+Tim O'Reilly is getting sucked into a Google+ Diet.

Publishing genius Tim O'Reilly is gradually becoming enamored of a varient of the Google+ Diet.

In fact, his Twitter feed recently shows a newfound appreciation for using Twitter as a way to link his massive Twitter following over to Google+ for a real conversation: http://twitter.com/#!/timoreilly

He's also been talking about how Google+ is now his primary blogging platform, and more important than his own blog.

Here are some nuggets he's Tweeted recently:

"How G+ is changing my habits: I keep seeing tweets I like and wanting to +1 them. 'Favorite' seems too strong. I just want to say 'me too.'"

He says Google+ is "Like a tumblr 2.0, but more social."

"I post on G+, and then take the best of the posts to the blog. G+ posts can be more minimal."

"I get more interaction on g+ than on the blog, which is why I made it primary."

"Actually, G+ is my favorite blogging platform, because it lets me direct some posts to the public, and some to my friends."

Google+ isn't the Internet? Google+ "is more internet than Apple or FB, and on par with Twitter."

"I find incredibly compelling content from the people I've circled."

"It's a terrific service. I love G+."
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