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Steve Jobs was right about Flash.

+TechCrunch just posted a really good piece on the death of Adobe Flash on mobile, and Apple's role in killing it -- or, at least, foreseeing its death when others didn't. 

When Steve Jobs' "epic missive" explained in devastating detail why Apple didn't support Flash on either iPhone or iPad, he divided opinion. Rivals pounced on the opportunity to differentiate by supporting Flash. 

Five years after the iPhone shipped (Thursday), Adobe announced that its Flash Player would not support devices running Jelly Bean, essentially announcing the phase-out of Flash for mobile devices. 

It turns out that everything Steve Jobs said about Flash was exactly right. It was just no good for mobile.
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It was no good for anything. Anyone with a brain could see that. Now if only we could get it off the web completely.
I don't think that this is a good time to be posting pro-steve jobs articles... Just a thought.
Yes but Steve Jobs made this decision before HTML5 was up and about which was far too early
it isn't particularly good for the desktop, either.
This is one of the times where we should thank the late Steve Jobs, whatever his reasons, in this case it was good for all of us too
One can not deny that Steve was right. It was always clear that Flash was going to fail on the mobile and I am happy with that. However, in those 5 years I have enjoyed (mostly) Flash on Android and I'm pretty sure that on Jelly Bean I am going to miss it (as Adobe wont support Flash on JB) until HTML5 replaces it completely.
I'm getting really sick of this Steve Jobs was a genius crap - he made many, many mistakes and damaged the market in ways which are still being felt - see current lawsuits.
Darko maybe he was, or wasn't, right about Flash but who cares... apple is a f'n tyrant, and needs to go away.
It's actually may still be a bit too early.  I don't think anyone was ever bashing Jobs on being "wrong", but how he pushed for these changes before a reliable alternative was in place.  This is all forgetting the obvious benefits to Apple's business model.  HTML5 was sexy to talk about and all, but back when he was trying to kill Flash, he was doing so without any regards to how drastically it would have effected the internet and the average user's access to it.  I mean, people would have to stop using Flash eventually, but phasing it out (like now) wouldn't have been a bad idea.

TL;DR: It's not that anyone thought Flash was good, but that a lot of us would rather wait till HTML5 was more prevalent before completely removing a facet like Flash from mobile browsing.
Lee Keels
That doesn't mean he was right, it just means Adobe doesn't want to support mobile anymore.  He may have CAUSED it, but that still doesn't mean he was right.
Jobs saw the writing on the wall. With HTML5 on the way it was only a matter of time until flash was no longer needed. Apple choosing not to allow it on their devices probably just accelerated the trend.
+Thomas DeLorenzo You have to remember that Apple forced it.  They own something like 70% of the tablet market.  Developers have no reason to work on Flash because of Apple's unwillingness to deal with it in mobile.  Once Jobs decided to just completely ditch Flash, premature or not, he effectively killed any chance they had.

Yeah, Flash was terrible, but it was a self-fulfilling prophecy more than not.
Jobs was mad at Adobe for supporting their products on Windows. He could hold a grudge like no-one else on earth. Most everything else related to his feelings about flash, were efforts to rationalize his hatred for Adobe. Flash may not have been optimal for mobile, but that wasn't the reason he banned it.
Guess I won't be updating to jellybean anytime soon. Its not like the internet has completely disabled flash, so why cripple the internet on handsets?
+Rodney Thomas You don't have to worry about that.  Apple got their ban on the galaxy Nexus with an injunction until the future trial is decided, meaning basically the only phone getting Jelly Bean next month has an import ban.
Any person in the industry knew it was dead. He was just the most vocal about it.
Flash sucks on mobile Steve was right on this one.
He was right about jackshit, flash is a bloated, resource hungry piece of crap. It's just that 90% of sites used it, what could us end users do about it?
HTML5 killed flash, not Apple.
Just going to state the obvious here. Flash was never intended for mobile. But 9 out of 10 jackasses online talking shit about it do so with little frame of reference. Flash built the definition of a rich modern Web. A little grace in the commentary would not be out of place and hyperbole and ignorant mob mentality has sullied this topic since the start.

Html5 is still a wreck. Flash or not, welcome to the new modern web: its golden years are over. Corporate politics gone viral have taken your choice in the matter by which you consume your media. That so many jumped on the bandwagon campaigning for less choice makes me truly sad.
+Jason Park - I live in Germany so no worries of import bans. Plus I unlock and root my phone/tablet. I'll have to skip JellyBean in the near future.
Yeah sure he was right....

Except about it not being useful? Sure seemed like a good tactic for Android to have...cuz, yano, it was handy.
It worked great. Now it's time to move on. Don't really know how that made him a fortune teller though...
Also apparently quite a few of the loudest talkers know little about what HTML5 actually is or what it means to development, media production and consumption. Remain ignorant at your own peril if you actually care about the web and not whatever the blogger you follow thinks. The way forward for the web is consolidation and simplification, and HTML5 is a set of hacks intended to replace Flash's place, a task directly detrimental to the mobile web experience. 

HTML will simplify or be replaced, and what is happening right now is death by a thousand cuts as feature creep is diluting the essence of the platform. 

As someone having worked the better part of his life in the web dev industry, including Flash, "html5" and whatever other technologies the web has encompassed, hearing jackasses unequivocally state that HTML5 is "better" makes my skin crawl. 
Wait...maybe this article got it backwards!

Maybe Flash killed Steve Jobs!
maybe going forward but you gotta admit that it stuck around for a good 2.5 years which is a long time in the tech world. blackberry rose and fell in less than that
Well Steve figured out that if he was able to corner the market on portable devices and make everyone use their software, then he could get rid of it. It is still not a bad thing, but what he did was quite ass'ish IMO.
so lets piss everyone off for 5 years, sounds like a plan
+Harald Glatt Another blisteringly ignorant comment. You clearly don't know how Flash development actually works or has progressed. Besides a protocol it was wide open. I have written and run Flash written in non-adobe languages compiled in open source compilers to deploy on custom players. I have seen Flash power stage shows, video games, Yacht navigation systems and more. It is a powerhouse technology that allowed amateurs to deploy rich and engaging content using free tools in a way HTML/JS/CSS could not compete with.

Good thing you got out of the business then; That attitude would have made for a real boring decade had it been prevalent, which, thank god, it wasn't. 

The difference between a developer I would hire and a jackass I'd fire is pragmatism and a willingness to bend the rules. Religious debate has no value here.
Mary M
Because he was a genius ahead of his time!
Actually, I've never had any bad experience with Flash. Not once that I can remember. I can't say the same for Internet Exploder of any version.
Everyone praising HTML5 unquestioningly, how about you take a year and do it for a living. Then when your ulcer heals and you regain a perspective on how you want to live your life you can rejoin the debate.
It's not better without it if your favorite website uses it.
Apple didn't kill flash, and everyone knew flash want going to last one html 5 garnered more support. Despite that, it was still worth it to support flash on mobile devices until html 5 had a larger share of web media. Apple was always stupid not too support it when there is still so much content using it in the meantime.
+Harald Glatt Except if you don't allow aberrations into a homogeneous system it stagnates and dies. We need "garbage" like Flash because it provokes change. I was actually there when Mosaiq gave us the image tag, I've been along for the ride just like you, and you know very well what a kick in the pants for web content consumption Flash was around 2000. 

+Stephen Rossi cute, try again. 
what religion for thought albert einstein. steve jobs legion
For 5 years, it was pretty awesome to be able to view Flash content on a mobile device. I really appreciate the work that was put into mobile Flash, but I'm glad people have been switching to HTML5 during that time. 
If "predicting" that adobe flash would no longer be used in mobile devices wasn't a ploy to keep stockholders and customers, then yea, Steve Jobs is more than just a businessman.
So iPhone users had 5 years of frowny face icons... watch out, Apple is going to patent not supporting flash.

