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Microsoft accused of padding store lines and press event to fake enthusiasm for Windows 8 and Surface.

The Atlantic's +Rebecca Greenfield is suggesting that Microsoft's lines outside stores today were packed mostly with Microsoft employees, vendors or contractors. Others were there to collect the $100 Xbox Musi Pass Microsoft promised to the first 100 people in line. 

She also noticed that most of the clapping and hollering at the Microsoft Surface event yesterday was coming from purple-badged "attendees," rather than red-badged press. She wonders what an "attendee" is at a press event. 

Is excitement for Windows 8 and Surface real, or fake?
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Fake for sure. If its not then I put money on there being an equally big line of people returning their tablets when they realise how bad they are
"The simulacrum is never what hides the truth-- it is truth that hides the fact that there is none. The simulacrum is true"
Maybe the excitement is only on the surface...
I feel sorry for Microsoft, but they have to get rid of Ballmer and find their mojo, they are becoming almost irrelevant, even with the desktop market they still manage.
So much for Ballmer not doing the over-excited entrance!
Tim Box
And Apple do not do the same? 
So, nobody can launch a product and get croud on the launch day except if they are a fruit brand hein?... Right.
Shouldn't there be evidence presented beyond one writer's opinion when such accusations are being made?  I agree this is bad on Microsoft if true, but when did writers stop investigating before they wrote a story that accused another party of doing wrong?
Ramon Ray
Based on what I saw at the Times Square store there is serious interest in the surface and windows 8 overall , I the lines in NYC it's quite genuine from what I saw a few hours ago 
Milty C
Im not excited. Im worried they are going to screw up the traditional PC that i depend on for work. Time will tell i guess !
My question is does it matter?

Do you buy your gadgets based on how popular they are?
I was at the store in Orlando today and there were long lines of people buying the surface. There were many more people buying windows 8.
Microsoft-Sprecher rief in heute-Redaktion an und forderte Bericht zum Win8-Launch ein fehlt dann noch.
Der Cheering-Crowd-Factor als Nachweis von Relevanz. Und nach der Rede des großen Vorsitzenden applaudierte der Parteitag mehr als sechs Minuten - stehend. Facebooked.
just as fake as apple enthusiasm. apple hand picks their biggest fanboys to attend their events, and they do everything to encourage meaningless queuing at release.
+Milty C , I understand your concerns but Microsoft knows if it sticks with tradition for too long it will become the next Blackberry. The Windows 8 UI actually intrigues me, will probably frustrate longtime Windows users, and will probably win over a younger generation.

This weekend, I plan on installing Windows 8 and testing it on my 9 year-old son. In fact I think I'm going to let him play with it for 24 hours and then show me what's new to him.
I had so many people come up to me asking about windows 8 at mt retailer so I think all this post is, is bs people are serious about windows 8 and I bet if we follow ghe trail back far enough some apple shill is behind this
Aren't the only ones clapping at the Apple announcements the Apple employees they put in the first four rows?   Nothing to see here.
+Eoghann Irving that's just the way society is now, a products popularity is just as important as its functionality (for the general consumer) sad isn't it? 
Who gives a damn about waiting in line for anything related to tech? I don't and never will.
Milty C
+Bryan Ruby Im sure windows 8 will be fine for home use, but i depend on my PC for work. Im worried it will be too experimental and their will be major compatibility problems with older programs that i need.   
I don't understand people lining up for Microsoft or Apple. There are no sustained shortages.
Apple isn't lost they're just using their own map-app (I stole that, but can't remember proper attribution), but Microsoft can't even use that as an excuse. 
Milty C
To make matters worse, i actually need to buy a second PC for work and i dont know what to do. Im even considering a Mac. +Bryan Ruby 
I think people line up for Apple things to be a part of group.  Hang out and visit. Apple was the ugly step child in the 80's and those folks that stuck with it are rabid fan boy/girls and they enjoy the company.  
+Milty C If it runs on Windows 7 it runs on Windows 8 (assuming you did not buy an RT Surface). I have been using it for months. I have yet to encounter software that used to work and no longer does. If you like Wn7 you will love the improvements in all areas of the Desktop Windows 8.
Lol the first chunk of the iPhone line was press and people trying to attain press coverage. Not a new phenomenon.
I probably wouldn't assume the lines are fake. However, I have a hard time understanding why anyone would line up to buy Windows 8.

