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How your phone will become HAL 9000

A few years ago, the Pentagon launched a program to create a fully functional HAL 9000 -- the intelligent software robot depicted in the 1968 sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey.

If you'll recall, the movie HAL carried on conversations in natural language, monitored the spaceship and communications from Earth and notified the crew about important events just at the right time. HAL could also make decisions, prioritize and learn.

The Pentagon's project was called CALO, for Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes. The five-year program enlisted more than 300 researchers from at least two-dozen universities. This massive effort was organized by a brilliant guy named Adam Cheyer, who served as the project's chief architect.

Guess what HAL's chief architect does now? Cheyer works at Apple as director of engineering for the iPhone. Apple "acquired" Cheyer when it bought the company he co-founded, Siri Inc.

And Cheyer is still building HAL. The only difference is that HAL will live in your iPhone.

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Im still waiting for the day where I can have conversations with my copmuter. like HAL or Jarvis from Iron man :)
Just once I want my droid to say 'You shouldn't do that, Alex' when I'm about to make a turn that doesn't comply with the GPS turn by turn instructions. Right now it only mildly scolds me by telling me to make a U-Turn when I do something wrong.
Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?
After seeing this movie at a young age (1980 or so)The Hal 9000 was responsible for my initial fascination with computers and the concept if A.I. 
Alright, so this means if you have an iPhone don't take it to space with you because it will try to kill you.
Interesting trivia. HAL is one letter away from IBM to avoid lawsuits.
Oh wow, I never picked up on that!
Wow. Thanks for sharing. That was a great story and I am already to download one of those apps.
Open the iPod bay doors, HAL.

I'm sorry, Steve, I can't do that.
I will be around anyway...FB...CCTV...GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH...You can hide...but I will find YOU!
That is dreaming. The real HAL will come from IBM thanks to their cognitive computing project.
They have achieved just two milestones
a) massively parallel computing with co-located memory and processing just like in brain
b) asynchronous parallel computing. ie event driven processing as opposed to clock driven processing
These two steps take them two steps (only two steps) closer to bionic brains

Other key requirements will be to reduce energy usage many orders of magnitude.
Learning and self organizing computers and evolution engines to solve problems on the fly.
and many other steps which we have not fathomed yet
(Our immune system uses a kind of evolution engine to generate antibodies and T cell receptors of remarkable specificity in very short order - it is called VDJ recombination and then somatic hypermutation the latter taking place only in B cells)
Sag Dee
wow this is exactly the kind of thing I've been looking to do with www.BabyRobot.NET - I wasn't aware of this project until now - thank you for sharing!
Why not use AIML and integrate it into andoid applications and services. Use ALICE not as a model.
As much as I love tech, this could get out-of-hand in public places...

Cool guy yelling at his phone on the bus:

"No phone, not 'hip replacement', where can I find a hipster place around here?"
Future phones will be intelligent, know everything about us, know our interests/skills, know our friends/contacts, know what we want before we ask, communicate for us, communicate with everything, be interconnected, have location data, make automated searches and make automated actions for us before we ask. What else?
MS already made one. It was called Clippy and look how long that lasted.
What if Hal locks me out of my home and won't let me back in?
Hal open the bathroom doors Hal....Hal.... HAL!!!!!!!
"No i didnt see that movie....but i like the name: (:
that is kreeppy!!!!!!! my phone will sing in slow motion.... Daisy.... Daaaaisyyyy
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