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Japanese university creates high-speed avatar control.

Keio University researchers have invented a way to create avatar control on standard PCs with standard single webcams. 

The user's online avatar can mirror movement and facial expression in real-time. 

Of course, Windows 8 supports a desktop PC version of Kinect, so this sort of thing may become very standard very soon.
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I get the feeling that this might be huge for game developers.
This is hands-down, the coolest thing I've seen on the Internet today.
brilliant video, thanks for posting. 
Doesn't Androids facial recognition also do this? Specifically the video recorder?
Definitely pretty inspiring. I love what the developer community is doing with Kinect, I'm sure that at least inspired this.
I would love to see a port of this that runs a feed as a webcam and allows the user to render an avatar for Skype calls!
Very awesome. Let's have face recognition emoticons also! If I smile, it means it is a :)
Why don't they just have the person's real face on the little window instead of an avatar? Oh right... they don't look as hot.
Coming soon to Hangouts? :)
With the dwindling population it really looks as though they are rushing to replace themselves with artificial beings ASAP.
I guess this is what happens when you spend money on education as opposed to bombs...
this is cool but i dont know that i see its use in games. Interesting.
I can see this as a virtual 'teller' possibly for e-commerce sites to telecommute their customer service reps..
Also, judging from these models, might begin a new age of 1-900 interfaces.
this would be an amazing chat system if you could make it like sims and make your own avi :3
Vuk P
Why is his avatar a chick...?
as i know, logitech has had this technoligy in their cam drivers many years ago.
They already do this in film, but it's much more sophisticated. Example: Mars Needs Moms
Pretty cool stuff... now I could see this being used in RPGs 
That is awesome, wait till gets into war games, and things such as that
It not that fast! I see a large delay! (caused by hardware)
If the guy takes his pants off, will the avatar do the same?
"so this sort of thing may become very standard very soon. "
NOT SOON ENOUGH D:    i want it now D:
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