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If you're still eating chicken, you're not reading the news.

Factory farming is nasty business, I tell you. A sudden rash of reports is beginning to reveal the horrible reality of industrial chicken farming.

A piece in The New York Times by +Nicholas Kristof points out that "poultry on factory farms are routinely fed caffeine, active ingredients of Tylenol and Benadryl, banned antibiotics and even arsenic." Scientists at Johns Hopkins University who studied the industry says "It’s unbelievable what we found."

Why caffeine? It turns out that chickens are fed coffee pulp to keep them awake all night so they keep eating and become fatter.

A previous study found that 90% of chickens raised for meat were fed arsenic.

Most chicken farmers don't even know what they're feeding the chickens, as the pre-packaged feed ingredients are a trade secret.

Obama's USDA, meanwhile, is springing into action. The department wants to stop inspecting poultry plants and allow employees of the plant do the inspections. That would enable factory food assembly lines to process 200 chickens per minute, rather than the 140 per minute currently possible.

A pilot program for the plant employee inspections found that they "were missing defective poultry at high rates."

From another Times article: "The inspectors, whose names were redacted, said they had observed numerous instances of poultry plant employees allowing birds contaminated with fecal matter or other substances to pass. And even when the employees try to remove diseased birds, they face reprimands, the inspectors said."
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Yuck -- not much left to eat....................
All my chickens come from small, local farms and taste deeeeeelicious.
Why we need to eat more beef.
Really Mike you too? You do know this is more BS from the Anti-meat eating Animal right type? Go talk tot he people in the UK and Europe and Finland on the Egg shortage they are facing due to BS from the animal Right getting laws made to screw with farming..
Yes, beef is the answer. Much cleaner factory production there....
I have a friend who grows chickens for Purdue. I don't know very much about the details, though. When we lived in Fredericksburg PA 25 years ago, the town had an annual Chicken Festival because of the importance of poultry production to the community's economics.
Excellent. My chicken is pre-caffeinated.
How is this not a crime? Smoking marijuana, entirely illegal, looks like a morning run next to this...
Meh, I like chicken, so I eat chicken. It would be nice if they were treated better, but whatever.
It's sad that the love of money has driven us to this... Local is the best way to go.
This just in Fear INC. laughing it ass off at all of you who believe this .
I am inspired to have my own farm, grow my own food!
I prefer the medieval methods, everybody starving, scrounging for their own food with a life that is brutish and short. Let's go back to that.
Ah, Stuart.. you beat me to the 'tastes like chicken' line....
We raise our own chickens for eggs. Haven't slaughtered any yet for food... foxes and racoons usually beat us to that.
Fact is; Any mass produced food item made from animals is not a pleasant thing. Beef, Chicken, Pork, or Fish.
This looks more like a big city subway...
also watch the documentry movie (Earthlings),....
They may not be "reading the news" because they're too busy in health care related threads posting about theneed for less government and regulation, lower taxes, and letting the free market correct itself. 
some days with all the fear in all your heads I wonder if you can even get out of bed? how to spot a lie on if meat is safe .. The facts come from the animal right people or people PAID TO LIE BY THEM..
Are you really that naive +George Greene? This wasn't released by PETA, and battery farm conditions are fairly common knowledge now.
I worked at one of those factories for a day. Paid in cash. It was brutal.
In 1988, I was a worker at a poultry farm [chickens]. It was the most disgusting job I've ever seen or had. I've had some dirty jobs, but that one takes the cake. I started buying free range poultry after that. Anything less is nasty and bad for you.
I like most of your posts, but I stopped reading shortly after seeing "A piece in The New York Times". If this information is in a more respectable publication, I'll take time out to read it though.
+James Carpenter .I say animal rights..never said PeTa.. so what there just one AR group?. The info doesn't have to all come from just PeTa to be a lie against eating meats. Look at whats going on.. these farm are not harming their chickens it would be nuts to do that you get not eggs as they don't lay eggs if not happy..and they wouldn't gain weight for meat no matter how much you feed then..
that's a real "sign of the Times"
me too i could eat half of them like right
+George Greene I think it would be important to note, that certain chickens are used for meat, a diff breed for laying (white leghorn). It's not the same breed, or facility for that matter.
Wow people a few month or more back you didn't trust the media now you do? pick and choose ? The media get info and run with it to sell paper and make money .. Fear your food great news making many people by news papers.. WOW
I don't eat meat for health reasons. When I did eat meat, I had no problems harvesting animal products or butchering my own animals. I like the food I eat to not have a ton of antibiotics and hormones in it, just like I prefer not to eat pesticides on my vegetables. There are ways to provide the amount of meat and food needed to feed the World without feed lots. +Chipotle Mexican Grill works with some good farmers for their pork (e.g. Polyface Farms, Paul Willis). +Forks Over Knives has some good info on the problems with eating meat.
I wonder if this explains my night blindness... does anyone else love eating chicken and has a night vision problem?
One important side point. If everyone stops eating chicken, the species will go extinct in the US, a massive industry will collapse, and the economy will take a plunge again. For the safety of thousands of jobs and a species, i will continue eating chicken. You're welcome
+Rosepher Catervas i wonder then if you might pay it forward and post the news article from a source you feel more credible.

