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MYSTERY PIC: What is it?
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Whadfyacallemthingies... Egg timer?
Old fashioned alarm clock
Looks like a timer w/ alarm to me.
Bill G
a gong egg timer
An hourglass of sorts. The sand in the bowl gets poured into the glass, and as it comes out of the bottom, it fills up that cup. Once filled enough, it will tip and dump the sand which causes the mallet to ring the gong.
It really should be an animation with sound after five seconds, lol.
some sort of pharmaceutical implement...maybe? :)
Sand based timer with gong to alert you. 
Timer? Looks like if you pour the sand in the glass, once it runs out, the small cup will come up and activate the hammer to quietly strike the gong.
I am guessing a timer - possibly for meditation. (Put sand in the glass jar, as it flows it eventually causes the mallet to strike the gong.)
an alarm clock is probably correct...
Looks like a gong that will ring automatically once the sand drops from the glass.
Pour sand in the jug, which fills the bowl. When the jug's empty it rings the gong?
I want one to put in a cubicle... just to confuse people.
mechanical timer?

put sand in bowl thing, it runs out hole, into little metal thing, clangs gong?
Dinner gong. Use the spoon to fill the glass...when it empties, it bangs the gong.
Set up for a Harry Partch concert?
Doc Brown's ancient Chinese alarm clock from Back to the Future 4?
Tom Lee
Looks like a grand father clock. :-)
I don't know, but have the feeling Rube Goldberg's name is involved with this somehow.
its a timer that plays a gong when done.
It's a Rube Goldberg Machine, +Mike Elgan! Pour sand into the class and it fills the cup which pulls a lever that makes the mallet hit the gong. :)
Hangover warning. Each time the shot glass fills it dings.
Arrangement Around the sculpture.
i second that +James Show.
Looks like an andvanced hourglass with gong attached to make a sound when time has passed.
I'm guessing that it beats the gong when the cup fills with sand. For a good effectual sound, there should be an escapement behind the gong; for repetitive sounding, there should be another to empty the cup.
From the link it's intentionally meant to be an inaccurate timer. With that in mind, it has an intuitive design, and is elegantly crafted.
water drops, drum beats, it`s an alarm
It could become relatively accurate if the increments were measured and marked on the glass.
A drum that you play and it pours milk/liquid into your porridge/cereal/whatever.
It's some sort of timer for cooking or whatever. The sand in the dish triggers the arm which sounds the gong.
it's a Sand glass when the sand fallinto the golden thing the drum will knock i think !!!
Used for measuring periods of time that don’t need to be precise, like taking a nap
Eric Z
Obviously - it's an "Auto-Gong"!
human talent, ingeniery!!! :* gong automatic programing for a time determinate whit sand!!! i like it!!!
It is a time-gong, that bongs when the metal-cup is filled with sand.
It's a gong to let you know that it's 5pm
Rice fills glass container on right when it runs down the gong sounds
it may be a symbol of many thing's my friend,said the wise man,be cool always love tel x!
I would like to see a video of this thing working!
Hourglass powered Gong AKA Alarm clock
A very attractive timer. I'm guessing it's for a meeting place like a parliament or courthouse, to stop the speaker.
the clue my friends may be in the spoon and the glass! tel
It's Rube Goldberg's door bell.
a sand timer. you spoon sand from the bowl into the glass, and as the sand fills the cup, the mallet is pulled back. When the cup is full, the mallet will be released to sound the gong.
Timer. probably for timed meditation.
how alarming you would post!!.... of, gotta go-the egg is done...
shutter on!
This is a gong and glass In some perspective
it is a Zildjian cymbal flattened out with a puff gong attached which alerts you when all the powder in the bowl turns to liquid? if that gong had many holes in it it would be like the ones used in self playing pianos of the old days?
The Chinese version of Doc Brown's alarm clock?
It's gotta be a time machine! It's missing a flux capacitor though. 
This is a urine test for marijuana. Sound the gong and go to jail.
a Clock? Fill the glass jar with with sand then when the lower brass cub is full it levers down and Gongs?
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I know!! i made it :) but not telling till you found the answer :)  Really nice to hear of your comments. Love this post.
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