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Google+ for marketers (interview with +Chris Lang)

I've been so busy getting ready for my trip that I missed this video in my stream when it first hit. 

It's an interview with Chris Lang, who talks about how a handful of users (including Yours Truly) are using Google+ as their central platform and reaping the benefits. 

He also makes an interesting point, which is that people who are doing this (the central platform thing) become easy to reach on Google+ with a mention, even though they're hard to reach otherwise.  

It's certainly true in my case. I read every single mention on Google+ (adding a plus sign in front of the name), and reply or respond to most of them, but read only a fraction of my incoming emails, which are usually $#@!canned by my spam filters. 
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Great discussion, and nice comment about you.
Just give it a nother couple years and G+ mentions will be as unavailable as spam email... :)
I think the comparison with email has to do with volume.  At this time, Google Plus users seems relatively focused and give somewhat meaningful feedback.

Or is it because email is relatively private, so answering them one at a time doesn't seem to be worth the time, where as a plus mention is posted more widely?

I honestly don't know, but food for thought.  Thanks for the post +Mike Elgan 
+Tim Weston Yes, I still use ManageFlitter for Twitter, but not Facebook. 

I have automated the ignoring of Facebook invitations. ; ) 

I think the winning formula is to tweak the Facebook notifications to death so you're ONLY getting the Facebook stuff you really need, and via email. That way, if there's nothing there, you don't go waste your time looking. 
Google  plus is my home  too :) and I just realized my husband follows me on twitter! LOL  I need  to post some of  my google  posts on twitter. but not sure I want him  following me here too LOL
 +Mike Elgan  so  manage filter takes your  google posts to  twitter?      and  for facebook  I turned off the notifications they don't  land in my  email.
I have to admit I follow very few posts back to a blog, and in fact won't even circle someone if their posts consist of one-liners with a link to their blog.
+George Cohn There's a lot more scope in a blog to be inventive and discursive. For one thing, you can really give images some oomph, while on G+ half the width is wasted. Is there a rationale for that? To me it's just crazy. 

I suppose it all depends on how you see social media. If it's purely utilitarian, all about contacts and networking, then G+ does just as well as a blog.

My blog is not utilitarian. There's rarely any news you can use. I use it to express my personality - it's a pleasure and a challenge to write/construct a good post. I can dig deep or go wide or ramble through the Humanities. G+ is much more focused.
WOW that manageflitter... I had to stop sharing... I don't want it to share every thing! 
You're right +Paul Duxbury, plus you can be a lot more creative with graphics/video/animation with your own website. But I am primarily text content oriented (despite being a video producer), and I like the one stop shopping you get on G+. Plus the hangouts and HOAs are giving rise to unprecedented global communities, which reinforce and augment the way we post.
I'm not knocking G+, +George Cohn , just saying it's horses for courses. I think G+ is brilliant as social media, and I'm here a lot. Still wish G+ would let us use the right half of the page. Seriously, does anyone know what's going on with that?
I never thought you were knocking anything +Paul Duxbury, as you say, you are here. As for the right hand side of the page, they are using that column at the top of the page.  I'm hoping it will never be used for ads, in that case the space would truly be wasted!
I wish you success in your new professional life inder mohan 
NO! GIVE THEM A CHOICE! yes then let them join under there own willing or you have another manning in your hands
+Sheila B. DuBois , you can set manageflitter to only send stuff from G+ to twitter if your G+ post has the  #twt hashtag in it.  That's what I do, as not everything I post on G+ do I want going to twitter...
Just saw this +Mike Elgan and thanks for the share! We are on the road right now too and I missed your PM yesterday.

Much thanks goes out to +Todd Hartley and +WireBuzz for the great set of short interviews plus TNX +Shira Gal for your share alerting me so I could thank Mike!
yeah but try telling  your facebook  geeks that Google Plus is better?    it is like talking to a brick wall!
Talking to facebook geeks has always been like talking to a brick wall.  :)  I kid the geeks.  I kid.
LOL for me....... I have decided if they want to find me  they have come look for me.  sometimes I will put on a google Plus post on facebook........... does not get any views...... Sooo I am  making new friends here.
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