Regarding the changes in Windows 8, time has proven over and over again, that the majority of people don't really like change all that much.  There are of course techies, that like new things, change or not.  But, the majority of people are not techies.  I believe there would be a definite opportunity for Apple here with the launch of Windows 8, except that Apple products cost too much.
Excited for a Tablet that's not really a Tablet, not really a PC, not really a good hybrid of both ! Why be excited ?
Isn't this par for the course with seeking publicity? I mean, for all companies except Apple and maybe a few gaming consoles?
There is no way I feel sorry for MS.... they gouged us for decades with over-inflated pricey half-baked products. There was always going to be a time that they would see decline, and rightly so.....
+David McMeekin
Me neither. I don't see the point. Is a first minute purchase really that serious? It's not like its black Friday or something where you are waiting to save a bunch a money on something you've been wanting. 
+Omar Shareef I guess we just have more patience than most? I do agree it can be worth it to save money though.
+Milty C I probably won't be upgrading my work's PCs to Windows 8 for some time either as we've standardized on Windows 7. Small businesses and enterprises likely will have an option of choosing between Windows 7 or Windows 8 on their PCs. I know Dell gives you those type of options.
Windows 8 will flop as bad as Vista
MS had a booth set up at the mall near my work. There was polite interest in Surface, but nothing overwhelming. This was at the lunch hour rush.
Surface is pretty dope. I say its real
If I had the money I'd be standing in line for it. Alas, I'm a wee broke right now so no surface for me :(
Played with it for an hour and blown away. I need more than RT, though
I would not be at all shocked if this were indeed the case. Microsoft is mimicking everything else Apple does, so why not their sales tactics. What's next, deliberate supply scarcity to promote panic purchasing and artificial "Sold Out In X Days" head lines? Yeah, Apple has a patent on that. 

All that aside, picking on Microsoft right now is like Boooing the Special Olympics runner ups. What good can possibly come from it?

PS. - Android for life!
I like the fact that microsoft works for the little man,  that's part of how they got wealthy,  Apple seems to think everything is theirs and i am sure it would be if their weren't laws in place.. Not that you know oregon trail wasn't fun,  but, that don't really.....I actually use linux....
Greg M
+Mike Jacobson Ya the execellent Google+ app still does not allow one to edit your posts after the fact. Something I have reported to Google for each of their 4+ attempts of a G+ app before I gave up and stopped reporting problems.
+Greg M I assume you are using the iPhone version, because the Android version allows for post and comment editing. 
I saw no evidence today at the Microsoft launch event kiosk for Surface and Win 8 in Southpark mall, Charlotte, NC of any manufactured hoopla from paid professional clappers as she calls them.

Not everyone has the same level of excitement at these things, but I saw both IT Professionals and regular people there. Some bought the Surface Tablet and some didn't. Our IT group went and we were not offered any special deals. 

From what I have seen the Surface is a very nice product. 
Greg M
+Jacob Chappell  Correct re "using" iOS app. Seems consistency across platforms is not Google's strongpoint these days. I no longer use the iOS app and have deleted it and just use the web interface in a non Chrome browser on all my platforms.
M Mosel
The grey jackets were given away to the first people in line. Sure, Microsoft used things like this to entice people to get in line, but I think the interest is legit. There have been reports of people in lines all across the country today. The Surface is a nice looking piece of hardware. I definitely want to look at one in person. If I had money to burn, I'd prob buy one too, although I think I'd rather have the full version and not the RT version. I may even update my laptop to Win8 since its only 40 bucks. Although I want to try Ubuntu on it first.
Apple is giving the first 1k people in its new Palo Alto Apple store today a commemorative T-shirt. Microsoft's line-padding is an issue of scale, rather than kind. 
Its really not an issue at all. Unless people are stupid enough to judge a  product by its line.

It's promotion and publicity. It's not like they're lying about the specs of the machine or the OS. the end of the day, all companies do some type of marketing gimmicks to make themselves look better. 
btw did you know that there are more apple employees sitting in the front rows near the microphone (during an Apple event) so that when they clap, rest of the world could hear them loud and clear.
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