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Google announces 'Account Activity,' which tells you what you've been doing.

OK, this is awesome. Google just announced a new service called Account Activity.

You sign up for it, and Google will send you a monthly report full of stats on your own Google account. It's a kind of a "quantified self" tool for stuff you do on Google services like Gmail, Search and YouTube. It also shows you some data on how others use your content -- for example, it will say how many people have watched your YouTube videos.

Best of all, it will tell you if "you" have been logging in from, say, North Korea so you can take action and change your password or whatever.

Here's the announcement:
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Signing up for this right away, access to statistics about my own data is a no-brainer!
Opt In - Facebook can learn from that (well probably not)
Now I need a Google|Infographics account to make the data look cool!
Signed up. It's a no brainer...
+Mike Elgan The next logical step for Google is to allow us to opt-out of the tracking systems on a per service level, directly from that page.
Look at it a couple of days ago and think its realy great. Lots of information about your account.
i think google will surpass facebook very soon
Loving this activity report, just got mine :) Thanks for the heads up!
Good idea, it lets you keep track of what your account so that you can promptly take action if you spot anything untoward
I am not quite sure how this is more data collection. Do we believe that before today they did not know how many e-mails we sent?
Not only does it seem to be a good idea, but I think it helps their argument with collapsing the privacy policies into a single thing. It drives home the point that Google is saying, "We offer all of these services, but they're just parts of a larger ecosystem. We want to make sure they all play by the same rules and, by the way, we're giving you tools to help keep an eye on everything you've got going on here."

Plus I love analytics so I'd probably be opting in regardless.
I opted in... this thing will be useful.... and those who consider G+ a "Ghost Town" may finally have their answer as to why they think that...
Every click, every key pressed is a data point that was collected the moment you did it.
Yes +Eric Sagel if people don't want to leave their footprint on the internet it is simple, switch off computer... everywhere you visit on the internet leaves your marker.
I am wary of any argument that suggest privacy is possible on the internet. That, however, does not mean that there not are right ways and wrong ways to do things. This seems like the right way.
No thank you. I actually don't want to see what I've been doing...
Amith F
Will be interesting to see how the FUD machine spins this.
I hope not a first version of an invoice overview :-)
Can't wait for this. I love stats :)
I have activated this. More useful awesome stuff from Google! No-brainer.
Does it show G+ stats? How many profiles view we get?
If I am logging in from North Korea I have more important problems than changing my password I think :)
Partnering major TV network [Philippines] ABS-CBN, GMA7 and TV5 is a good move. Having Google+ as the social page for their TV shows would encourage viewers to sign up and extend their activity in G+ to interact and participate to the show.
What exactly is "opt in"? I'm sure they're collecting the data regardless... is it just opting in to receiving the emails?

Oh and props for them putting a reminder to turn on 2-step authentication!
"Best of all, it will tell you if "you" have been logging in from, say, North Korea so you can take action and change your password or whatever. "

The first thing a potential hacker would do is change the password before you do...
+Chanchal Bhatia They're not collecting more data. They're just making the data they have always collected a little more transparent to the user.
+Pierre Gardin It's more likely that a hacker would not change your password, so they could continue to harvest data.
I'd like to see Google release real data on G+ activity.
This is why I have to find porn using Bing. If I used Google it now leaves tracks.
So what's the difference between Account Activity and Dashboard?

Google needs to stop creating basically the same thing with different names.
+John Larson But it's not linked to his account.

+Don Noll Use Chrome in Incognito mode and don't sign in into your account. Problem solved! ;)
+Don Noll as long as google doesn't send an email to my wife, then they can know what I'm doing once she goes to bed ;-)
The Feature looks interesting.Even if someone peeks over your account you will certaintly have the chance to take an immediate action.
Signed up - this is a good reminder on a regular basis to check for access, for what you have been doing and also to remember to check the Dashboard just to be reminded of all the info you are allowing to be tracked.
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