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Chinese students given amino acid IV drips while studying for exams.

Middle school students at a school in China are routinely given intravenous drips of amino acids in class while they study for college entrance exams.

How weird is that?

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Get em hooked on the stuff now so when they hit college we can charge em for it!
Roy Luo
Yep, it's true. For some reason, these students have no choice.
you got it wrong - they are catheterized so they can avoid bathroom trips!
What happens when they get out of school and need that extra boost to study something for work but realize they're only normal without the IV? Do they go work for Foxconn?
Roy Luo
These students are very diligent.
I fear infection and transmission of disease thru improper use of needles?
almost unbelievable .. I think it only happens in movies ...
I guess being on "the juice" isn't just for athletes anymore.
I can not believe this scene. wow.... Korea is obsessed with education like China. especially, college entrance exams. I think I can understand why they are doing like that. a little bit. but I've never seen and heard that kind of situation before in Korea.
WTF. That's mental and just asking for some sort of infection.
It's no stupider than the brides who have nasoenteric feeding tubes inserted so that they can lose 20 lbs before the wedding. It's people taking high risks for possible short term gains without understanding the complications which can occur.
Mike He
it's true...but that's an extreme example...
wow... quite a different level committment than when i went to school...
Crazy stuff here! I wonder what kind of things they think are weird that we do! Regardless of whether it works or not, which it may, there is a powerful placebo effect that takes place between the mind and body, and if they truly believe it works then they may very well benefit from it just by the mind believing it will.
The big difference between a bride wanting to lose weight and these kids is... wait for it.... choice
"Please professor may I have another"? How crazy is this?
12 years for the college entrance exam.NO CHOICE.
Do you still believe China will rule the world?
terrible!but they just want to study better!
bloody they'll be 'chipping' for all preps...!
it is normal in China
Me rolls Giorgio A. Tsoukalos image template from Histroy Channel's "Ancient Aliens" with caption "Aliens" "Asians"
The BBC is also reporting that South Korea is complaining of smuggling of capsules from China that also contain dead baby remains (see for that article). Given China's refusal to adhere to scientific methods, can anyone trust this country yet in the area of medicine?
Yes, it's very weird...
Though i was not given that drips of acids, i was a student strugling for that same college entrance exam.
Roy Luo
It's really true. In China, especially in the term of college entrance examination.
Pep Lee
In china,doctor gives you a IV drips just like give you some Amoxicillin.
丢人丢国外去了 。。
yes ,that comes from the creepy education system of china! been there!
Chinese characteristics
maybe we need to try it out in africa too
Amy Zeh
wow. amazing how different our societies look at medications. The US would have to have a full medical staff, signed releases, insurance information and series of tests before we would be able to administer this. you just don't see alot of iv drips outside the hospital here. to much liability in our legal happy society.
Lived many years in Zhong Guo (China,中国), loved every moment of it! I still carry a clearance for foreign expert there.

What you think weird in the west is something you come to, through experience and then understanding, perceive as sui generis correct or suitable in many instances. Still I don't like eating dog as in some rural (south) China, and I can see how this flash from the future here foto merits comment.

Wouldn't do the IV thing myself - but I KNOW how much pressure's placed on the students to finish with high marks - if they flunk out they can be cleaning the streets for the rest of their lives - did you know in 中国 (China) that 90 % of the street cleaners are female? And if a kid tanks the national proficiency test his parents may emotionally "disown" him/her perhaps the rest of their lives. Seriously.

So, a little IV, like in the foto, to improve the memory - perhaps we are looking at the future here in this foto. How many people take vitamins/megavitamins to improve funciton in the west? Same principle. We are all walking little chemical factories. How many people 30 years ago in the west considered acupuncture weird? Today it is almost mainstream.