FYI, flash 11 runs just fine on jelly bean.
"Steve Jobs was right about Adobe Flash Player" => Never demonstrated a relationship of data only opposed to development on that platform. Noted: Apple is in essence for TV & Film.
+Lance Berlin yup. You'd have to be pretty delusional not to see Flash on mobile was going to fail big time. The thing that irked a lot of people was Jobs' argument against Flash on iPad, which didn't make the same sort of immediate sense and took on a much stronger political character.
I feel like it is more because Google themselves are pushing for HTML5 so hard. If you go to the Google G+ page, they have a link to their website called "HTML5 ROCKS!". It is all about getting people to use it instead.
The argument was never about whether flash was "good" for mobile, everyone knew it wasn't ideal.

The argument was simply about choice, and having the option of flash. It's still an Apple fail.
Steve Jobs was right about flash.  So was everyone else.  Flash needs to move out of the way for HTML5.  However, Apple's move to deprive people of flash when they needed it most was NOT a good move.  You can't take flash away from IOS when a good portion of the web still runs on it.  Ask any IOS user how they have been inconvenienced while surfing the web...
It's simple, if HTML5 is truly better then Flash, eventually it would replace Flash. Having one man decide for us is not the way to go.
amen. i was on the side that agreed - Flash has never been good for anything.
Ha, good old man of long-range vision, once again was right.
The fact that Steve break paradigm, is not commonplace in our actions to date ...
+Harald Glatt I hope not. Flash-style web applications were acceptable to me because they were so cleanly sandboxed. The same sort of experiences built in HTML5 are a compatibility nightmare and truly worthless on mobile; The web, IMHO, should simplify and come back down to earth. When web developers speak about doubling bitmap asset resolution for the sake of retina screens (hence dramatically increasing bandwidth use) my inner internet idealist child is set on fire. 

We don't need a HTML replacement for Flash. We need to rethink the whole shebang. Plugins were always a simple paradigm for injecting non-standard functionality yet now we are eschewing the non-standard in very broad strokes. To me it's alarmingly conservative for a platform built on chaos, free information and adventure. 
Ah, bonan maljunulon de longdistancaj vizio, kaj refoje pravis.
La fakto ke Steve rompo paradigmas, ne estas komuna en nia ĉiutaga agado ĝis nun ...
He didn't foresee the death, he killed it by his own hands.
Adobe closes mobile flash in browsers but Air technology is allowed to using on ios - it's even better.
That means nothing. He said it 5 years ago. I could easily say that html5 is dead and in like 5-10 years I could be right. All I can say is I'm glad I've had it the past 5 years even though about 6 months ago I stopped using it.
He was right it's truth but for less we enjoyed flash player while it was able and now we can start thinking on HTML5, what I mean is that we did not miss anything anytime.

Now it's time to HTML5 success with Android and all website doing their change to webm or other code that support HTML5.
+Rodney Thomas Luckily "unsupported" does not necessarily mean it won't work. You can still download Adobe Flash from the web and install it on a JellyBean device, but it won't be supported by Adobe and won't receive any security updates (which is why they're removing it from the Google Play store)

The Nexus 7 manual even mentions that you can use flash if you install a different browser.
saga II
Well flash has being a good thing for my phone before flash I could not see some videos that with flash am able to see.
Small golf clap for the imminent demise of all-Flash restaurant websites? ;)
Steve jobs was wrong about apple. Did I type that out loud?
A lot us us were and still are right about flash.. Duh.
Steve jobs was wrong about apple. Did I type that out loud?
looks like the "salesman" did it again
Seltsamer weise hatte steve die selbe Ahnung und vorrausage Fähigkeit von fast einer Dekade. z.B. habe ich meiner Mutter 1987 gesagt sie würde in den kommenden Zehn Jahren dies noch erleben. und vieles andere. :-) Und ich finde keinen Job :-(
Flash isn't dead on the Android platform, it's just that Chrome is the default browser for Jelly Bean, making the stand-alone Flash application obsolete, because Chrome has its own version of Flash built-in. This article is total bullshit.
Nonsense. He was responsible for it. It was a self fulfilling prophecy.
+Joerg Henning Ok, but don't you think it would be better if you had the choice to turn it on by demand instead of having no option at all?
tony d
Adobe should have listened and worked on a new product. Bad management!
+Andreas Rønning flash was useful in a lot of ways but it also had and still has security flaws. I haven't read up on HTML5 but the general consensus on The web is that it fixes that.
He's the Ron Paul of computers. Too bad Ron Paul's predictions coming true wont be as fun.
+Minja Miketa that would be wrong, and wrong. "Flash has security flaws" is like saying "C++ has security flaws". If you built your secure business logic client side you are a bad developer. HTML5 does not fix bad developers and is not intrinsically more secure.
Flash was just no good for mobile - because mobile was just no good.  I've been waiting years for a tablet that's not limited by some stupid corporation and we're only just now starting to see devices that are capable of handling real programs and the full internet.

I've never been excited for a new version of windows... but thanks to Steve Jobs I'm being forced to now.
Steve jobs and his money hungry company can go suck a dick.
flash really does not work so well on my cellphone. though i have no idea about what Html5 will be like.
Flash was always going to die. But you can't just go "cold turkey" over night like what the iPhone did. You need a transition period for people to develop HTML5 content - and Android did that for 3-4 years very nicely.
Really, "Flash is bloated" and "Flash is insecure" arguments make me wonder if people know what bloat really is. The plugin was a few megs in size and gave you Newgrounds, Youtube and god knows how many intricate UX experiments you'd never see otherwise. What the hell are you talking about "bloated", and the number of Flash-related exploits can be counted on your fingers, and have been fixed for years
considering that things like flash do not last for ever, someone could post this soon or later, but it does not make him a prophet. By the way he is dead, get over it!!
For the same reasons why steve didn't want widgets on ios, i think iphone is incapable of maintnaining higher power and cpu requirements. It drains out quickly with its rather small screen with that dull home screen. Plus, he could have at least allowed flash to be installed on other browsers. Typical of steve. Imagen what would happen with widgets, leave alone licensed flash. If he was so far sighted, maybe he should have thought of USB port instead of the continually changing propriety port. I wish he was alive, to witness apple face the same fate as mac computers before hand. Lessons never learnt.
No, not Flash!  He is my fav superhero!  This is BS!!
Geniuses are those who can judge correctly. Jobs is one of them
Great article. There was a time I thought flash was going to be the end all be all solution. However in time Steve Jobs' arguments against flash were on the money. Amazing how he saw this so far ahead.
As consumers and content creators (this is our web, not Adobe's or Apple's), we really need to up the public level of education on how this stuff actually works. This culture of faith in the corporate message is scary. 

