I'm creating a Google+ blogger's circle.

Do you blog directly on Google+ as your main blog? If so, I want you to be in my Google+ Blogger's circle. 

I'm looking for a circle for us to share tips and experiences on how to best blog on Google+. 

If you're one of the people trying Google+ full time during the month of August, I want you in the circle, too. 

So if you fit this circle, please say so in the comments!

And, if you know someone who blogs full-time on Google+, please plus-mention them in the comments as well. 

(The picture shows the view out my front door in Florence, Italy, which is in Tuscany. But if you're thinking of getting a place there, don't bother. There's really nothing available: http://youtu.be/EPkmLWOqwwA )

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