In the balance of nature all things can become harmonious.
I'm afraid that if they get infected.
Drug kids so they perform well. Sounds just like the US's obsession with mild amphetamines to combat discipline problems.
And American college students abuse Adderall in order to compensate for slacking off through the years. Big deal.
What acid do they use to do Kung Fu..?
Did you say acid, oh thats why those glowing spaceships are floating around in the classroom. lol
I hardly see how it could help unless the kids are in some sort of deprived or malnourished state to begin with.
xiao xu
reminded me of my old days when I was preparing for the Chinese college entrance test. Every minute is valuable....Got no time for relationship
+Eric Mumper Exactly what I was talking about. Everyone knows all you need for college finals is a bottle of Jack, anyway.
... and you did have that amino acid rushing in your system :p
Not very strange IMO. We could use from getting such studies out of the way. It's not a myth that performance enhancing (intellectual / neural) drugs and supplements do in fact exist and work. I've taken a fair amount of piracetam in my life. -- +Mike Elgan
Are you know China?Have you been to China?To see the real facts
may be lacking of meals emotionally,but l don't know it is palliative treatment or not!
And we all buy cheap Chinese goods.... we talk about American made cars but no body talks about American made Cell phones.There are none
isn't this juicing in a weird kind of way? Performance enhancing treatments while taking exams would definitely boost scores but doe sit really help the student in the long run?
I see the world of servival for the more advance.
What's especially strange is their insistence on defending this practice !
And now they have banned porn in their
For the record. Wenxue City is not a city, it is an american chinese web site: The city relevant to the post is Xiaogan City. I feel ashame for whoever translated the chinese article. And +Jonathon Sifuentes , I don't know about porn, but Chinese created 90% of almost everything in US supermarkets and department stores too, and we are proud of that.
life is not easy for Chinese
And what the hell have those Chinese written over there..!!
What I think is funny about this is: When was last time we heard of a earth shattering breakthrough ingenious invention coming out of China?

You can turn your whole population into brainwashed memory robots and they still will be beaten by a computer for accuracy of raw data. We don't need humans to test well. We need them to THINK and DREAM!

They think this is the way to the future? That's just laughable.
bhanu there is 9 years old that have a account and that is just wrong watch what you put
Whatever happened to eating a good meal and having a cup of coffee?
Nine year olds shouldn't have social networking accounts anyway...
you guys will never have feeling about that. keeping studying for one year with a couple hours of sleeping every day just for the final exam. Anyway, when you get through it, it is memorable. It can remind you that how hard you can work for a specific thing. DUDE...S .........amino acid acid gives u energy rit?so maybe dats y they are on those drips.......(so they dont... lol fall asleep)
thats why they are smarter than us
Let me explain it for you. Because of the large population, there are too many students in China. However, the university admission rate is fixed(although it has been enhanced a lot.) So they have to compete fiercely with others to step into the campus. Moreover, Chinese firmly believe that "knowledge can change one's destiny". So if they can get into a good university, then they can get a good job in the future. And a good job means wealth and fame.
And the amino acid IV can keep them energetic. So they have enough energy to finish the homework and various exams.
Yep getting ready for the dog eat dog world requires extreme measures, bravo China for getting there before the US.
That's not so strange. In fact, I love the fact that the Chinese go so far to make themselves go farther and achieve more than the rest of the world. They make us all look like lazy, overpaid slackers who don't deserve to live on this planet.
Could use this for those long nights of Studying right now
They dont have self confidence. Thats why they are using such kinda stuff.
No. There is no way in hell that's real. I refuse to read the article and have my delusion that this is fake shattered.
For most Chinese, especially for poor people, university entrance is the best and cheapest way to change fate. And in some place, may be is the only way.
Talk about a Brave New World...Aldous Huxley would be flattered.
What the heck? What benefit would this provide, besides tethering them to a location..
I find it hard to believe;however, 64 yrs old & seen things beyond my comprehension. Remember East European Olympians, steroids, testosterone, male or female? Nothing seems to be beyond the human species: good or bad.
...and this is exactly why China WILL win - their ends justify their means
how high did they score ?? may not be a bad idea Amino acids build proteins and potentially boost the brain potential and stimulates the nervous system !!!! hmmmmm i must look into this
omg - this is mental! - or is it?
Henry Lee; I understand their competitive atmosphere. I approve of their competitive environment because it improves their incentive to better their circumstances and everyone agrees voluminous self improvement makes for a national improvement.

Now let's compare that to a truly competitive sport like horse racing. Everyone agrees that artificial or unnatural manipulation of horses is unethical. So training and exercise is good, boosting or drug enhancement is wrong. Boosting causes harmful side effects while training and exercise are beneficial to the horses. So too, these people are walking a dangerous line between natural ability and unnatural enhancements. Just poking a foreign object into your body's blood stream is dangerous enough, but has anyone studied the long term effects of high dosage liquid vitamins shot directly into the blood? Their performance levels can't be maintained when they become employees, so aren't they cheating their society by artificially 'enhancing' their performance record?