But regardless of the NYT as conduit, they credit their sources, including peer reviewed papers.
You have a credibility issue with Johns Hopkins University, Arizona State University too?
Les pays pauvres comme haiti qui se nourrissent de ces volailles parce que les volailles locales communement appeles "poules pays" son plus chere, sont foutus.
I used to buy all my chicken from a local farm (more for the freshness and knowing where it came from than anything else), but they've since stopped raising chicken and I still have a buffalo wing addiction :/
Chicken!? How about beef!? Last I checked, chicken poop doesn't destroy your brain, but cow meat can. Read this:

and this:

and tell me you are not totally sketched out by eating beef (which is in lots of things... check practically any pepperoni, for instance).

when reading the wikipedia articles, pay particular attention to sentences such as:

"The scientific consensus is that infectious BSE prion material is not destroyed through normal cooking procedures"


"a University College London team suggested that it may take more than 50 years for vCJD to develop"


"In June 2005 Dr. John Clifford, chief veterinary officer for the United States Department of Agriculture animal health inspection service, confirmed a fully domestic case of BSE in Texas. Dr. Clifford would not identify the ranch, calling that "privileged information"."

So, to review:

1) the disease-causiung prions have been found in US cows and the information subsequently covered up or hushed/forgotten

2) Every cow is not tested (in Japan, for instance, EVERY cow is tested)

3) The gestation period in humans is thought to be 50-70 years

4) The disease can be commonly misdiagnosed as Alzheimers (and the causes might even be linked, see:'s_disease#Cause)

5) Beef is widely available and commonly eaten in the US.

All of this leads me to believe that most non-vegetarians currently alive will develop Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease if they live long enough.

Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease is fatal and untreatable.

Therefore, I do not eat beef.

But I do eat chicken.

</rant> </conspiracy_theory>
you do know that Chipotle Mexican Grill had has big big out court law suite for their "free ranger birds" they nearly kill a few people back east one lawyer posted . they are said to not be using that many free range buids now due to the facts the birds are not healthier or safer..
+George Greene what egg shortage in UK? Recently sales of eggs from caged hens have been banned. But I doubt it will make any difference to most UK customers or stores. I can't remember that last time I have seen caged hen eggs for sale in any UK store.
Eric V
Still tastes good.. I'd eat it
All the more reason to choke your own chicken!
“We haven’t found anything that is an immediate health concern,” Nachman added.

This was in the first paragraph.
I am fine with the poultry industry. The national food supply in not full of poison. Its sugar you people need to worry about.
I don't understand why everyone hasn't started eating Soylent Green yet.
It's all you need, and good for the environment.
MMMMMM....Chicken! aaaaaaaaaa...(drool)
+Craig Bowers "i wonder then if you might pay it forward and post the news article from a source you feel more credible."

If one passes by my eyes, I'll be happy to read it. I'm not currently looking or "in the market" for this information at this moment (low priority right now... too busy).

"You have a credibility issue with Johns Hopkins University, Arizona State University too?"

Not at all. I need to see it from them. I don't trust the NYT and if they "say" JHU and ASU support it, I'd have to see it from them because, like I said, I don't trust the NYT. And if an article runs by my eyes from them saying the same, then I'll read it. I'm just not wasting my time with the NYT anymore.
take it all in while you can. Agribiz is actively lobbying to make reporting these kinds of things illegal, ie filming inside slaughterhouses etc.
im just freaking starveing ready too go home and eat (CHICKEN) Nuggets
I buy free range chicken~ Don't know if that's any better than conventional chicken... =.="
+Tobias Duncan I suppose if all you read is the first paragraph, that might be your take away.

But click the links and read the research. You start to see that this isn't intended as the definitive work, but a call to wake up and look at the issue, and see if/what needs to be changed.
Some will rant on for days about what Apple needs to do in a foreign country with employees of a suppliers company, and not look at their own local food chain, businesses and regulations?

Just one hit home point from the linked content:
" These antibiotics (such as Cipro), are illegal in poultry production because they can breed antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” that harm humans. Already, antibiotic-resistant infections kill more Americans annually than AIDS, according to the Infectious Diseases Society of America."

The amounts of Benadryl, Tylenol, Prozac, Caffeine might be safe for an adult, but I'd like to see numbers relativity in the context of infant/toddler chicken baby food consumption. Especially for those mom's who've been eschewing commercial baby food and blending up their own from believed safe local sources.
This has been going on for a very long time. If you want to mass produce food you have to make sacrifices. If you want your chicken to be treated with love before you eat it, then raise them yourself.
Yup. sucks fo sho. It's sucked for years, and We've known about it. What you gonna' do about it?
I live in Hawaii n its nice to be able to see free range chicken farms now !
Would stop but I like chicken so a bit buggered
This is a perfect example of why three out of five Americans are overweight.
I stopped buying produce from the stores cuz now I have a beautiful vege/herb garden going off in the back yard n am planning on implementing a hen house, n here we have free range cattle that are slaughtered here on the island ! whoop, whoop !!!!!!
+stephen woloszyn there's a pretty broad line between love and abuse even in the food industry. That territory has banners such decency, health conscious, customer focus/concern.
I didn't previously buy into "money is the root of all evil". U.S. based headlines I read, keep effectively making the case though.
my idea is : is it possible to create fibers, starting from DNA and so on, with out growing animals just for eat them ? I'm quite serious...
My Hubby is an avid Blue ocean diver so he is able to provide seafood !
Thanks for this information.
Not to mention the vat of "fecal soup" they are thrown into. Out of site...out of mind, and we thought sausage making was an ugly process!
This is why I buy the $9.99 free range, junk free Rotisserie Chicken from Whole Foods, where I COULD get a bigger bird on "Chicken Tuesday" from Stop & Shop for $2.99.
+Casey Nordell This is from the link

"The disease may be most easily transmitted to human beings by eating food contaminated with the brain, spinal cord or digestive tract of infected carcasses."