Jobs' strike against Flash was a move in corporate warfare, and was directly anti-consumer. Praise Jobs for the good he did, but you need to know when to call him out on the bad shit he did. He did plenty. You paid his company to create a platform for you and he returned the favor by deciding what content you would be allowed to consume.
HTML5 killed flash..... Not apple
It runs beautifully on my android device....
Flash was a good technology for its time and the context of the desktop but it didn’t evolve or was left behind by the mobile wave. Plus somehow Adobe found itself on the wrong side of the technical giants battle for the web business.
Most tech blog sites still use flash for videos. The verge, engadget to name a few. Jobs was way to early with his decision.
Adobe is discontinuing support for Flash Player, not Flash. 
All hail Steve Jobs! He that knowest all! Especially how to screw low-wage earners here and in China (a.k.a. "Suicide Center"), and in all those lovely Mac Stores. And let's not forget the 80% mark-up on all that lovely Mac hardware that all the suckers buy to remain True To The Religion of Coolness! Ah, yessss! All Hail Steve Jobs! A True American Huckster in the finest tradition of P.T. Barnum (i.e., "There's a sucker born every minute.") Oh, paleeeze, can I PALEEZE pay twice as much as I should for one of your WONDERFUL computers, Paleeze??? Oh, thank you Steve! :You are just the coolest ever.
Lord `Jobs The Great' was not the first to say Flash was/is shit. He just had the market share to guide stupid users. Where as, others were offering a choice and hoping users would come to the right conclusion without being forced to. Idiots..
+Ryan Kramb JS/HTML5 is draining battery as fast as Flash runtime. Guess what. Flash/Actionscript and HTML/JS are basiclaly the same technology.
+Mike Elgan Describing something in "devastating detail" does not make you right or even truthful. I can throw down some devastatingly detailed lies right now if you're up for it.
But was wrong about the time. Html5 was nowhere near ready 5 years ago. Only now is it becoming a viable option.
Yofat J
The problem is this. Apple as a company decided not to support flash at the beginning of an increasing trend where mobile web usage started to creep up towards desktop web usage. Now that this same decision has heavily affected Adobe's decision to cease flash on mobile , the industry has to turn towards alternatives.

These alternatives aren't able to cover the full set of use cases flash was able to cover. To design and implement a website capable of the exact animations and features flash provide you can't use HTML 5 as a silver bullet because its not a finished standard so all tags dont work as they should without conditional hacks and each browser supports standards however the hell the feel including Apple' Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and of course Internet Explorer..and that's assuming your browser even has the latest updates.. Since HTML 5 can't always get the job done completely you may turn to some heavy ass javascript library which bogs down browsers for the end user just as much flash may have and it still may not work uniformly.

I could go on and on about this but the moral of the story is Steve Jobs wasn't a psychic or visionary for wanting to do away with Flash. He and Apple, just like every company, had some alterior business reason other than technical for removing a viable option for the HTML 5 standard that doesn't completely replace flash in terms of functionality.
No he wasn't. While HTML5 is better than Flash, he denied users a choice. Something Apple is good at doing.
TC as always is laughable when it comes to technology. Steve and Apple were not the reason why Flash left the mobile. Adobe took that decision exactly because of 2 reasons: a) fragmentation of mobile market and price of development and tweaking runtime for all platforms, b) lack of income from authoring tools. Adobe just can't make money from the Flash. That's it.
BTW, guys, Adobe does not abandon the mobile market. They just stopped development of the Flash plugin. AIR is not going to go away from the mobile market.
this is such a stupid article and equally a stupid summation. everyone knew that flash was on its way out, just because apple decided they didnt want to support a major part of the internet that relied of flash to run their sites, doesn't mean that they (and especially its former CEO personally) should get any recognition for creating the idea of the transition to html5. This was an inevitable turn of events, and saying something like "Turns out he was right" is completely stupid. Everyone knows that html5 is the future. The fact that apple decided that they werent going to support more than 50% of the internet while other mobile OS's took an inclusive approach requires absolutely no recognition or praise of any kind.
+AG Restringere  Dude, just wait for bad programmers decide to use HTML5 for ad popups and you'll say the same about HTML5. :)
I hate apple and that asshole jobs. Steve jobs thought and made himself an inventor, yet he stole every idea and made it his own.
Quitting your support for a web standard a couple of years early is not revolutionary, it is lazy. No one was under the delusion that Flash was forever.
Last I checked Flash is still around on the web in a big way and nearly all computers with Internet have Flash. Just because you can't view it on your mobile device does not make it dead. So far it has not been replaced by HTML5 or anything else. Just look at YouTube it still runs Flash. So, how exactly is it dead? The only reason why it's not on mobile devices is because he artificially made that decision and Apple has majority market share. Developers don't like having to support multiple platforms because it splits up the market of consumers you can sell to. Hence why Flash is stopping support for mobile.
+Jerman Ramirez Viable for what? HTML5 is segmented, buggy and useless when it comes to video streaming as it was 5 years ago.
I actually love flash since the majority of the internet requires it, apple had no role in its demise on mobile the fact of the matter is that flash is way to powerful for what its used for much like the popularity of tablets due to people having powerful desktops and laptops and not knowing what to do with it or having a use for all that power, HTML is much more simplified and though in my opinion terrible on a desktop its perfect for these little devices and it does not bring as many security issues as flash does with its cons tent exploit issues
what will we do without it,, can i still see videos,, on my galaxy s3..? i don't know,,, I'm asking for real...."HELP"...!
Sad. so many websites out there using flash for Android devices by default, and after upgraded my galaxy nexus to JB, they are all refusing work correctly.
Flash died out on mobile due to apple; apple "foresaw" something that they caused.
no problems with videos, most of serious sites has HTML5 videos
+Joerg Henning I've used Flash on my old Droid and my Nexus, it's usable. Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying that Flash is great. I'm just saying being able to view something, even if it is sluggish, is better then not being able to view it at all. My point is that I don't want Apple or Google speeding things up. I want users and developers to decide.
My point of view is that Jobs killed flash instead of predicting its death.
Flash could have been better.
Flash mobile player is dead.. not flash player so with that being said. Flash will be on phones just the more powerful ones.
Oh and that 5 year mark of the iPhone was a 5 year mark of people not having flash. Html 5 wasn't a thought on mobile devices 5 years ago. So there goes Steve jobs with his stubborn and controlling mentality. What an ass. Glad he is dead.
Amazing insight, but NO, because Jobs did not have a lot of initial insight, "He had knowledge, but INSIDE knowledge. Its a different form on technical insight.
Actually read that Techcrunch article now (should've done sooner). It's pretty dumb and filled with conjecture and anecdotal evidence. Sigh. 
No its all the dumb people that buy apple products and fall into their vortex of mental diarrhea.
If Steve was always right, fruit juice would cure cancer! I wouldn't write off Flash at all just yet. was on mobile for the last 5 years and is just now starting to be sort of phased out...and you say Steve Jobs was right by saying it wasn't good for mobile? That's kind of...wrong. Flash has been great for the mobile phones that have supported it for the last 5's just that now there are better things than flash.
Jobs wasn't necessarily "right" at the time of saying that. Its become less and less useful since, obviously. But back when iPod's and iPhones were just starting, Flash was something they should have supported.
Steve jods was a smart man and when people get money hurgery they lose like Rim because the people who are at the top can,t handle it so things that they say they are going to do dosen,t happen.
Since that douche bag is now dead, you will see a gradual change in apple to conform to the rest of the world. They have to, their 'genius" is dead and they have lost their leader of digital communism.
Joe Tee
he has passed on, time to move on
i like java.  ok, i don't really, really like it but it's available everywhere.  
Flash. Something terribly wrong with the Flash engineering team. Something so badly wrong with its whole architecture.
The sheer weight of numbers of Flash and other Adobe patches/fixes, on the Windows platform for example, are just crazy annoying. People write software this bad?
Adobe had that whole market. They went and munged it all by themselves. 
Matt L
well he was wrong about how to get his cancer treated so
Ball pass from adobe to browser dev.
“Scott Mathison9:20 AM+45
I don't think flash would had died if Apple had it on their phones. It certainly ran extremely well on Android devices.

I disagree that he predicted it, but agreed that he led to its demise.”

WHAT????  *extremely well* ???
could you be more entertained ?
I call Bullshit! Can not upgrade to Jelly Bean because the sites that i need for my business only use flash with no plan to upgrade to html5. This is a bad thing for me. An not a fan of flash but it is still needed on mobile platforms.
Respectfully, this is a bit of nonsense. Sure, Flash sucked but Steve was hardly the first to recognize it or say so. Apple was hardly the first to get on the HTML5 bandwagon. Was it an act of courage or foresight for a CEO to not invest in the effort to support Flash? Not sure. Did it benefit Apple's users? I can't see how: for a significant period a sizable fraction of the web's content was inaccessible to them. Was Android's bid to support Flash purely opportunistic or was it a somewhat heroic effort (in the light of its efforts to publicly support/bolster HTML5) to serve their users through a time of transition? That's definitely one (my) way of looking at it :-).
maybe apple will sue mike elgin for looking like an ipad
I dont think Jobs predicted it but by saying it kinda of influenced it
From 3 years ago I never using flash on my website project :), its too much eat resource and I have thinking not worth for mobile *until now
The old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori.