America is losing it's competitive spirit, but that is no protection against self abuse. China's competitiveness will put them in an advantage, but the failure of state ethics which encourage this kind of behavior sets them up for a great failure just like the disqualified race horse. He may win some races, but in the end he's ruined and the entire race industry is brought lower by the percentage of boosting cheats.
The U.S.A. needs to start the drip system so we can catch up with the rest of the world in education. Throwing money at education does not seem to work as we keep sliding in the education stats against most industrialized nations.
Does that make you smarter??????
What's the problem? I had friends who used prescription amphetamines to help stay up and study for pleanty of tests and exams... what's worse?
Sad, sad, sad commentary on what humans will inflict on other humans all in the name of ......? What? Seriously, what ethics and values does this type of behaviour breed? Is competition, being richer, smarter, greedier, the way to build a humane, caring society? Not in my world it isn't.
china is a fanistic country.everything is possible
where can i get one of these? oh yea....china.
Incredible! My boss makes us take amino acids every day at 1pm to increase productivity after lunch.
Isn't it true that its either school.or factories? I'm almost certain the parents are all for drastic measures, just like anyone else, in order to give their kids what's best for them in the long run. The life the patents never had.
ummm seriously this is nothing but craaaazy
Hasn´t nature thought us something over the 400 million years _Don´t mess around!
Smart & intelligent & dumbs # INFECTION
Middle school students... College entrance exam... Amino acid drips given through IVs... Hmm. It prevents them from dozing off and helps them in keeping focus, let's just hope they don't get any bad reactions from it. I mean, they are kind of young. I think.
Humans are being used as lab rats and machines in a warped society! What is even worse is people are so dumbed down as to see nothing wrong with it! Down the rabbit hole we go!
+Karin Wills, you have insulted me on a deep and personal level,
and I will do my best to explain how in a calm and reasonable manner.

no one is "inflicting" anything on anyone. This is a clinical study aid given to students who volunteered, with the consent of their parents, for the exclusive purpose of improving their ability to focus on the study materials. It is, in affect, no different from myself taking a pill of amphetamine salts and antidepressants each morning to allow me to go through a day without A) Falling asleep on the desk, B) Being incredibly impulsive, or C) Inflicting physical harm on myself because I'm bored.

What you are implying here is that this IV, a medically calibrated and extensively tested study aid, should not be used for the entirely benign purpose of improving education. These children need this IV to remain focused on their schoolwork, just as I need my amphetamines and antidepressants to remain in control of my own impulses. Your implication is, effectively, that I should stop taking the one thing keeping me sane, because it is "immoral," or "wrong," and this is extremely insulting to me on an emotional and personal level.
Its probably just a photo from a nursing school.
Ali E.
It's not weird to :
1- follow your dreams
2- or just do what you think is Right
eat good and remain healthy
anything over use dangerous,over does drug and also over nutrition
Weird or extremely driven to succeed, no matter the cost or route taken to get there.
hmm.. If it's voluntary, I guess it's ok, but I hope there aren't any unknown side effects.
That's ok ! At least these drugs are in full view ,nobody's hiding them!
roman12v1 its says we must represent our body a living sacrifice lest stop destroying our bodied with poison we are fearfully and wonderfull made
i understand that parents want their children to do well with their education but pumping them with anything through an IV line is taking thing much to far in my books
hmm... maybe it will help while playing online video games such as WoW.
Kids, don't try this at school!!!
you must believe this photo is real.and yes it is crazy.but not wired.because in china this is the time to decide your future.very important.everyone wants to get the best answers for the 12 years.the most of the students will change their life after the exam.because the better college is really better than other school.this is china.we are still on the way to the perfect country. 
Yet we wonder why they are taking over in everything.

Those who expect to have to work hard to not be in crushing poverty understand the value of education, and the advantages a college education will provide them. While here we ask questions like "What's an Amino Acid?"