None of those parts, you will find in your local Mc' Donald's....
How can industrial chicken farming be stopped or prevented from occurring? Insn't there any kind of control to make sure we are buying healthy food? No wonder there are so many diseases that are brought about by so much chemical being used to facilitate the growth of whatever product is offered for consumption. One has to cook meat well to eliminate some of the poison used to preserve it before it is shipped for consumption. Let's boycott those companies that are greedy by not patronizing them.
+Mike Elgan does the ignorance of some of your commenters ever bother you? +Basil Doeringsfeld clearly doesn't understand the price that we pay for all of that cheap food. We may not pay out of pocket for all that increased efficiency, but we pay with increased cancer rates and other first world afflictions, not to mention what has happened to the low man on the "food chain"...the farmer.
this is so gross. and you can get a fresh farm chicken for 12 dollars. WORTH IT!
Industrial chicken farming can be stopped, if you want to kill off a large part of the population, since they will starve. That's a good way to stop Industrial chicken farming, starve people. Also I am unclear on your disease "facts". You can not feed the world, without the methods that are being currently used. Yes the companies should have regulations and they do. You can not boycott the food supply of the world. Obviously I am not saying chicken is the only source of food, but the state of the chicken industry is the same as the fish, and the beef, ect ect ect.
100% Do not care. Chicken taste real good when I put it in my mouth.
This is timely for me. I have dropped all meat from my diet in the last three weeks, except seafood. Mercury, radiation, pollution, I know the cons. BUT I had an interesting discussion with a gastroenterologist who explained his decision to become a vegan. I read the data and found that pescetarians have the best longevity records on the planet. And besides I've eaten a lot of red meat for my whole life, and I would find it difficult to quit all meat "cold tofurkey. " And for those who are saying beef is so well processed, I invite you to visit a slaughterhouse. I have, quite a few times in fact, when I had to take an agriculture course called Beef Production in college. I have never shaken the image. The other students came to a similar conclusion. It's more than unsavory, it is the small evil that people can live with as long as they haven't seen how it, along with feeder lots, operates. Then cattle, after being fed things no one would eat voluntarily, are moved in trailers unfed and unwatered, sometimes for many days at a time, to their ultimate destinations.

As for chickens, I'll agree there is something unsanitary about them, but I would say it is also the nature of the animal. Their lifestyles are nauseating. I could tell another horror story here, but I won't. I'll just say that it has always amused me in a morbid way that some religions regard pork as more tainted than chicken. If you eat chicken you may as well eat anything, armadillo, monkey, rats, what have you.

Oh, and people live longer primarily because of vaccines, antibiotics, and improved screening for disease processes. They are also the fattest society in history, cutting an average of 12 years from what they could enjoy. I'm sorry, I'll stand down off my soapbox now. It's just that the subject incenses me. I should have changed my diet years ago for the ethics involved alone.
I really don't understand why people care how their food is treated. :/
Chris, wouldn't "I'm an idiot" have been shorter to type? I'll grant you that is was less typing than, "My attitude says, I don't care about my health, my Country, my economy and standing in the world, and heck I'd live in a Chernobyl exclusion zone if we had one around here."

Sure I may be over-stressing the point, but jeeze man. Why open your mouth and "remove all doubt".

I'm taking my "polite Canadian" jersey off, and putting on a "I'm with stupid" T-Shirt pointing south of the 49th, until y'all pull it together down there.
The real problem is not that there isn't enough food to go around, its that people don't really want to change the lifestyle based on over-consumption that (especially) the US got used to post WWII through the '90s.
The post is actually pretty generous to the factory farm meat. The post production only gets worse. After a nice bleach bath many are injected with chicken flavoring to add what the bleach took out in flavor. The processing can be can be described best by 2 words;

"Soylent Green"
I don't mind eaten hyped up chicken. I bet it still tastes the same. I know it's crule but isn't eating them cruel in the first place??? f we're gonna eat them anyway does it matter that they suffer? It's not like they live a happy life before they get slaughtered!!!
This is complete and utter garbage, all of it. What idiots.
I don't know enough about the industry to make a real comment on it, but it does seem to me that part of the reasons humans have survived so long on this planet is that we find effective ways to produce what we need. Part of that also means identifying when our technology and methods need to be updated and finding solutions to the problem.

Just like we don't empty our chamber pots into the street anymore, hopefully in the future, we won't eat animals that have been processed with feces.

Unlikely that I will be boycotting chicken though...
unless you grow your own food and hunt your own meat, you can't help eating food with this crap in's inevitable :( smh
ewwwwww!nevereating chicken again!(jk i have to thanks to my parents)
now what? we should be vegetarians now?
Just stop listening to all of P.E.T.A.'s propaganda
buy local, grass-fed, free-roaming...check with your local farmer!
bought my own pullets for eggs this year, they'll eat slugs and bugs in my garden and provide nourishing fertilizer
its horriable and its the fda that fights the free range chicken farmers on the process they use to slaughter theres a cd called food matters that is all about these horriable practices . I use to drive a tractor trailer and seen way more then i wanted too whatever i hauled I couldnt eat it for the next year or so until the memories and smells faded . i still dont eat red meat from experiencing feed lots for cattle same concept they are on top of each other cant move , walk just stand in crap all day and stick there head thru a hole to eat the cows get sick because of being so close to each other and they dump antibiotics by the pound in the feed . I never saw too much with the pigs except they seem to know impending doom was ahead Ive heard them screaming and even saw a few have heart attacks and fall right off the line dead iys all gross. People should really only eat free range , grain fed chicken and eggs a little more expensive but all the way around so much better for the chickens and us .Theres only one rancher in Colorado that still raises his cows old school grazing eating grass and walking the land not shoved in a feed lot . How about veal shacks anybody ever seen those lovely things , hope nobody likes veal !
And yet, you look at American health (using just about any metric), and a laundry list of other things, and you look outside the borders for comparison and you see that one can in fact do better.

