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Company brings back a kind of hillbilly sangria called spodee.

During the depression, a now-forgotten beverage called "spodee" emerged. It was basically wine spiked with moonshine, and augmented with fruit and juice or whatever else was available. It was usually sold in old milk bottles. 

Now, a startup has brought it back.

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Thanks for the mention! I actually know the marketing gal, and am excited for them! If you want a sample, shoot me a message (o:
Nothing makes you forget that we are in a depression like some high octane liquor. 
+Charles Dye That's the point... it isn't supposed to be some superior wine, the intention is to bring back the moonshine-style vibe, using the name it went by in that era.  
Does this mean I can call alcoholic street dwellers winos again?
some things go out of style for a reason.
Some indication somewhere of the proof content would be nice. 

I've had good moonshine, and it's, um, potent.  I might mix it with fruit juice.  I'd think hard about wine.
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