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Amira food pic of the day: whole-grain corn bread!

I could really use a slice of Amira's amazing, whole-grain corn bread right now. 

+Amira Elgan  #amirafood  +The Spartan Diet 
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Matt that is what I was thinking.  Great honey spoon
That looks delicious! is it bread pudding or banana bread?
The Cajun in me resists the idea of whole grain corn bread. The part of me trying to lose weight thinks it's a great idea. 
how can u have that? its not corn bread its whole wheat bread
Wholewheat is the Best thing for your intestine its roughage and energy, the white bread is paste and binding giving you bowel movement problems. I use bran, wheatgerm, ground flax seed and white flour to make my bread.
Most cornmeal is already "whole grain" unless the label indicates that it's degermed.  There's not much motivation to de-germ cornmeal though because all of the traditional recipes expect the flavor and texture associated with whole-kernel meal, and not some super-fine and powdery degermed variety.

... but it's nice to also whole-wheatify the flour portion.  Kudos to that.
+Jake Stine This is primarily corn, but it has other grains, all of which are whole-grain. 
is that an iPhone you got there Mike?
+Daria Musk It's the diet (and lifestyle) Amira has been inventing for five years. We'll get you into the beta program for the book, if you're interested. 
+Rajiv Vyas It's butter and honey. (The butter is just for the photo; we usually eat this with olive oil and honey.)
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