Such a `genius' he sold you plastic made in asia that you throw away in a year for extraordinary prices. All the while suing competing innovators and over shadowing the engineers who actually did the attributed work and you still think he is the genius.

Actually, it just means you are think as a plank of wood.
Steve will be right in 5 years when Flash will be gone from the web.
How many if you have removed Flash from your desktop/laptop?
... yes that's what I thought.
Flash is still used by most websites to stream content and HTML5 is not even close to be ready to replace Flash.
So Steve was wrong in 2007 when he released the pocket PC without Flash, Steve was wrong in 2010 when he released a tablet PC without Flash and he's still wrong today.
I don't think adobe finds it feasible to support free flash on different platforms with the existence of rival better technology like HTML5. Jobs didnt decide not to support flash 5 years prior to its death because he forsaw it. Apple would have still supported it to gain better user satisfaction, if Apple ever cared about user satisfaction. It is the brand name, more or less.
To everyone here calling Steve jobs a genius...

Can you tell me "why" he is a genius?
Ignorance is bliss. I don't know and I don't care.
So is HTML5 java based, or how exactly do animations work without flash?
Flash isn't dead, my phone is running it just fine. You're thinking of Steve Jobs.
Apple didn't kill flash, flash killed itself. Flash was always a resource hog and overall just buggy software that everyone figured out a way to run their OS around it's issue, except for Apple who couldn't clear that hurdle so they threw in the towel. Rightly so probably but, that's not what killed flash.
flash was huge in making the internet what it is. and now its time to move on. Jobs was just a little too early
So flash is dead but how long is it going to take for the Web to move over to html 5. When I mention html 5 at work people get all glassy eyed and confused
Gotta agree with +Scott Mathison ; Jobs was only prophetic in so far as he was responsible for the death of Mobile Flash.
Quite honestly, who gives 2 shits and a fuck about jelly bean, OEM can't even get ics out. It will be over a year before a jelly bean device is launched.
Trying too hard if you ask me. 5 years later it's coming to an end... that's not exactly hard to guess
Seems like the world is going to HTML5 because its more efficient.
Jobs said no because Adobe would NOT make a special version for Apple that would only run Apple approved code.
I agree with +neil kuntz . My Android is stuck at 2.3.3 and is unsupported even though I'm still on a 2-year contract. I'm not gonna spend a week or two figuring out how to root the damn thing. I wished I got an iPhone!  HTML5/CSS/Javascript tech stack is the way to go!!!
I preferred having Flash on my Nexus One than not having it on. Now that HTML5 has grown from years back, I can probably do without it.
The fact that Flash will be phased out does not negate the fact that it served its purpose, and quite well.

I can't even count the number of times I would be using an iOS device and could not view a page due to Flash being required. This was usually a minor inconvenience. However, there were many times when I really needed to view a site and could not.

Technology is an ever changing science and as such, it's no surprise that a particular platform is being phased out. Think Silverlight in a few years. (Did I just predict that?)

+Hugo Kessler so for that he is a "genius"? So he took internet piracy and made people pay for it(itunes). He took someone elses idea of a touchscreen phone and made it pretty. That is not genius work.

Steve Jobs was great at MARKETING not an innovator and not a genius.
Everyone with a clear head knew long before Steve Jobs said anything about it that flash would be a failure on mobile. This idea that everyone else made a mad rush to support it just to differentiate from Apple is a steaming pile; Android supported flash because it's Android. Android is designed to work with anything and everything possible. Adobe wanted to make flash for Android, and Google said "Cool! Let's do it!"
Jobs was The biggest thief on the plant. Surely the world is a much better place without him. And the Chinese are those who made the iPhone. i wish i can piss on his grave out of fun. 
+Hugo Kessler Jobs merely provided an option for opponents of Windows. It was either learn Linux or switch to Apple. Apple simply made another viable OS and people flocked to it - even when there was virtually no one creating software for it. I remember going to an Apple store and all software available could be found on one wall shelf. You either did without or worked around the lack I software just so you could say you were a Mac fan. Bill Gates did more for Apple than jobs ever did. He made people hate Windows and flock to the alternative. 
I highly doubt nexus devices will get an update to jelly bean in July. They pulled half the ics updates because they sucked on the nexus devices and now they are just getting settled in with thing working right.
Same thing I posted with +Mashable 's article:

"Poor Adobe. Mobile AIR is still alive and the path for a lot of flash game developers to get apps onto phones and tablets. But articles like this make everyone think all Flash is dead instead of just Flash embedded in a mobile webpage."

I also read some interesting comments pointing out that browser Flash will be supported by Windows 8 RT. So some tablets will still support Flash in a browser for a while longer. As will older Android versions like that in the Kindle Fire.
Did he predict the death of Flash or kill Flash by refusing to support it on a hugely popular mobile device, causing website developers to be unable to depend on the presence of Flash on client browsers? I don't have a problem with the death of Flash, but I don't think he predicted it. I think he caused it.
Ugh I am done here.. Such a wet fart of a debate. People want to believe what they want to believe.
isnt this because Oracle lost the lawsuit against google
Steve Jobs was a technological prophet.  I can't believe how people can't see this, regardless of how they feel about his business practices.
Nonsense! This should be the user's decision. Steve Jobs wasn't right about Flash. He just appears to have gotten his way. Sad for those of us who are used to having the the option to view flash or not on Android. We'll see nothing where content should be. Jobs exported that undesirable user experience.
Actually, Apple had very little influence on anything prior to the iPod. And Steve Jobs did not conceive of or design the iPod. An Apple employee did.
Everything evolves and you have to roll with the punches. Flash was good for a time, but now it's not. It's not bad, but just not needed anymore. 
Hitler had some good ideas too.
Its not so much as not being food for mobile as it is they want to promote the transition or should I say encourage it to HTML5 +Mike Elgan

I rather enjoyed flash on mobile but on Android it wasn't that great of an experience till ICS aka 4.0
I believe there's no constant in this world except change...
maybe in future they get rid of java also! must websites run flash or maybe I'm still in the past
had nothing to do with it being good for mobile or not, it was a part of the internet and so long as the internet had it it should be supported. Adobe said they were ending it so now there is no reason to support it. Nothing really big here..
Nooo I actually like flash...
And like he said on iPhone's presentation, iPhone was 5 years ahead of any other phone...
ive said this many times before, but ill say it here on g+. We all expected flash to die on mobile, but support on android helped ease that transition. As an android user, i thank iOS for biting the bullet while i was able to still use flash, and benefit from accelerated adoption of html5.
I will follow that up by saying flash has always been junk. I'm glad it's gone.
+Omar AlSadoon but Google is tied with java like it's been companionate with flash .
I'd likely propose/claim--
Google, you have been with devils all the time !
So, stop justifying yourself "do no evil".

that makes me LMAO ...
There all good but we are in the century of all things are moving forward so go with the flow
Bullshit, he was not right.  We use flash more today then when he made his statements years ago.  The only people that don't are essentially Mac users of iPads/Phones.
It may be being phased out on mobile but flash is not dead - 99.9% of all commercial TV websites use it and all commercial videos posted on YouTube use flash.

