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MYSTERY PIC: What is it?


Secret agent props to +Francois Rocca for being first with the right answer!
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Looks like a guy in a hotel room to me...
If you're trying to post something deep about the picture, I feel like you might have gone a little too deep.
He's making like Lou Reed. "I'm waitin' for my man."
"Boring. A waste of time."
Looks like that febreze commercial where they put people in a grubby room, blindfold them, spray febreze everywhere. Hehe
I love it. go out and get
Google Images found it. MI6 recruitment material.
It makes me think of Kafka for some reason...
I don't know what the goal of this exercise is, haha, because i'm not waiting for anything but having a merry old time zipping along. On a sad note, and it's amazing how the brain works, the photo reminded me of a photograph or a film or maybe even a memory i constructed from reading books about President John Kennedy looking out his hotel window in Dallas and joking about how easy it would be to assassinate a president. The sky was clearing up, and Jackie was hoping the sky would darken so they could ride in the bullet-proof bubbletop limousine. I suppose what this shows is that a colorless photograph takes my mind back to the days when TV was still mostly black and white and the salient memory of that time was JFK's assassination.

If this is the mood that the ad is trying to achieve, then it has done its job for my demographic (over age 60).
It looks like... a painting :| In a book. With some writing.
Ad for a brokerage firm?
..Seems someone got inspiration from an old william gibson;
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