Throwing up hands in inevitable defeat is NOT the "American way". Do better, innovate, lead.
Until you get your mojo back, at least follow leaders in the areas they're doing better than you.
Eat Free Range, they even taste better.
I've been vegetarian for 18 years now and I haven't pooped blood a day since I switched.
So true, thats y when we read info like this chicken should no longer be in our kitchens. Actually no type of meat.
+Andrew Crane PETA isn't mentioned anywhere but in posts here. Just START listening to your Universities, Scientists, and researchers, who are in fact the cited sources.

I will however stop listening to the other P.I.T.A, and move on.
Wow, just, wow.
Again this president does exactly the opposite of what his voters would expect him to do when they voted for him 3 years ago. I swear he is working for the GOP.

"Obama's USDA, meanwhile, is springing into action. The department wants to stop inspecting poultry plants and allow employees of the plant do the inspections. That would enable factory food assembly lines to process 200 chickens per minute, rather than the 140 per minute currently possible."
Vincent do u have kids ?, well I have kids ! Two girls !, I grew up with the idea that the food in the stores are harmless !, in the last ten years I've watched, listened and researched for myself the information needed as to why my oldest daughter, who is now 10 yrs old has a multitued of allergies from milk, eggs, tomatoes and a variety of other things, not to mention that she started puberty at the age of 7yrs old mind u I believe my doctor in saying that I had a perfect pregnancy when I had her, 4 n 1/2 days of labor n c-section my perfect child, now ten yrs later n all the products I bought from the store she is constantly sick bcuz of her allergies that she developed from the food we bought from stores supported by the government !!!!.
I eat free range chickens. There has been a huge push for the improvement in welfare standards for chicken rearing here in the UK, with many shed based producers reducing densities and improving the habitat to allow for more natural behaviours. I personally prefer chickens that have grown far slower and been allowed a quality of life. The recession has not helped though as the pressure to meet price points undermines much of the progress that was made to improve animal welfare. We need to be more connected to our food and how it is produced and make informed decisions based on real knowledge and understanding.
In Montana we can buy chickens raised at Hutterite colonies. They're free range chickens that get to eat grasshoppers all summer long. And oh so much better to eat. Good chickens cost a lot more. If you can afford it.....that's the way to go.
Is it just me or do all chickens look alike?
Yea everything is bad for you ! Only water is good(but its not scientifically proven)
Everything is cancerogenic. World is ending DEC 2012. Gold is going up. Pizza Domino is making pizzas in outer space.
now we only buy products that are not treated with antibiotics, hormones etc, n she is 100% healthy. she still has allergies,but not as sever as before, when she drinks milk like the treated she gets sick, buying horizon milk she doesn't get sick !!!, go figure how that is !!!!.
My daughter is ten now n she is completely developed, the doctor says she is pretty much done with puberty !, answer me that (by the way I'm not harping on u) just had a streak in my thought process !.
chicken is delicious. there is no god. we are all going to die. Why not enjoy the ride?
They are genetically engineered so they do look alike.
check out the Center for Neuroacoustic Research
this man can help you daughters allergies....went to him for pain during my pregnancy and he helped me right away!
If it tastes good, I don't mind how it's made
Nothing will stop me from eating chicken...sorry, but food is food...
But chicken is so tasty :(. I love chickens, we keep some as pets and wouldn't dream of eating them, only their eggs. I hate that they mistreat animals like this.. I always thought there were laws against this! x
Good thing that I plan to stop eating meat soon xD
Rob Go
Yep, still eating it. BBQ season just started...
and yet its still tasty. Yummy Chicken
This is unfortunately widely known I think. Not a big revelation for most. Life as a chicken sucks, and we support it by eating the produce. Most people vote with their feet, so-to-speak, and whilst they act horrified, demonstrate with their feet that it's just not a big enough issue for them.
That's it! From now on I'm hunting my own food!

Anybody know when chicken season starts?

Or where I can go cow hunting?
Yeah that gotta stop. It isn't natural. It sick and doesn't make for healthy eating either.
I was always against this kind of intensive farming... it's just inhumane
But it tastes, soooo good. I could go for some hot wings right now. :-)
"There’s no evidence that such low levels of arsenic harm either chickens or the people eating them, but still..."