In summary, its death is greatly exaggerated. We need flash support in chrome for android, losing support is far far too premature. If 5 years of no flash for iOS hasn't shifted mainstream sites solely to html5, nothing will.
maybe more people would like flash if you didn't have to update every week
Steve did NOT predict it. of course how can he allow flash to run on iphone when it's battery can't even last a day!? I own an iphone4s and man, it's battery performance is so horrible!

Poor flash, it's not your fault at all. You will surely be missed.
I-anything sucks. Sorry everyone but apple's decisions limit the user too much and I will never be a fan. My wife with a brand new iphone and has no tech knowkedge at all and just user experience even now agrees android gives you more all around.
From the dial-up days I have had a hatred for flash and flash-based websites.  Who cares if it's good for mobile.  It's not good.  Period.
If commercial videos posted on Youtube use flash than it is a good thing.
The thing with Android and flash is that I think Google was tried of waiting for Adobe to pick up the slack and Adobe was tired of having to code for 100 different phones/tablets.

I also think that Adobe is annoyed by how Google updates Flash on Chrome instead of Adobe doing it. I have a feeling Adobe probably told Google something like "If you are updating Flash on Chrome then why don't you update it on fragmented OS for us." That probably resulted in google saying "We really don't care if Flash exists.. we'll just suppport GO or Dart some open sourced or google created alternative instead." 
I dont think posting pro apple isnt the right time my friend....
Again, jobs stole an operating system. OSX is Unix. Unix has been around for decades. Everything that dick did was a act of theft. He claimed he invented everything. The truth is that he stole everything and claimed it as his own. Android was the 1st touch screen mobile device and that is a fact. Microsoft released a touch panel 4 years prior to the iPad. Jobs wasn't all that great, his lawyers were.
Thanks, +Scott Mathison, for the link! I will consider it when my contract is up. In the meantime, my iPod keeps me happy.
How silly. Just because flash is finally dying (something nobody argued would eventually happen - its disingenuous to say otherwise) does not mean jobs was right. It only implies he was wrong for only 5 years.
He ALMOST had it right. "It was just no good for mobile."
Flash was always a transitional model. I have the chance to use it all these years and enjoying it rather than waiting for it to die and not getting the benefits.
 More like adobe believes windows 8 and it's mobile OS equivalent will rule
Not supporting flash doesn't mean it won't support AIR
Flash may be proprietary but it has been with us for a long time with video on the internet founded on it.  It has lasted this long because it has been good for the web.

Flash doesn't suck, the programmers that create with it suck.  This has been well established.

HTLM5 is weak.  It is inconsistently implemented.  It is incapable of doing much of what Flash does.  Flash can be used in annoying ways, such as by advertisers.  At least with Flash you can block it as you would block ads with certain browsers/extensions.

Flash is seen negatively because it is en-vogue, not because of problems with it.

I use Flash on my Mac.  My conclusion is that Mac users doth protest too much.
Giving up on mobile is just a start
Flash is the red flag for the problem with allowing proprietary systems/apps/companies to be "standards." It is too easy to "rest on their laurels" instead of advancing the product/idea. We are not settled yet on the replacement for flash, because of proprietary systems meddling with the future!
Jobs had a major grudge against Adobe & that's one of the major reason's he did not allow flash. Another reason I migrate to Android. Once again Apple is a closed inflexible system and you have to play by their rules.. 
Flash is not going to die that soon. As a web programmer I can say HTML5 is not going to be an alternative anytime soon. Like it was with CSS there is going to be incompatibilities and there are still people who use older browsers (and there will always be Internet Explorer which always fails to give support for features).
At the moment, Firefox does not support .h264 videos while chrome does. So Flash will be here for some time although it might vanish from mobile devices pretty soon.
One more proof that Mr. Jobs was the prophet for technology... I really miss him, but this things make me wonder if he left one more thing to amaze us before passing...
Really, really cannot stand apple and their bogus business practices. Don't get me wrong, Steve Jobs, yes was a human being just like everyone else on this god-forsaken orb that we live on, rest his soul. He was also an acid induced lunatic with obvious control issues that were well.... Out of control. He WAS the neo-Nazi of technology. Now with Tim Cook at the helm what is next? Did they patent the color white in plastic cases on mobile devices? Enough is enough, stand and fight like any other street peddler trying to earn an earnest living. Apple. Why?
Missed informed... adobe announced a while a go that they would not develop it's mobile flash app anymore.. not just now....

And when they did.. people was not divided .... I think that most people agreed that flash was not the future for the web... but also that HTML5 was not ready yet
I'll never understand why people "hate" a piece of technology. It's just software, a tool somebody used to make a website look and feel a little better, and for a time Flash made the internet a lot more interesting. I guarantee that soon enough HTML 5 will be used for nefarious purposes and that the same people will be cursing it.     
One more proof that Mr. Jobs was the prophet for technology... I really miss him, but this things make me wonder if he had left one more thing to amaze us before passing...
Steve Jobs was a jerk.  He paid people very little, never donated, and scammed people out of their money.  BUT he was a jerk that knew how to make money.
ifans please read history about SVG :)
Steve Jobs gets way too much credit for things he didn't do.
+Steve Jobs was not right about Flash he just used his influence to steer the "boat" in a different direction. He was not even a visionary person just a pretentious....
Wasn't this really about the ability of being able to build an app that could bypass giving Apple $$ ? Just a question... Also did Microsoft recently announce the support of Flash now in Win8? (Late to the party as usual ;~D)
And those who think the iPhone is a super invention are mostly house wives and school boys as well as a secondhand cars sellers
But could cause and effect be getting confused here?  MIT's Scratch ( ) is doing wonderful things with its new Flash player.  Too bad the kids that really want and need it won't be able to get Scratch on their iPhone or iPad (unless Apple hopefully changes some of their rules).
If you check your history, Mac/iPhone would not even exist off Steve Jobs would have had his way. I wouldn't look to him like he was always right.
Despite Steve Jobs BS, Apple not supporting flash on iOS has always been about retaining control of the app market and not about technical reasons.
It's dead because he helped kill it of course. Adobe had their chance to fix the issues that came with flash numerous if times they never came through.
It doesn't change the fact that Steve jobs was a complete tool, his legacy of whining, and cry baby legal antics continues today. Someone piss on his grave, please.
Nick, I think you just made the quote of the year!
+Alwin Tom And don't forget streaming video and audio. There's no HTML5 standard for streaming media. Funny, isn't it? WebRTC is unfolding very slow and god knows when it's going to be supported by all browsers.
Not happy about this.too many websites still use flash.Guess I'm gonna stay with gingerbread for a loooooong time.:-(
I do not understand what Steve Jobs did that was so fantastic? He designed/created some (overpriced?)devices. So did samsung, Xerox, Nokia...
Everything he did was for hisown profit. There was another guy called Dennis Ritchie - who invented the C language, which every computer/mobile/embedded device is based on. He died within a week of Steve Jobs death. It did not make headlines and no one did any documentary on him - eventhough he deserved it.
There are people that have taken away from this article and the comments in this thread that Flash is gone?  They are in for a very rude awakening.

I expect flash to be with us for another 5-10 years, at least, as the primary way we view video on the web.

I see no faults with people ceasing their personal use of flash for personal reasons, but stop trying to make it difficult for those that know Job's real intent--kill Adobe products because he hated them with a passion.
Not denied sure, but #SteveJobs's foreword looking crippled is iCrap devices and now the rest of us transition normally like it was never an issue. Because for us it never was.
Jobs the knob. Plays well with others grade.....F.

Oh yeah we still have grades where I come from.
This man was a big genius of the great technology called Apple!!!!:-) my respect for him!!!:-D
Epic games (creators of Unreal Engine, Unreal Tournament, Gears of War..) has already saifd their new Engine - Unreal Engine 4 will support Flash in Web. ie you can play fully 3D games using your web-browser if you have Flashplayer. The Stage3D API of Flash is very powerful. So trust me flash will be here for quite some time.
Today to my surprise I found Youtube using HTML5 by default in my browser(Seamonkey). The help page showed that Google is silently rolling out HTML5 based video playback on youtube for all browsers that support it, with fallback to Flash if you don't want it right now.