Maybe when American workers are getting paid $1 a day to work at their Chinese owned companies we will discover that studying for college entrance exams is more important than being "popular" in high school.
"What a long strange trip drip it's been." Reminds me of acid trips vs acid...drips.
They're turning their own children into lab rats.
I have a hard time believing this. Will do some research to check the validity of this picture. I understand the educational system in China but this stretches it to the point where it becomes truly crazy.
+Judge Bob I do not agree with you. You draw an analogy between horses and the Chinese, and it is improper. And most importantly, the phenomenon mentioned in the post does not involve ethics.
the problem is people aren't enjoying what they are studying! Can't believe that is what is happening!!!!
Great X-Files or Fringe episode to launch from this real world case.
Jeeze! Is that where we're headed?...
I'd rather wear headphones and be sleep taught, myself! :)
lol sorry for my little blonde moments x) but what does amino acids do to you??? like whats it for???
Talk about a higher learning.
Ummm that just seems wrong.

When they are stressed out, will they add an Oxycontin drip?
its an enhancer of protein and smart things givein to help create help to thee smart part of the brain, i googled it to because i also am a blonde:)
I am a highschool student in America, and I can rightfully say that americans of my generation need to grow up and learn something. "What is an amno acid," shouldn't be a question asked unless your 9 years old or so. What China is doing I think is a little over the top though. No country should to to easy on their students. The IV's have a quite plausable effect, but I believe should only be used on the ones whom need it. If they happened to have voulenteered to be tested on with not too much pressure, I would have to shut up though. Their ethics are their ethics, and we AMERICANS do thins that are incredibly taboo in other countries, so noone can really truly criticize another countries ways of doing things.
Amino acids are building blocks of protien, not enhancers, the whole brain is smart, and I thik you looked that up on wikipedia
i am 10 yrs old and this is way too comlicated for me to understand
wtf kind of shit is that dannnng china doin it like that now
Doesn't make the schools any better at anything but testing. School is for learning how to learn, not for learning how to take tests. They'd probably do better by eliminating testing entirely.
lol that used to be our rivalry high school. I guess no matter how hard they try they couldn't beat us
Rob Go
It's freakin' China. Not weird at all.
Just yesterday I read about dried fetus' are used in China for medicinal use. And Regan thought Marijuana was bad.
Seriously?? This is nuts! Why not just fill the classroom with a toilet for each so they don't have to leave at all.
M Rotor
Aren't IV drips done everyday? Seems like an odd thing to really worry about...
Are they essential? ( you set me up for that, right?)
Somebody probably already said that but I don't care.
who would even think of that...?!?
when these kids end up in ivy league schools you wont be so horrified, you'll just be jealous
Ok....and what about the US giving drugs to children to control "discipline problems" such as Psychostimulant medications, including methylphenidate (Ritalin) and amphetamines (Dexedrine, Dextrostat, and Adderall). That's crazy!!!!
The essential amino acid must be supplied in the diet, since they can not be synthesized by the body and we need them.... Ok, China is exaggerating but psychoactive drugs, come on!!!
This doesn't sound weird at all to me. If you want your future generations to be at the top in math, science, and engineering then these are the extremes you must go through. However, this is not how you breed creativity or innovation. Thats probably why the Chinese are so good at copying other peoples ideas.
I suppose my daughter's abject fear of needles would have meant she would have had to make it on her own? So not fair, but then this is just a bit much isn't it.
I second the "wtf"! That is too bizarre. What does it do for them?
OMG, I need that! I hate eating it takes so messy! And all the digesting with its questionable distractions...
Heard of DNA? RNA is the messanger. They are experimenting on humans.
Stuff from movies.. this humans are grown is endless fields, to change the human body onto a 3 volt cell.
As a nurse I know this type of treatment can be done safely. I don't think safety is the issue. Iv catheters have plastic ends that would be tough to transmit disease when removed. It's impressive that they take their future so seriously.
Isn't it amazing how something like "amino acids" that are essential in every human being to metabolize what we eat and change it to energy can become this "devil with horns"!!! hhhhh!!! We probably should use that here on individuals to see how it increases their desire to learn a bit more about their own biological makeup!! I mean adults from 30-70!!!
So chinese college kids use amino IVs for focus and attention and American college kids use Ritalin. Is that cup of coffee or tea before a test "natural"? ........ everyones looking for an edge.