fear mongering..
So I can't eat meat because of pink sludge and now you're telling me that chicken also has arsenic... I love chicken.
Still love me some tasty chicken.
disgusting!!! i became a vegitarian the begining of thhis year wen i saw a movie called Food Inc. in health class. changed my life...literally. people can be so crule and heartless....
that sucks for the chickens but sadly I love chicken more than any other meat other than turkey its a cycle of life
Yes, A rather large chicken farm in Burlington Washington was closed down by the state of Washington after rats were discovered in the feed.
As long as it still taste like chicken after being properly cooked ;) lolz
i born in chicken farm family, but this is nonsense pic, like it or not, chick need walk, this is unrelevance pic.. there is calculation for 1 cage, and with this model, 100% dead.. to hot for the chick
Can people please stop trying to mess with my dinner. I don't care that it is called Pink Slime! I don't care that my chickens are fed caffeine!! I don't care that my pork is fed bacon!!! I want my food, not some self-righteous BS from people who probably don't even eat the products they are bitching about.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go saute some caffeine chicken in pink slime. Mmmm Mmmm good!!!
Not sure what is more disturbing- the cruelty to the chickens or the fact that people eat them.
Humans don't even need meat and animal products for survival. There's no reason to eat them.
This might be SECRET to us consumers but it's a widely accepted technique that is extensively used in livestock and poultry industry. Considering how much meat is consumed everyday in the USA market(let alone the other countries in the world) and the natural growth period for the animals, we can understand why this technique is a must in the factory farming.
Interestingly enough, in the last decade, people have been eating more chicken as a healthier alternative to red meat. According to data from the Daily Livestock Report, chicken consumption has increased from just over 15 lbs per capita in 1960 to nearly 60 lbs(!) in 2011. On one hand, the government needs to be providing more oversight and regulation (not less!!!) of this industry; on the other hand, we, as consumers, need to stop supporting it ourselves by buying cheap chicken. Buy organic, humanely raised meat if you can. Eat more plant-based meals.
Looks like this ruffled the feathers of a lot of chicken eaters. Some obviously don't care, others so strongly object they say it must be a lie. Cognitive dissonance? Gotta love humans eh.
At least they have sun light. I'm sure some peoples working conditions are worse.
Came through a lot of studies like this one,never found a solution ather than bycotting something or another!!!!!need some more effective solutions!
Everybody is always like Don't eat this because of the way its made or Don't do this because of who makes it. have you noticed how many people are on this planet? We have to eat something, and plants aren't going to be it for a predatory species like humans.
wow that's insane but luckly i was raised as a vegetarian. 0.0
The best solution is to go vegan! If people go vegan then the demand will go low enough to shut down factory farm!
Just watch a film called 'Forks Over Knives,' available at Netflix or probably every other venue. It is not from or about Peta. Neither am I. I want nothing to do with them, But I do have an education in science. Take a look at the studies and resulting data.

It is becoming irrefutable that meat-based diets are destroying health. Look at the stats in which societies have changed diets and resultant mortality rates (e.g., Norway during WWII and their drop in cardiac death rates when the Nazis seized their meat produce. Then eat that prime rib. It does taste good. For a little while.
Thats Gross! I'm not buying that anymore!
Humans do in fact need a vitamin that is only naturally available through meat and dairy products. Death from vitamin B12 deficiency is slow and horrible. I don't recommend it. But if you'd like to become paralized and schizophrenic, go right ahead and skip the animal products. You might even be one of the lucky ones that lasts for decades before it finally kills you.
That's just the tip, they pump them antibiotics and don't let them get any sunshine when they are chicks to stop them from forming thick bones so that they would have more meat. People say their bones break even when you grab them with your hands.
You can buy free range chicken almost anywhere.
it's like not wanting to know what soylent green is ;)
That's it, I'm not eating KFC anymore. ;D
...still tastes like chicken....
Time to move to Mycoprotein
The good news? The rumors that Obama administration was not "business friendly" can be finally put to rest.
If you don't know that farm raised chicken goes through hell to get on your plate, you are not paying attention.
Unfortunately the SAME happens for Cattle, Pig, ......
My god that looks delicious.
that explains why I am so wired.
Just replace the word chicken with HUMAN.
I gave up eating chickens! The way in which chickens are treated by the poultry industry is "FOUL" Chickens are really good people!
i dont exactly know what their doing to chicken but they still have lives to live
Two words: Free range. IMO, If you buy sh*t chicken and don't have the sense to know there are kosher (glatt) and free range alternatives for slightly more money, you deserve the diseased, sickly chicken you get. Buy local, support small farms that use free range chickens.
May Lew
oh lord... I hope there's nothing like that in Canada, but then again, Canada follow the trends of the U.S... eww... instead of fattening your persons, why not share the food with a developing country? :D
I imagine this is only adding to the health concerns of our children as well as our selves...
But chicken nuggets from mcdonalds taste so good! oh who am i kidding its probably not really chicken
I'm in the mood for chicken right now... :)
its not real chicken at all!!
Comercial grown chicks are fed nitroglycerin for last few days, before they are carted off to the slaughter house, so that they eat non stop and weigh more at "check in". From day one the day old chicks are shot up with growth hormones so that they grow very quickly. Normal chicks grow into pullets at about 6 months and start laying around 7 months old. Comercial farms send their chickens to the slaughter house a 7 weeks old and that is all due to consumer supply and demand.I raise my own and my chickens have full use of the pasutre to roam as they please, they are closed up in the hen house at night to avoid preditors. My nieghbors raise beef and hogs and we all barter and no one goes hungry. It's to bad that more people don't have the space or time to grow their own food. I don't eat at fast food places, mainly because I know first hand how these animals are treated and grown. Please check around for local non-comercial farms that sell to the public. The food tastes better and is alot healthier for you.
CHICKEN SO SO GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So glad I am a veggie, coming up about 9 months now I think!
What's even more obscene is that the Obama administration is allowing it to be worse so they can line their pockets...nice.
But +fawnie marie, are you prepared to pay 30 - 50% more for the foodstuffs grown in the manner of the 1950's family farm? I doubt it.
That's why I only eat animals that self-sacrifice by throwing themselves in the meat grinder. Of course sometimes they need a push if I'm already hungry.
Free Range animals FTW and they taste really good too!!!
I am cooking some chicken from Costco right now... and it is fabulous.
Not all chicken is created equal -- pay twice the price for clean birds.
This sounds like a business opportunity: free range chicken and eggs.
That's sick I can't believe ppl would do that!!!!
Mmm, need a flamethrower to barbecue those chickens and eat them right off the assembly line.
believe it, all about money, don't care about people
Really! I just had a good ole fried wing. I guest I should read the articles.
i agree Anna who dose that stuff that is just nasty
When consumers present health issues definitively traced to the consumption of factory produced chicken I will reconsider, fried, baked, broiled, grilled chicken.
Eww! I really don't like chicken so i have stopped eating it, but this is just disturbing. Factory farming is a serious issue that too many people don't take seriously.
Wait until you find out how they fertilize rice.
Red meat isn't good for us so that leaves us with fish.
ur mean they r stuck with no space for there whole hormone injection filled lfe
unfortunately, i like chicken so shrugs shoulders im gonna eat it. sorry.
Wait until you find out how they remove weeds from Soy crop.....
+Cesar DeGracia that process is usually dealt with with good reporting in the media, people voting thoughtfully, and politicians following through