In a way this serves as a sort of beta test, they will take feedback from users across browsers and OSes and tweak it further till finally they can declare that there is no need for Flash. Youtube being the super popular site that it is, will influence average consumers whose prime use of Flash is for watching video, and as they see that they don't need to install it, slowly Flash installations will dwindle and the platform will be gently eased out.
Not like Steve Jobs who simply decides to drop support overnight and trash it before its time.
Contrary to popular belief steve jobs well definitely NOT be missed!!!!
nobody ever thought flash was forever, we just wanted the choice to have it on our phones. even adobe knew flash was not the future. 
It does not run properly on mobile, which is anoying... but I don't think that it is a user issue, or even a manuracturer issue, it is indeed a adobe issue that needs to be solved... android 4.1 wont support flash because adobe decided that which is the beginning of the end, by the other hand you have html5 in response for that which is much better in terms of performance than flash... but in conclusion I think (as an android user) that it was good and useful while supported!
Flash runs perfect on my nexus running jell bean.
He predicted it because he killed it.
^ i guess u are the only one. I for one will not miss steve jobs
Well had a hard time between devices running and not running flash. Finally these guys decided and HTML 5 shall rule !!!
Ever since Steve died,Apple has slowly rolled down a hill. I am not trying to rag on apple. I love their products as much as anyone else who owns one. I am beginning not to trust the corporation though. With the economy about to fall off a cliff again thanks to our new health care. Will we be able to afford Apple's products and can we expect the new CEO to make just as wise decision as Steve did... He will be put to the test in due time. For now, an Android is my choice. It runs on google and I know I can at least trust it to run Flash. Battery shouldn't be a problem we have car chargers and wall chargers and USB chargers most of us aren't even 30 seconds away from a usable power source. Show me something new apple...your good at that. If you're going to drag down good old flash and the androids at least supply a program that provides some competition ...
Don't glorify Steve Jobs as the one who was the first to think that Flash was dying. It was obvious before Jobs decided to not support it on mobile, and the inclusion of it on Android and other mobile OS' was probably still the better choice. It obviously wasn't going to work as well on mobile, but right now it's very helpful for those who are too lazy or unable to update their sites to HTML5. I don't want to be locked out of parts of the internet just because some company won't support the software to do it. 
Maybe I don't like the decision, but I can at least be thankful that Jobs' lack of features in it's mobile OS has at least hastened the death of Flash. We all knew it was going to die, but Apple made it die a little quicker. I do hope we have ways to use flash on Jelly Bean and later versions of Android if we need to, but that will obviously not come from Adobe. 
I have an iPhone and I just use CloudBrowse...legit app that loads Flash content...
maybe so but atleast with my android devices I can now use flash sites.
Flash has many problems, not the least of which is access for the handicapped.
Piru P
Funny, you people are happy Flash is not being supported anymore. Steve Jobs didn't predict, his actions led to this and to anyone who thinks otherwise, keep waving your iFlag.

What many fail to mention is that A LOT of current websites still use flash. I use Chrome on my SGS2 for everything but when I use a site that has flash video playback, I revert to the stock ICS browser that has Flash support. Now with Jelly Bean, I won't even be able to do that.
I rather enjoy having Flash on my Kindle Fire and on my Evo. I'd have had a lot more respect for Adobe if they'd stuck it to Apple and kept going.
People are zombiefied by apple n if apple said keyboards were dead ppl would stop using them. Thats the sad truth of things. Lets be real.
I'll still want flash cause sites ain't removing their flash elements.
Give people the choice and let them decide.
iPhone 1 was launched in 2007. Flash support for phones (maybe) ending in 2012. that's 5 yrs... almost every technology becomes outdated after 5 yrs.. no big deal..
if, tomorrow, the ceo of GM says that the combustion engine is extremely inefficient, expensive & polluting(which it is) and he decides to just manufacture electric cars what would you call him? genius or moron?
Please. Jobs didn't predict that Flash on mobile would die. He killed it by not supporting it in iOS. Whether or not that's a good thing, I won't say.
great steve jobs works is way to meet the difference in this world I really appreciate his work
I agree with +Piru P on this points. I'd much rather have the option of using Flash on my device.  A very big reason to go with Android for me was choice.  If I didn't want to use Flash, I just would not have installed it.
That's funny. A lot of iPad users (not the Apple fanbois) wanted Flash.
This is so wrong, there is nothing wrong with flash. Apple is dying slowly. Why would you choose an operating system that dictatates what you can and cant do. On operating system is supposed to help you do, whst you want to do.
To me, this is a chicken and the egg sort of thing. Did Jobs predict it, or did the need to cater to iOS users drive it?
If you know how to use a cell phone flash wouldn't be a problem
Flash was never dead, works fine on android. Lets all get a apple and let them dictate what we can do. Going backwards people.
point of debate that time wasn't whether flash is good or not, the debate was why can't users who buy such expensive devices decide if they want flash or not. Why everything is decided by Apple?  If I don't like it I can always disable it. Or give iPhone for free and I will use whatever you say ;)
Obama did it.  Why that almost sounds as idiotic as the perennial  Jobs bashing, non-believer love to trout. Apparently, Jobs was accurate in his assessment. That is what I read.
As far as 5 yrs, good tech lives forever. (or at lest over 6 yrs). 
+Larry Trutter What phone do you have? Learning to root your phone usually takes an hour, not two weeks.
Too bad he couldn't "predict" how much iTunes sucks on Window. He ran Apple to ruin others, not to ruin like business partners.
Just because you can destroy something doesn't mean you're right.
Just because Adobe wasn't optimal for mobile doesn't mean it shouldn't have been used in devices during its height. Apple didn't incorporate Adobe long before the demand for it died. Android did. Now its definitely dying though.
This is like saying were gonna stick with SD screens because in ten years we will have super HD. I enjoy it on my phone. It works great doesn't kill my battery or resources and I enjoyed it the last few years while waiting for HTML 5 to catch up.
Every thing ends sooner or later and in an industry like this its usually sooner. I can say anything will end and in time I will be right. Nobody ever said flash on mobile was perfect but it aloud access to the full internet. Steve jobs was nothing but an egotistical thief who claimed other peoples ideas as his own and demanded complete control of his sheep.
Long live Steve Jobs!
So html5 is going to replace flash on the 4.1 Android system?
Everyone knew that flash wasn't going to last forever, the debate was WHEN it was going to be siphoned out. A lot of android users appreciated the option of using flash supported websites.
Anyone that uses a current gen android knows that flash runs perfectly fine, html5 is easier for sure but a lot of sites still don't support it it was nice that we had the ability to use flash all this time and I use it often. I don't believe anyone is playing flash games on their mobile but they prob are streaming sporting events and those type of sites only use flash. Eve since the galaxy s1 with froyo, android 2.2, flash has run well on my device I don't believe that Steve jobs had anything to do with this at all I think like everything else in tech eventually something better comes along and we move on. 5 years is an eternity in tech so jobs had nothing to do with this
+Taylor Harris HTML 5 is being implemented on many websites that used to utilize flash. For example, youtube is now html5 which is why you can view vids in the mobile chrome browser. Down side is Flash comes in handle for those sites that still haven't converted. 
Five years? I suppose if this was announced in 10 years people would say he was right and be clapping their hands in honor of a "prediction". Big deal. Would of rather had Flash than not have it until things of course, move on. Change is the only constant.
I'm pretty sure that Steve jobs heard somebody who said that and Steve presented as his idea. But anyway his dead and won't come back.
I Think he banned flash on IOS devices to increase the number of apps on the OS this way every wrbsite with flash content had to develope an app for its conent to be viewed
I really love Flash. Without Steve Jobs intervention, I believe it would still be the best platform on both mobile and the web.... how many sites can say that they look the same over all browsers without reams of additional code? Not many. It's a shame, but I think it is a blatant display of the sort of harm that can be caused by dictat who had a grudge against a company he didn't really like. The rest of the world had to suffer. Flash is now dying. The world won't be a better pace without it.
Everything will be die one day... Not just Steve jobs... Also flash or html5... didn't Amiga die? Or the most popular Operating System DOS... So what is the differrent about flash? Just Steve did tell before? I may tell IOS will die :) I am %100 sure... All we will see here :)
Noo he was wrong it was all about itune and webkit business. Flash is still best for ui which we will see in next few years and if not flash thn same apply for java applet, ms activX, silverlite and many more....these all guys r business minded and thy do only which thy feel is good for thr org.
Flash will remain as designers tool for creating animation . But it will be "converted"to HTML 5 format - Adobe already allows that. But as a video format on the web, yes , dead. 
Then They Gotta Make One For Moblie Cause It's Kinda Use Less With out One
Scott Mathison is correct
Why does everyone now think that they are an expert on flash?
+Andreas Rønning 