that stuff would make me go hyper!
B.S. propaganda. If you read the whole story its obviously fake.
+shala ima wildgirl Umm... With your grammar something tells me that you couldn't fill out an immigration form properly, so how could you get through high school.
does not make them any better to look upon. they are just kids
What made this pic scary is the site they do it-right in the classroom! If the pic was taken in a clinic(without changing a single word of the article) it would be totally different for perceiving. I remember we did similar things before the College Entrance Exam a decade ago , that we took pills that were advertised to be able to enhance memory. At last, ironically, those pills turned out to be useless.
real!! This is China, never be surprised and get ready for more!
I dare you google "Gelatin shoes china", u will never set foot on this land.
1 cover your mouth with your hand
2 whisper a wish into your hand
3 post this on three other comments
4 look at your hand
If they are forced to have these IVs i hope they actually get into a good school. It would be awful to be a failure at education in china. It seems like succeeding in the arts which is wonderful would be highly frowned upon ... i could be wrong but this IV for exams screams otherwise
Why not just take amino acid pills with water? Cheaper. Probably as effective.
This is disgusting, what are we now robots that are being fueled?
thts really stupid. is it suppose to make them smarter. i feel bad for them
that is cool what what are you talkin about
dude that might work but what the heck
overkill maybe?!
That's some hard core studying! My studying consists of me trying not to read the same sentence over and over because i got distracted by something XD
they're not sure it works!
why chines student required such treatment, what about teachers
A lot of teachers and parents are ignorant in china.
They know nothing about the risk and sideeffect of IV drip.
I find this very difficult to believe. Are we really saying that it's easier to link them up to an IV (those needles hurt!) rather than just have someone hand out a cache of GatorAids. I realize that the IV would probably be more efficient, but really?
Don't believe every thing you hear or see.
Amphetamines work better.
Not really. Actually in China, when it comes to the national struggle to Universities, one has to upgrade his benchmark to be rendered befuddled.
nothing it is .they work for future
Ran Wei
Well, actually this only bring more trouble. more sleep is better than any meditation
hey Mikeeee what the hell is this .............
its seems
well u see the amino acids go into their blood-stream, travel up to their brain and then make ur brain photo memory rememberance and then deletes all that uhave learned in the past, so now they is all thmart
Useless.... BCuz everything they learnt in the past gets deleted after using it
It actually is like "AAGEY DAUD....PICHE CHOD"
Actually the vendor of these amino acid were infolved. It's said they marketed in this way to enlarge their sales. So this event was actually a misuse of policy instead of insane knowledge.
no wounder those bastards are so smart it must be the acid running through their veins
Only useless people require to injury amino acid. We're genius At All Time. So, we don't need that kind of acid in our body.
I have two questions to everyone posting on this. How many of you have any understanding of what AMINO ACIDS are? And, What do they do for you?
Please, anyone who answers this that has criticized them, make sure you know how to spell. If you don't, your just making yourself look stupid.

I'm not saying I completely agree with the method, but I'm not in China. Like some of the smarter people said earlier on this post, We take medicine ,drink coffee, etcetera. It could just be a way to make sure they have all the needed amino acids.
What amino acids do for the human body.
What they do? Well, like previously said, they are the building blocks for proteins in the body. They connect to each other like DNA. Ex. Lets say amino acids 1,5,9,15,20,16,4,8,3,9,5,7,2,and1 is how your DNA says hair is supposed to be built. You are missing amino acid 3. Luckily is isn't an important amino acid, so it doesn't affect the production of hair. Then for some reason you start missing amino acid 9, and your hair starts falling out. that means amino acid 9 was a very important acid for hair that your body doesn't produce. Obviously this is exaggerated, but I hope you get the point. The amino acid IV's they're using probably have an important amino acid that your body doesn't produce on its own. An amino acid that the brain might need to remain, focus, or to stay alert. That is why I said that I think that the idea has merit. I not that I completely agree with it being in IV's.
Woww....i should take sum to give me extra boost
Thats why they smater than us lol
That is sooooo Borg.  What next?  replacing eyes with heat sensing cameras?  Inserting memory chips the biological brain can access at will?  Perhaps a brain sync connection which puts them all in constant connection with Dear Leader.
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