should not be rich and making choices for our country.
That is discussing the people that do this have problems giving innocent school kids that!
Eewwww thank god i know how to cook now i walk around with granola bars n peanuts when i get hungry lol 
That's bad I thought that this article was gunna be on a new snake haha
I guess i shouldn't be surprised. but seriously. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the _______
If you're poor enough to expect the government to feed your kids, well what do you expect? Caviar?
I heard this was chicken, just sayin'
Sack lunches... It worked before and it can work again. Glad my kids are used to homemade sandwiches.
Well, I'm not trying to justify the use of this crap in schools. But, when more than half of the parents claim that they are too broke to afford school lunches, or pack a proper lunch for their kids... This is the result. Packing a lunch for your kid is the best way to have them eat a somewhat healthy meal while saving money at the same time. 
+Michael Woodruff You should be ashamed of such a disgusting statement. Caviar no, but at the very least, something somewhat resembling actual food. Poor people deserve to eat healthy food too, and your attitude towards them could best be described as elitist.
funny, but that is the same photo used for the pink slime that is supposed to be mcdonalds chicken nuggets.
Last month i read something and this picture was connected to mechanically separated chicken. It is illegal to use mechanically separated beef for food for anything, due to "mad cow".
Di mik
that's gross
energy is neither created nor destroyed
But the picture looks really like an ice cream factory.....
oh.... if the for-PROFIT company do not use it, this pink slime is really really scary
I'm curious...with what have the filler "meat products'' which WERE being used by McD's, TB, BK, etc. been replaced?
it looks like a snake
tee hee
WTF is it??? I swear its some alien crap... is it??
yumm but i ate it in vanilla flavour not pink..
...and another thing... Did anyone ever SERIOUSLY think that fast food was supposed to be anywhere near good for you? I mean, even when I was a kid, I didn't ask my parents to take me to McD's or whatever. Now, I only go there if there is NO other option for food and I can't wait to eat any longer if I'm to avoid getting a headache. Whenever I've eaten at those places in the past, I've come away feeling dirty, wrong, or some kind of guilt for harming my body... It made me feel worse than I did when I was smoking. It's been a year and a half since my last cigarette and I don't remember the last time I ate fast food; at least 6 mos, I guess. Plus, I just feel better when I'm eating Organic. I realize that not everyone can do that; I can't even do that as often as I'd like. Just Sayin'.
Mmmm, makes me hungry just reading this article.
when i looked at that pic w/o reading i thought it looked like strawberry soft serve...not anymore :(
That picture has been goging around a few years ago and has NOTHING to do with the article. Don't just believe stuff random people post an social networks...
Why didn't they give the money to the millions starving on this planet. What a disgusting mess!
That looks sounds and looks healthy >_>
One step closer to Soylent Green! If you do not know what that is, Google it!
Gross! What are they thinking?!? x-(
Bob B
Feed it to Congress.... those jackasses need to deal with 100% of the bullshit they pump out of DC...
They are thinking its still the early 90s and nobody finds these things this rate, i'd need to call my representatives 5 times a day to fix all the stupidity going on. KONA 2012
You would be surprised at what the U.S.D.A. allows in good. Scrapple says it all. Fast food chains have even used worms as fillers in their burgers. I have even heard that U.S.D.A. even allows for so many rat hairs to pass through processing. I believe all schools should have food gardening where the children can be taught how to grow, cultivate, and prepare food for consumption . Lets get back to the basics and farm as much as we can. Some schools in Baltimore already have such programs. The children love growing and preparing their own food source. Teaching our children agriculture and culinary skills are important and fun . I feel productive and proud when I grow and harvest vegetables that are prepared for family meals. Good organic food. IT IS THE BEST!!! Cant wait to plant!
I always knew they were serving a us crappy food, but not they are literally!
Old news, do you guys not get Jamie Oliver over there?
mm nh3oh ... we now really do make great pets ...
Why do you lie about pink slime ? . Pink slime is the leftover meat from boons which is sucked of the boons . It´s also the soft very healthy inside of the boons . If you have to sterilize it it says more about the quality of the American animals than about the pink slime . Only problem : it LOOKS nasty .
ch hart
uuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr horride
silver lining: at least no parts of the animal are going to waste
When there is no future to be had, those whom are the future end up fending for themselves.
Not surprised. Sad that it took this long to uncover and advertise.
this is so disgusting
they kill their children slowly for profit
really?.............looks fine but i would not eat that after what i read :)
People just need not be idiots, dont get obese, use self control, and blame yourself for once.
I'm seeing a lot of pro-vegetarianism comments made on this post. But, while I am not at all arguing against vegetarianism--I think it's important to keep in mind that this is not about whether or not it's healthy to eat meat. Rather, the point is that this is not even, really, meat at all. But, the worst of this is the processing involved. And, I fear that practice expands into the production of many different kinds of foods--including plant-based foods, for that matter.
How much money are they paying for 7 million pounds of pink slime?. Anybody know...?
I think spam would be safer and more appetizing O_o
If this is an acceptable food by our experts in the USDA then why should we trust them to make our choices !!!!!!
It's sad that there are more regulations that go into making pet food than there are for making school lunches
Suddenly I want to be a vegetarian.
That story and pic looked and
sounded so gross..i couldnt even read anymore! Thanks..for the info
we as people, dont even know what goes does not look fine, Id rather not eat..What next???
There simply does not seem to be any end in sight to mankind's grossness.
The USDA has strict regulations about beef and beef products that are allowed to be sold in the USA. They don't grind up carcasses of ANY animals to be sold. This is misinformation, why bother spreading it?
this is yukks..any more crap the american government wants to buy, india has lot to sell ?
+Dennis McCunney The problem is that people don't know what they're eating when they eat industrial food, and they don't know what their kids are eating at public schools.

I think everyone should eat anything they want for whatever reasons they have. What I'm against is people making decisions about food without knowing the facts.

The pink slime issue is just one on a long list of issues with how the government uses schools as a dumping ground for crap food in order to support Big Agriculture.
The same thing happened in Ghostbusters 2.
This is coincidental. I just spoke to someone in London 3/27/12 telling them that there can’t be that many COWS in the world for the amount of beef/meat being sold in all these restaurants- Something else is being used to create beef/meat- I agree with Omar Modesto, Soylent Green is a movie but the reality is closing in on us!!!
well, you know that goverment has been destroying the humanity thousands of years B.C. It's time for punish it. You see europeans and americans presidents in summities everey day, planifying somebody death arround the world. They believe thenselves they are the owners of the world. They are the kind of people whose principles for living are: to lie, to cheat, to rob and to kill. That's why, they create every kind of virus to kill to everyone at any part of the planet.
Well, I guess I will be sending my future kids to private school!
Exactly why I bring my own lunch. 
And people wonder why kids are so obese you are what you eat.
I don't think they feed it to the Americans's kids but they send it to the Arab countries to feed it to their kids.
noooo im 11 and got sick the other day off of school lunch ...(it was a hotdog )
I hadn't thought of hamburger patties. I was aware of hotdogs and chicken nuggets.
We gots to reduce the useless eater population somehow., we're way behind scheduwl on the nwo/bildeberger agenda 21 thing....but not to worry, most of it will go to the brown and black school districts.The head Masonic Shriner is usually in charge of the school board budget.
I had no idea McDonald's stopped using it. Good to know.
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