Though each of those requirements have spotty records
Isn't the whole point of inspectors to provide a checks and balances for the poultry industry. Take them away and the plants are free to do whatever shortcuts they deem necessary which could very well spell disaster for us.
that's a lot of chickens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We eat chicken Mike; Misty Knoll Chicken from New Haven Vermont.
Right up the road from us and a beautiful farm with free range chickens and turkeys. The taste and texture is mind blowingly different than any of the factory processed poultry out there. Get real; get local
Great now I can have my protein and caffeine in one meal :p
i think we need to eat chickens because as many people in the world there are more chickens.
Steve turner u must be to young to remember when some parents tried to sue mcdonals for making there kids to fat.when mickeyDs did not make them buy the food for thier kids.

Matt C
Gross. It's good it's coming to light finally... I thought it was enough before.
249+ comments.... not reading them all, However couple copper for the pot.

Rumor or True who can honestly be surprised with the article, when we have steroids in cattle and "pink slime" in the ground beef? Fact is naturally/organically grown foods regardless of the food group cost more than the average family can really afford. So people buy quantity not quality. Which doesn't make sense me unless you have to put more time into naturally/organically grown foods than the chemically/biologically enhanced foods. Just saying.

Would this be a big is if Science/humanity did not interfere with natural selection? I think things wouldn't be as bad economically and in regrades to food supplies and other areas if the drive for "eternal life" was put on hold until we could figure out the more simple things of life.

How is this you ask... well science has found so many ways for the "weak links" to survive that we are over populating the world with poor genetics, stupidity, and those who should have died a natural death years ago. More people means the need for more food, more jobs, more gas...... On that note it means less natural food resources, less gas reserve, less jobs, more ways to stretch food chemically more welfare and taxes.

Do not be get it twisted there are great medical advance that help those that are not considered to be " weak links" and yes that is a very generalized term but the list is too long to get specific.

Everyone thinks the show "Idiocracy" was joking around but there is a bitter sad truth to the story line as funny as it was.
Adam M
Somebody sued McDonalds for making him fat in the past 15 years.
I love chicken but its their a way to slaughter anything humanely? Oxymoron it seems.
So many people writing their uninformed junk science opinions and doing there best to be alarmist..... just like chicken little.... the sky is falling the sky is falling....I work in this industry and the load of manure being spread here really stinks
Hey, these Chicken McBites are delicious!
Omg I am reading the news and I AM eating chicken and I'm loving it! Lol I'm not in the US so I might be safe. I know the chickens that come from the chicken farm in my area and they're okay. But carry on. Continue to stop people from eating chicken. I mean continue trying.
"Routinely fed caffeine, Tylenol, Benedryl"... sounds like Google Plus employees. We should stop exploiting them immediately.
organic free range is the way to go.
WOW! Thats a lot of chicks.. to me it almost looks like people in a assembly haha. LOL!
I have my own chickens and I am a vegan, the chickens are for the eggs for my kids, they lay 4-5 a day. I read the news!!
This is why we own our own chickens.... -__-
I stopped eating any meat a year ago. I still eat fish, though. But not more often than before! Just a sushi night every 10 days, and another fish meal once a week. Can't quit that!
Eat them all. A little poo never hurt anyone. We worry 2 much these days.
OMG I had no idea that chickens were fed arsenic! That's so cruel!
I've been a vegetarian for about 6 months. This is partly why.
are we even talking about US CHICKEN FARMS????!! this 'study' is looney tunes... no country mentioned... yikes.
That's why I always go for free range. God bless in the UK there's a strong sense of organic food :D
This is real, not propaganda. Have you ever been to the chicken coops visited in the recent documentary, "Food Incorporated?" Elect politicians who care about making our food healthy.
I don't consume life... And I don't pay them money...
but my question to you is... what the Hell did you think you are eating?
do you want know what your beef made of? or pork...or milk...
Have you seen what they put on organically grown plants to make them grow? I even accidentally drank some old orange juice that had mold in it, talk about an unintended dose of a mega-antibiotic!
Steve, when using the word organic in the context of food, the Oxford dictionary suggests the following meaning:

(usually organics)
1a food produced by organic farming.

