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Microsoft Mobile Oy is the name of Microsoft's future handset division.

When the acquisition of Nokia's business is complete, the group will remain in Finland and be called Microsoft Mobile Oy, according to leaked documents. The word "Oy" is Finnish that mean something like "LLC." or "Corp."

It's also Yiddish for "ouch," but it's likely Microsoft has the Finnish one in mind.

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.... "Ahoy"  perhaps...

that goes something like, "ahoy there meyt!"
Why can Microsoft just never get it right? 
+Andrew Boulton I hope not. I like Nokia. Always did. and the brand is BIG and trusted  outside the US
I've only ever had Nokias, until I got my first Android (note 2).
Big mistake staying with symbian for so long, Nokia would of been amazing with Android. 
Microsoft better be careful about what it does with Nokia. They better not mess it up.  A lot of people love the brand. It was probably their first ever mobile phone, and who can ever forget that irritatingly iconic Nokia ringtone?
That must really sting. Back in the late 90's in Finland there was a big competition between Nokia and Ericsson. The latter is now gone after having been absorbed by Sony but I still can''t understand how Nokia managed to make so many wrong choices over the last 5 years to lose so much market share and being bought by Microsoft of all companies...
Any word on if they will keep the Nokia brand or will they be selling microsoft phones instead?
Oy = osakeyhtiö and indeed, ~same as LLC
"Oy" means "oops!" in Russian and Yiddish :-)
So...why not just say LLC or Corp instead of Oy? 
MS doesn't have a choice.. as long as the HQ of the Nokia / Microsoft Mobile company stays in Finland, the legal name of the company will have Oy in it. Doesn't mean they will use it anywhere outside legal documents. Nokia's "real" name is Nokia Oy as well. Oy is short version of Osakeyhtio which translates to Corporation.
Microsoft exceeds stupidity all division are failing miserable. 
en tout cas chez nous nokia restera toujours nokia point ce sont eux qui savent si cest maintenant ha ou ayyyy !
Since BING translates (approximately in Chinese) to "Disease" I am thinking the person who comes up with names needs firing.
R.I.P Nokia ... we loved you so much 
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