You made some very interesting points that I hadn't previously considered. Flash did create a richer environment with which to develop, and was ahead of its time in giving developers more powerful tools with which to craft more interesting and useful web applications. Its success drove innovation and ultimately spawned the HTML5 standard.

Because of the way flash is distributed, as a browser plugin, it allows for accessing OS resources that would otherwise be inaccessible. This is a big use for flash still today, as an ugly but needed bridge over which one can reach the camera and microphone of the host. 

Flash began the trend of extending the browser's functionality further and further into territory that used to be reserved for native applications. A trend that continues today with the slow and painful adoption of WebGL, websockets, the canvas api, the A/V streaming, etc.

The big advantage that flash still enjoys today is that it presents ONE working interface.

Web development today is a MASSIVE CLUSTERFUCK. There are so many standards in varying degrees of completion and implemented in various degrees in different browsers. The problem of actually delivering a consistent web application experience across all majorly used platforms has become far more complex than actually developing the web application, which is a huge waste of a lot of developer time. If you aren't convinced of this, simply peruse the source of jQuery or any other widely used javascript library, and you'll begin to understand the scope of the problem. (Note that this problem is not limited to js, but also affects the rendering of HTML hugely).

While it's great that no single corporation owns the intellectual property behind the technology that is driving most major websites today, there is a huge price we all pay for it (whether you realize it or not). I believe that an open web is a better web, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a giant pain in the ass first getting everyone to agree on the standards and second getting them to actually implement the standards as they are written.

Flash never suffered from these headaches because it was developed in isolation by one team and then deployed everywhere. It presented something new, and powerful, and paved the way for the future. Now, the community has acknowledged its utility by making its functionality an open standard.


The implementation of Flash and its corporate owner are on the way out now, but HTML5 is essentially the exact same thing just with less rigorously defined interfaces and mostly unfinished.
Steve Jobs = Communist! Let the mighty Apple decide what is best for the masses instead of giving the freedom of choice. His decision making processes were idiotic, which is evidenced by his lack of treatment for a disease that was killing him. Darwin at work! Good riddens I say!
News flash....... This just in from a high priest of the Church of Apple!

Steve was a genius when it came to marketing. I'll give you that. Beyond that..... hardly.
no one said he was wrong, i think he was wrong about the time. He woulda liked to see it gone years ago, there was nothing ready at that time!
This just goes to show you how wise a man jobs was that he can call something so long years a head in a way it's sad but in a way it's funny
I think abandoning Flash was one of the few wise decisions made by Steve Jobs. This decision has the effect of exchanging closed, plugin-based web, for a more open, standards-compliant one. A standards-compliant web means that the implementation of functionality falls on the browser developers, and/or platform devs, rather than the single entity responsible for creating plugins. This also means, we have more choice (if one implementation doesn't work for you, try another one), and also multiple points of failure, rather than the single one.

Flash is now mainly used to serve video streams. I do wish some of the major video sites (read: YouTube) would start serving all their content through html5 video, as soon as possible. While Flash is beautiful, and, flashy, its major fault is that its a plugin. Of course, that could be "fixed" by +Adobe  by having their IDEs and frameworks generate standard html5 code as output.
Flash on mobile may be dieing a slow death but on the web a large it is still alive, and as long as I can access the web from my phone, I want to be able to access that content.
I always thought everyone knew it would go away. The point is that for 5 years there has been a lot of content that apple users couldn't access.
So what in past 5 years we enjoy all benefits of Flash on our Android devices... Currently running ICS on my Galaxy Note. Will I be getting any time soon Jelly Bean update? I think not. Until that day we all have quite a few days do enjoy Flash on our devices.
He was right at the wrong time, I'm happy I had flash the last two years
In technology, stopping support for something 5 years before it starts to get phased out isn't foresight, it's stubbornness.  If you're not supporting things that won't be around in 7 years, you can barely do anything.  Will Apple also stop support IPv4 because it'll become obsolete eventually?
He didn't predict nothing, if I saw wall street was going to crash eventually would you write a story of me?
Jobs was right, as was 90% of the tech industry. Apple did little or nothing to bring the alternative about though. Instead they simply blocked Flash from their platform, hardly genius. Google and MS (and many other, non-smartphone selling tech giants) on the other hand played a very active role in bringing about the revolution, meanwhile squeezing every last bit of profit from Flash. Flash contributed a large part to Android's meteoric rise and now we can retire it. So, yes, Jobs saw it coming. Just like he was able to tell you the sun will rise tomorrow...
+Cory Schmunsler - until HTML 5, video on the web was Flash and in a large part still is. QuickTime was and is still clunky for showing video on the web, mobile or otherwise which is why YouTube, Vimeo, and almost every movie site uses Flash for video.

Very few people knew how to create decent user expenses using Flash so we ended up with a bunch of really bad Flash sites. No technology lasts forever especially on the Internet, but I'd definitely say Flash-based video has had an astounding impact on shaping the way we interact online today. I'm not sure what video technology would have filled in if Macromedia (later Adobe) Flash didn't exist.
Flash just hasn't "grown up" at the pace the tech industry has. Times change and technology evolves to make life easier for mankind. That's just the way it is.
I think, for someone who refuse to have appstore, to predict the demise of flash, is illogical.
For me, the less third party the better. I'd love to see everything run natively everywhere. PIA for developers, sure. But that's when things zip along. With that said, I hope flash dies a fiery death :)