Therefore, no, not ALL meat is organic, but just the meat produced following the organic way. Most of the meat that gets on the tables nowadays has at least in one part of the production chain been produced using industrial methods, thus not being completely organic. Sometimes it is more sometimes it's less, sometimes it hurts the well being of people or animals involved, sometimes less.

You may be surprised that there is even organic clothing nowadays.

More info here:
Having worked at a chicken farm that sold its chickens to Purdue in Virginia, I can tell you that none of that went on there.
We grow our own chickens.
yup depends on the chicken industry buying the chickens. a lot of them do have regulations of what the chickens can be given as far is food and even some medicines. but you can check on that with the companies themselves. :D
As human beings we need a well balanced diet in order to be healthy , this includes meat ....shocking I know ....all this "don't eat meat" shit annoys the crap out of me ...if you want to extol the pure virtues of vegetarianism ...go right ahead, but excuse me while I eat a lamb chop and kiss my rump roast while I keep a -chicken breast of the situation. As for Obama ....I think his goose is cooked and nothing can save his bacon !!!
Gave it up in 2006 after watching the chicken part of "Earthlings" ...gave up eating ALL birds in fact ...and have not regretted it once.
Vera, you're ignorant, one does not need meat to have a balanced diet, there are countless other ways to get protein. And no, I'm not even a vegetarian, I'm just not an ignorant prick like you.
I heard a priest molested a boy. If you still go to church you're not reading the news. See what I did there?
This is why I buy my chickens and eggs from a local farm. I am all for eating meat, but I am not OK with my meat being mistreated, injected with crap, and being artificially altered via drugs or any other unnatural means.

The quality of meat you get from small responsibly humane farms is FAR superior. This morning had some hand-picked brown eggs that were seriously killer.
If I'm still eating chicken I must not care... seriously, 'pink slime', 'big sugar', and now this?? We're all going to die at some point anyway, I'm going to do it with a burger, a KFC bucket, and a Monster in my hands...who's with me?
I am not scaring myself to death anymore, not looking at nothing or hearing anything...sort of like the three monkeys, see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Maybe not in that order but whatever. I cannot be a vegetarian, I love vegetables but I also love meat. I cannot own a farm and make sure my animals are treated humanely until I need to kill them and eat them.
Cannot do it anymore; I am already scared almost s**tless about everything as it is.
that is nasty the chickens can die from a drug overdose
read the omnivores dilemma
it is gross
yet true
Yes, I am aware of what goes into a chicken. I always buy natural chicken. One day I hope to raise my own, then I know what they eat. Did you know that chickens that run with a rooster produce cholestrol free eggs.
me too though mine was due to seeing a chicken eat a lizard
OMG i just ate chicken today!!! aww i feel bad for the chickens!
Don't go veg. The human body is optimized for meat processing. There are essential amino acids in meat that plants can't produce very well and that the human body needs. So if you want to be a healthy human AND vegetarian - you should eat supplements. Or else be very careful that you eat exactly the right amount of the right vegetables at the right times. Or you could eat some (good) chicken and be done with it...
Raise it yourself or get to know the person who does it for you, it's the only reliable way out.
Isn't this like 15 years ago? don't get me started on pigs..
It sounds like the author's strongest argument against the use of these chemicals in poultry feeding is "but still..." If it's not hurting people or chickens (the article said there's no evidence of harm), then what does it matter what the actual chemicals are?
ig·no·rant (gnr-nt)
1. Lacking education or knowledge.
2. Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge: an ignorant mistake.
3. Unaware or uninformed.

Pr-ick (pr-i-k)
1. Vulgar Slang A person regarded as highly unpleasant, especially a male.

Oh I beg your pardon +Keith Sumner I didn't realise we needed Phd's in nutrition to comment on this posting.......oh wait ...we don't = STFU ,you know zilch about me, my educational background or qualifications, in fact you are completely , 100% IGNORANT about me. As for me being a prick that's a physical impossibilty given that I am FEMALE. You however suit that definition to a T.
All my chicken comes from a locally owned farm which i am actually going to visit soon
They still taste fucking delicious.
Goodness, guess we are going to have to get some chickens and raise them in our back yards. :-\
Uuuummmmmm chicken good lol,? If you investigated every last thing we eat , we would cease to exist as the human. We would then eat nothing and die like the dinosaurs
If it smells good eat it. If it tastes good eat it LOLOL 
I already saw the conditions that some chickens go through on Food Inc. Even so, I'm still going to eat poultry.

Do I condone how some chickens are raised and treated, no! But just because it happens to some doesn't mean I'm going to stop eating them.
oh mom is cooking chicken right now........-_-
Had some wings last's great to be a CARNIVORE!!!!!
Oh it's chickens... The thumbnail looks just like a music festival I was at!
Knew this all along
'Food Inc.' : the most horrific movie you will ever see Its on Netflix WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
just read this and had some chicken. I'm still alive!
OMG that's so terrible. Who's up for some KFC?
I often doubt our own chicken factory here, Although I'm not a big meat eater at all, Heck I've never even had a steak. 
Mmmm, chicken...

