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Condom company implies women choose lovers based on their job.

A new video from Sir Richard's condom company called "Vagina Rules" features woman-on-the-street answers to the question "what are your rules for what will never go in your vagina."

Nearly every answer is a man who holds a certain category of job. One says, for example, that she would categorically refuse to sleep with an investment banker. Another says a bouncer. Etc.

Do women actually choose lovers based on what they do for a living? Should they?

This is an offensive ad, but whom does it offend? Women? Men? Both?
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To be fair it would be helpful to know specifically what these women were asked.
I'll take the insensitive route: how is this any different from what we tell our kids every day? When your daughter wants to marry spike who's going to be a rock star one day, that doesn't current trigger an immediate response for the same reason?
Native En(glosaxons) really NEED to get out of their.... Zone I guess would be the word or at least... Across the Atlantic or Pacific depend on where you're standing (right now) :)
On their jobs! Really! Let's see!
The more money one need to generate, the busier one gets! Renders NO sex!
The more power one needs to master, the more stress one get! Renders NO sex!
(Not working either!) ok what's left...
Get a lover!... ah that's cheating right....hmmm...
=D I love what follow!
Get a French one! ;))) Problem solved! ;)
Never crossed my mind to categorize in this way
categories! Still not sure if to laugh about it or rage because of it!
and we're supposed to be the grownup! (sigh)
Maybe I'm not very easily offended, but I think this video is funny.
Without being offensive, I would say that this is true. Rarely will you find a lady who would want to go out with someone whose job she doesn't approve of. Even though this may not be on purpose, it happens inadvertently. Fact of life I guess.
Hell yes a man's job affects my likelihood of dating him or sleeping with him. I wouldn't date a guy who manages a strip club, for example. But it's obviously not the only criteria. And it wasn't the only criteria in this ad, either.
Anyway, I didn't find it offensive at all.
It isn't offensive at all.
It is segregating, and so the questions raised!
This VS that. We know what that does right.
IMO and personal experience woman don't care what you do for a living as far as having sex. A relationship is a different story. Most woman can tell in the first 5 minutes of meeting a guy whether or not they would have sex with him. It up to us guys not to f it up and say the wrong thing that turns them off. Ladies care to comment?
Wouldn't it be interesting if someone was to give this a reverse twist by asking men a similar question?
+Phil Edge my wife screaming at you right now! not sure why. (i'll know in the morning i guess) ;)
I'm not seeing anything offensive here. The women here were simply asked their opinion based on just the profession, which they're completely entitled to.
It's not offensive. And so what if it is? For that matter, you say:

"This is an offensive ad, but whom does it offend? Women? Men? Both?"

To refer to something as offensive is purely a matter of opinion. But since you can't seem to narrow down who you think it's offensive to, that makes me think that you don't really believe it's offensive. If you did in fact find it offensive, then the question would already be answered for you: you would believe it is offensive to men. Thus you would be offended.

Honestly this is a waste of a post, meant to do nothing but incite people.
Do women actually choose lovers based on what they do for a living? Should they? Actually they don't!

+Mike Elgan The video miss-direct your question and point. It's an ad. With an Ad end purpose. (hit home run) but in this case. It's a fail.

This is old. real old. Women don't do that since the 80s!
I and Jeannette don't find it offensive but just out of time! It just does not belong in our time anymore and most of us have moved on beyond and past this.... rhetoric of old!

Again designed to separate!
Women want power, but control sex. Men have power, but want sex. Big surprise?
+Zed Zordaan zen that one is obvious. Every guy would merely respond with the same followup question: what does she look like?
I don't find it offensive. Neither does my wife. If someone is offended that things like social status, hygiene, and yes work (the type of, or the stability of it) play a part in how we chose our partners, then they don't want to face reality, and like to pretend that some sort of magic is all the brings us together.
This would have been offensive if it had been what I thought it was going to be: a depiction of women as shallow and status obsessed. But it wasn't -- it was a bunch of quirky arbitrary responses that had almost nothing to do with status at all. One woman said "men." Another said "magicians." One mentioned a specific bartender. Etc.

Lots of people have arbitrary rules about who they'll fuck. I don't have a lot of patience for the kind of easy battle-of-the-sexes style humor on display here, but it certainly doesn't rise to the level of morally offensive.
I wish I could find a woman who likes a geek/engineer. Is that on the list?
"Nearly every answer is a man who holds a certain category of job." Priest? Monk?
I thought you had a little more class than this Mike
No, and any woman who says that is probably not a woman.
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