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+Tim O'Reilly is getting sucked into a Google+ Diet.

Publishing genius Tim O'Reilly is gradually becoming enamored of a varient of the Google+ Diet.

In fact, his Twitter feed recently shows a newfound appreciation for using Twitter as a way to link his massive Twitter following over to Google+ for a real conversation:!/timoreilly

He's also been talking about how Google+ is now his primary blogging platform, and more important than his own blog.

Here are some nuggets he's Tweeted recently:

"How G+ is changing my habits: I keep seeing tweets I like and wanting to +1 them. 'Favorite' seems too strong. I just want to say 'me too.'"

He says Google+ is "Like a tumblr 2.0, but more social."

"I post on G+, and then take the best of the posts to the blog. G+ posts can be more minimal."

"I get more interaction on g+ than on the blog, which is why I made it primary."

"Actually, G+ is my favorite blogging platform, because it lets me direct some posts to the public, and some to my friends."

Google+ isn't the Internet? Google+ "is more internet than Apple or FB, and on par with Twitter."

"I find incredibly compelling content from the people I've circled."

"It's a terrific service. I love G+."
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+Mike Elgan Some great insights from TIm though that should never surprise. One takeaway for me is his comment "I post on G+, and then take the best of the posts to the blog. G+ posts can be more minimal." I am a recovering blogger when I sit down to write a blog it feels like pressure were as on G+ I just say what I needs to and go.

Like my G+ post on Whit Stillman's new film Damsels in Distress. Obviously Google do not want to detract from Blogger but I wish a minimal tool bar was built in to do the basics like bold and italics and insert hyperlinks. I would post more if Google Plus became even more blog friendly.
I just clicked that link to timoreilly over on Twitter. The conversation is damn difficult to follow.
I use Twitter and Google Plus and think of it as a bike. Twitter is one wheel and G+ the other and you get to the information you need much quicker.
+Tino Kremer we could term Google Plus as a knowledge network. I prefer to be a knowledge networker rather than a social networkers.
I'd been thinking for quite a while that G+ is similar to Tumblr.
And of course I agree with everything else he said :P
+Shane Dillon nice, "knowledge network". Isn't that what Knol was supposed to be? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? :)
funny how I cannot comment on there, although I am "subscribed" to Robert...
Funny. He used "Twitter" and "real conversation" in the same sentence. I don't understand this. Perhaps I and none of my friends use Twitter correctly...
I have taken to posting on + and then porting the posts to fb and Blogger. It's still a bit manual the way I'm able to work, but worth it.
I post on g+, then through a public feed engine and I carbon copy the post to twitter, than twitter automaticall posts to facebook...
I totally agree with +Rob Warren, please give us a more integrated and beautiful experience on tablets... now that G+ is building momentum, with it's outstanding new design, there's never been a better time.
Yes +Abe Abrahamian , I've wondered the same thing. Perhaps it's best to write a paragraph or so introduction to a link for a long blog review rather than to post the entire thing on G+, Facebook, etc.
why are we on G+ talking about G+?
Geez, +Mike Elgan. This diet you've started is contagious! But, awesome. That's a rare comment: "Your diet's awesome."
I haven't used my twitter account since the day I started using #Google+
+Ricky Payne what exactly do you mean by micro blogging here? I think whatever we can do on #twitter we can do everything on Google+.
Manik, although I'm not an experienced Twitter user I have been using it quite a lot lately and I don't see Google+ as a replacement for Twitter.

If anything Google+ replaces Facebook as the center of social media with Twitter continuing to be a short form medium akin to text messaging and Internet pagers.
+Ricky Payne I am still not sure why can't we bang out the same 140 character comment on Google+. I always felt that in this case Google+ just removes that 140 character limitation which I felt annoying in more than couple of occasions.
+Abe Abrahamian , I do notice that the G+ power users I enjoy following most tend to reshare or compose original postings in clumps of as much as half or dozen or so at relatively predictable times each day. Post very little and you get ignored; post constantly and you annoy (and I know of some, believe me, who post every five minutes during their waking hours) eventually leading to their eventual "unencircling". As for Twitter, not a power user there but I find it to be more of a "live" or "real-time" format that helps me keep track of breaking news events, current politics, sports, etc.
i dont get adults ???=(
Maja, I know it's like they can't just have fun it's all business, huh :)
+Ricky Payne I have seen the post being lost problem more on Facebook and twitter on Google+ I keep reorganizing my circles depending upon the flow of posts. In fact initially when Google+ started I had the same problem, I had couple of circles which were huge and active, that activity would result in missing some posts, but now they have features to control the number of posts you want to see in All Circles.
+Tim O'Reilly has been making some extremely thought provoking posts on G+. It looks like the intensity of his thoughts are in turn a reflection of his appreciation of the G+ comments he's receiving from his followers. That's a virtuous circle!
Kill Facebook,Twitter you can stay,(just don't get big for your boots), and long live g+..u rock!
Google + rules! Facebook is getting a run for their money. On Facebook it's hard to just keep in touch or share with friends because of all the stupid games, pokes, gifts, etc. that one must weed through to check in with friends. Also the way Facebook works is painful and slow. I don't have a Twitter account anymore because I don't have time to "tweet" every little move I make nor want to do so. If you want to keep in touch and share we still have email. Email is still the best way unless you want to publicly share to everyone. Did you know that Google tried to buy Facebook along with other companies? I'm glad they failed, this is much better! Of course, this is my personal opinion. :-)
I enjoy the fact that there isn't as much clutter here (on G+ as opposed to Facebook). More content that I'm interested in, less email forward-style junk from people's racist uncles.
"How G+ is changing my habits: I keep seeing tweets I like and wanting to +1 them. 'Favorite' seems too strong. I just want to say 'me too.'"

I actually tweeted this very sentiment two weeks ago. "Favoriting" something is stronger, but it also implies you want to keep it around for future reference.
Jennifer mike I'm doing really well! Tonight the moon is going to be 30% brighter and closer to the Earth then at any other time! My room mate and I are going out to get pictures of it. If we get any good ones I'll post some. How are you?
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