We have a free range chicken processor within 1 mile of where i live. Happy (as much as a dumb chicken can be) chicken is better chicken.
damn that is a lot of chicken sup!
Hey we Americans have and enjoy the lowest food prices in the world. Hey we Americans have the highest health care costs in the world and the industry enjoys it. You are what you eat ..sick ain't it ???????
Hmmm, what should I cook for dinner? Is oatmeal safe?
It's why I'm vegan and I've never felt better
Imagine the biological and genetic impact this is having on 2nd generation babies even third generation...autism on rise..chemicals and enviroment considered factors.
It's hard to imagine what these animals have to endure. It's hard to imagine the quality, or lack there of, of the meat we are eating. And based on what they are approving humans to consume, imagine the meat being fed to our pets. This is appalling... all in the name of a buck. If there is a hell, dear God please make sure these people end up there.
I'm not eating vegetables every day, fried chicken come to papa!
And people say "eat more beef". How do we know what they are feeding cows? Lets think about that as well.
When I read that shit I'm never going to eat chicken agin lol:(
oh my gawsh thats S C A R Y :O
wow...where am I gonna get my protein
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Chicken contaminated with fecal matter tastes like chicken.
I raise my own so I don't care about the facts that have been true for years. But home raised is sooooo much tastyer
"If you're still eating chicken, you're not reading the news."

It's rather condescending to assume that someone must be uninformed just because they eat/consume/enjoy something.
No!!! Chicken is my source of protein!!! :(
there's more to it: chickens are hold tight in cages so they can move as little as possible thus the eggs' shell is thicker to reduce transportation damage. Another thing: chickens have an instict to peck. When they are tight together they peck each other. To prevent this their youth gets their beaks cut.
I've heard such practices are forbidden in EU and everybody is to comply with that by this year. But the pure law is rarely effective without people's solidarity.
thank goodness for every1 who blogs, writes articles and make documentaries on our food and livingstock in corporate America
Symptoms of HUMAN over population. Do you get that?
Let's be clear about one thing: nobody actually needs to eat meat. There are no vitamins or minerals that are required for healthy living can't either be found in other foodstuffs or via supplements.
Have any of you actually come into contact with a live chicken? They smell and are generally assholes. May they burn in my oven.
I want my chickens 'roided up, and now I'm pretty sure my chicken-heavy diet is slowly imbuing me with a resistance to arsenic. Pretty soon I'll be more gangsta than the Dread Pirate Roberts.
Come on guys, you must know that we all have our heads in the ground if we do not think our massive popualtion and consumption of the things we enjoy to eat is not a disgusting sght! Think about if this is a picture of the cows providing the massive steroid laden beef we devour! This would most likely look like a 5 star hotel for chickens!
But you are correct for your ourrage and dislike. I would presume that their are certainly more civilized ways to handle our food choices.
sickening. What do we eat now?? The waters are polluted so fish is out, Beef we get Mad Cow disease. Veggies? Maybe if you grow your own. Back to the old days when we had land and raised our own food. What country can we do this in?
+Vladimir Mindel I understand your argument with the cages and to a free range farmer like me it just sounds wrong but the beak cuting is not that bad the just clip the end off just like triming nails that part is relly not crule at all the chickens are relly more crule to eachother
But chicken is still so delicious. Especially fried!! :)
Oh well it won't make a difference 
Oxana S
Same for fish, beef, pork, eggs, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, water, heat, air and all around us. All producers want to make money in short term :)
Lots of ignorant, lazy Homer Simpson types in this thread. "Eh, whatda you gonna do."
This makes me want to have a free range farm!!!
Save the planet, be green be vegetarian
This would be "cage free," wouldn't it? I think "free range" should still mean they get to scratch around outside and be chickens - not as easy to find. I have stopped buying eggs from so-called "cage free" hens, and thankfully have a local source. Factory farming is a terrible thing.
I'm lucky enough to buy my food from small organic farmers. However, the FDA is trying to shut them down with raids and guns and all. That's why I plan to farm. I want to be in charge of my food. It makes a difference. Sick people can be controlled.
We produce our own chickens ñ_ñ 
You can pay $2/lb for this chicken, or you can get farm fresh for $6/lb. It's up to you. What's the big deal?
Ken Gee
Yeah that looks like chicken id want to eat blah 
Anyone who eats any fast food is supporting what is happening to those poor animals. We have chickens and I know that they should not be traped in a building and fed hormones. I have watched videos about what happens to those animals when they get to those "farms". No animal should be treated like that. Look up the movies FRESH or food inc. and you'll see what happens from the time their hatched to when they get killed. It not only hurts the chickens but also hurts us.
+Monica briann 
I am a vegan....not for my health but for the health of animals. It isn't just the slaughter of innocent animals but the way they are treated. Humans might be at the top of the evolutionary chain but we are without doubt the cruelest species.
People don't see connections between what they eat and how it affects them and you have to ask yourself when this faulty brain wiring began in our history and why? 
Beef is not any better. Unless they are organic fed, both chicken and beef eat GMO grain. I think I'll need to start growing my own, as organic grain is hard to get. If the neighboring farmers' GMO crops don't contaminate mine!
Of course this discussion is about factory farmed chicken (and beef). Many communities have local farmers that humanely raise happy chickens (and cows, and pigs...). Its not too hard to find if you make the effort to look.  :)  I avoid factory farmed meat as much as possible.
Yes, same here +Melissa Wood . I've learned that there is no true organic feed anymore. It's all been cross-pollinated to some extent w/ GMO grains!
Unless you raise your own :)
Just checking in, I had chicken again last night, I'm still enjoying it!
I'm not even kidding, I had chicken again last night! Still enjoying it. 
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