and i'm having similar feelings about Java and its god forsaken run time environment on desktops lol
Technology has moved forward.
flash and adobe in general are terrible the isn't a big surprise.
Shit flash is running flawless on my Gnex so I have to disagree imo
Flash support is a bug, not a feature.  
apple needed to lock out flash in order to protect their app revenue stream- flash in a browser (however good, bad or ugly - no doubt improving over time) potentially provided an alternative "app" environment to standard local apps that apple get a 30% revenue stream from. The technical arguments, with many valid points, were part of a strategy to undermine flash in a browser in order to protect the revenue rather than for the benefit of users. This is a consideration for all mobile platforms. Microsoft had the same risk with Silverlight.
That is why Steve Jobs was so much smarter than Bill Gates. 
Adobe was murdered by Apple. Why can't Flash and HTML5 co-exist?
+Andreas Rønning: I agree with a more simpler format. I remember making web pages with notepad from 1996 to 1999...and they were pretty simple...
Adobe Flash is dead on mobile? Sweet! Now something good can replace them! 
Flash works beautifully on my phone. Stop making shit up.
And why there is plenty of websites that still use flash? Why not change to HTML 5 now? Not understands why companies still resist progress!!!
Does Apple have anyone left who can see the future like Jobs could?
Steve Jobs was a vindictive, vengeful, self-obsessed bastard. I am so tired of seeing him praised like a prophet, its nonsense. Failing to support a framework used to be considered a downside to your platform, not something you should be revered for...on another note, Steve Jobs was not a revolutionary that should be praised like a god, he was one of the best capitalist and cared little to nothing about his fellow man if they werent willing to pay a premium for it.
Someday, someone will point me to a web site where flash made it a better experience.
Flash was a great little animation program, why did they meddle with it in the first place
Jobs killed flash? I guess just like how he killed those Chinese workers... ;-)
Flash still provides functionality, why wouldn't you provide support? how does this make him "right" ? 
I have Android phones and tablets that run Flash, and it has always worked great, particularly on devices running Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and beyond.  Every single day I watch flash content on on my Android devices and I relish in the obvious fact that Steve Jobs was wrong.  The fact that anyone would be willing to defend the constant practice of not being offered control over what you can do with your own devices just completely boggles my mind.
just because steve jobs was right about one piece of software's death doesn't make him a tech god
ادوبي بدت تتمصخر و فاكره نفسها امبراطوريه ،المفروض من iPhone و اندرويد بما فيها Samsung محاربة ادوبي
Haha, Flash IS on iOS - powering many successful games. Just not within the browser, but as classic standalone apps. The same is on Android (WinPhone support coming soon).
I don't think they foresee it. They put every single power they have into influencing the market. "Foresee" is different than "shaping" the market itself. 
Adobe conceded defeat. Flash would have affected Apple's bottom line. It had nothing to do with battery life. Right now, HTML5 is years away from delivering the same kind of cross platform experience Flash has given.
you are my hero olso my family name is calld steve jobs !
Fairly sure many, of the knowledgeable crowrd, knew flash was shit but was hard to avoid at the time. There's likely still a bunch of very backwards ass flash heavy sites from yesteryears lurking around even now. The regular joes just wanted to be able to play flash games and such and wouldn't know better. 

Come to think about it, the Malaysians customs public tariff for import/export database is STILL entirely flash. So I can forgive people for wanting flash and making it an desired feature at the time 
Most people wont upate to jelly bean!! (or find another way)
I think if you looked hard enough you would probably find that Steve stole the idea from someone else and then tried to claim it was his idea all along.
No, no. Five years ago when there was no alternative to flash, he was wrong. Today, now there is, it's a much better decision. I hate and have always hated flash and it's upcoming demise is great. However it was a necessary evil. But don't go rewriting history and pretending that the decision was anything more than being unable to make it work.
I'm 50/50 on this guy.
May be somewhat true..but personally I desist an apple, only bcoz of their arragancy. They are always eager to beat others in to submission.
Dre P
Like the way you talk scott, you make sense and balanced opinion
Jobs literally lit the fuse on the Android explosion when he refused to support flash on iOS. He single handedly made Android a huge success with that one decision alone. Whether he was right or not doesn't matter. He played his cards wrong period.
Please. He wasn't some great person who foresaw the death of Flash. Ok, he might have guessed at it, but I'm pretty sure the main reason he didn't want Flash on iOS was because he wanted to prevent the possibility of allowing an alternate marketplace for apps on iOS devices. Also, he knew Flash was slow and crappy and would detract from the "perfect smooth" experience of iOS devices.
Jobs' prediction was right, but the timing was not. Adobe only ditched flash after seeing HTML5 thrive.
We all know apple was never thinking about open standards when they ditched flash, even though they said they were. It's just that their phone would struggle a lot with flash which Steve did not want, and I respect that.
but talking about openness in apple and if apple was about to save the web from adobe is total **.
Flash was a nice idea but a time and bandwidth waster and did not really add anything to most sites. Sometimes its usefull but only for some things where normal HTML was not enough. Not eveyone has ultra fast broadband.
Jobs said no because he wanted to remain in control for as long as possible.
No doubt that he was a foreseer, but his product/thought is/was a autocratic.
One of the few things I completely agreed with. I hope it meets an end on desktop as well.
Android's lack of support from 4.1 makes more sense than the stand that iOS took.  You cant just drop a pervasive technology without buying some time for viable alternatives .... iphones decided to show whitespace on thousands of popular websites that used flash... how can that ever be termed a good thing...?
+Chris Freitag Don't you think that problems you've described are not fault of Flash, but site developers who never tested their apps on mobile? There're many sites where video content runs just perfectly on mobile and there're sites based on HTML5 video player that have problems. And it will be a surprise for you, but HTML5 does not provide the way to stream live video and audio... at all. Speaking of superior technology.
he is the best at what he do we really miss u steve
That's bull, it wasn't #apple   that killed #flash , it was #adobe   itself for writing crap software full of exploits and creating minor updates that don't help every few days.
@Jeff, sure it helped the explosion but it really had to do with choice of carriers and brands.
adobe is not cool for me i really hope it ends soon
Right Steve jobs knew what he was talkin about
Lol. Dumb people posting dumb things. Moving on...
I wish Steve Jobs didn't die. Wanted him to see android take over iOS completely in the next few years.
"Rivals pounced on the opportunity to differentiate".
I look forward to the nay-sayers and Apple-haters being squashed again. It's only a matter of time. 
So Jobs was an idiot for hating Flash five years ago but a genius now that Android is dropping it? That's called "skating to where the puck is going to be." 
No he wasn't, he banned it for personal and business reasons but Apple's power has led to it being untenable.
+John Camacho  Well he was used to it first it was Microsoft and now it would be Google :))
It's outright silliness like this why I don't read tech crunch any more. It's pretty easy to predict something if you're the one causing it to happen. And it isn't even much of a feat, given that you have a semi monopoly with which to strong arm it. Granted, flash was crap, but the thing is, even 5 years after his cock blockade there is still nothing to properly replace it. HTML5 doesn't even try. Apple would much rather sell Apps anyways , so obviously they don't give a damn.
Wait... So 5 years ago he said "flash is dead" to an already dying piece of software... And now he gets the glory and credit for "killing it" ? What a bunch of crap! I am going to say this then, DVDs are dead! I want a fucking post in +TechCrunch in 5 years!
I agreed with him from the outset, but I didn't agree with him trying to force that change on the industry. It was going to happen by itself and he chose the wrong time to declare it. Which lost apple alot of customers
+Stefan Isendahl is exactly right. Research it yourself. It had nothing to do with Steve "foreseeing" anything. He refused to support it because of personal reasons. This has, however, lead to the end of Flash on mobile devices.

Of course, the Apple bias media and fanboys will have you believe that Jobs was some kind of god like psychic. Don't be fooled. They're looking for anything to praise Apple right now in a time when they're getting nothing but bad press. Serves them right.
To those of you who claim Apple killed it by not supporting it. This view doesn't pass the "reason" test. 

If it worked great on Android, then Android users and Android developers would have embraced it completely, and it would have succeeded despite Apple. 

From the article I linked to: 

It turns out Jobs was right. When Flash finally did ship on Android devices, it didn’t provide users with the full web, as was promised. Android users who wished to watch videos on Hulu through the Flash browser, for instance, were met with a message saying that the content wasn’t available on the mobile web. Same thing for users who tried to access most premium video sites on Google TV, which also supported Flash. More importantly, even when those videos or interactive Flash elements did appear on Android devices, they were often wonky or didn’t perform well, even on high-powered phones.

The end result was that users stopped seeing Flash on mobile devices as a good thing, and developers quit trying to support the framework on those devices.
Poor Adobe. Abode AIR is still a viable cross-platform framework that is still downloadable from Google Play or can be embedded in an app. Browser Flash is dead, but they still have game. But all of the noise like this makes them seem like they don't.
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