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Facebook has now removed the so-called "Security Alert"!

Facebook is no longer putting up a "Security Alert" for Google+ links. 

I guess they didn't like the bad publicity. Let's hear it for the power of the "What's Hot" list!!
Facebook resorting to ever more dirty tricks against Google+.

Facebook has taken its cheating to a new low. 

As you know, I auto-post Google+ posts to Facebook. The link brings my Facebook followers back to Google+ for the pictures and comments and for the complete post. 

But now, when they click on the link, my followers get a scary "Security Alert: This Link May Not Be Safe" warning.  

As far as I can tell, Facebook is lying. Flat-out lying as a dirty trick to reduce traffic to Google+. I can't think of any other explanation. 

And they're apparently paying Symantec to take the blame for the lie. 

Both companies know that a link to Google+ is perfectly safe. There are no banner ads and no way for malicious code to be downloaded from Google+. There has never, to the best of my knowledge, been a malware event originating from a Google+ link. 

Even after you click "Ignore this warning," every single link is flagged in the same way, with no "learning" or option to accept all links from the site. 

I wonder what +Robert Scoble thinks of this.

Props to +Roberto Acevedo III for pointing this out to me. 
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Well that was short lived +Mike Elgan   I don't think #FB  can take much more bad press.
that's why i never liked facebook
smell's crap and it is crap
It seems more likely that they just fixed the bug.
Of course, they would. They had to cover their butts so that more folks don't dump FB. It doesn't make me appreciate FB any more than I did before the "fix".

Thanks for the update, Mike.
Let me guess, another 'accidental' 'misconfugration' like the dissappearing / not showing Google+ invite links.. Too much of this happens on that site.
I don't get a Norton warning, but I get a security alert. I guess Norton busted Facebooks balls for exploiting their name, and now they changed it to the following:

Please be careful
For the safety and privacy of your Facebook account, remember to never enter your password unless you're on the real Facebook web site. Also be sure to only download software from sites you trust. To learn more about staying safe on the internet, visit Facebook's Security Page. Please also read the Wikipedia articles on malware and phishing.
It seems Facebook have thought about it and they seem to have scraped that idea because I just clicked through from there and there was no Warning Notice... ???? 
I don't think I could dump Facebook and use G+ instead of it. They are both good for different things. If I just used G+, I would only be talking to people I don't know, which is pretty dodgy. None of my real life friends really use G+. Using facebook keeps me in touch with my real life friends. Facebook has come a long way in gathering followers, and G+ needs to pick up the game a bit for it to take over.
+Mike Elgan Can you tell me how to auto-post on FB? I have family there and would love to subvert the Zuckerberg Machine.
Scumbags always play dirty and Facebook is no stranger to this.
Damage has been done, but unfortunately we on G+ are the only ones who know about it.
+Mike Elgan why don't you admit you were wrong and it was a plugin issue? No news site reported it. Don't think your piece was buzzing enough to have someone even think about it
Ha - amazing. My RSS Graffiti links are now magically live again!
1) norton/symantec sucks, and always has sucked. If you use it, you are a fool
2) facebook will not end up like myspace, at least not any time soon. IIRC myspace has/had ~175-250 million users total users, facebook has nearly a billion active users. Yes facebook sucks and needs to die, but will it?
Bubble bursting... this has been happening for many many months... the alerts for some people will show and then stop....  I have posted about this a few times (with screenshots) over the last few months.
As far as I can tell it is triggered when there is a certain amount and kind of activity along with content topics... gasp! Yes, topics... FB does censor! OMG! What a thought! No, it cannot be!  Anyway.... this has been happening on and off since the early days of G+... Many others have posted about it as well many times over the past year of G+'s life.
Add this to the comScore mob and you have a messy party.
Maybe they just show it the first time? Facebook is the lowest of the low. They are control freaks hence the obvious desire it has to be Big Brother.
I auto-post on fb from here, too, but I din't get this issue - probably a geographical thing? Anyway, fb is really confusing when it comes to understanding how the visualization of posts works, and that latest desperate try at monetization takes that confusion up to a new level, with some serious controversy added in the mix...
Yesterday I did get a spammy link warning there trying to copy over a link from youtube. Then it started auto flagging comments on my art page as spam if they were typied in all caps or jibberish. I remember seeing Robert Scobile complain about not wanting any of those on his page and it looks like they listened however I myself do not like having to unflag comments as spam on my own page that I myself did not mark as spam. 
The blocks against NING links returned about an hour ago. 
+Ivano Forgione I get the idea that it's not posting to FB that's the issue. The issue is when your friends click on the link they get that nasty message.
Tom Lee
Mr. Zuckerberg !...TEAR DOWN this wall !
Facebook just emailed comment for the post I did on ReadWriteWeb about this. here's the full text of the email:

"We integrate with many different external blacklists ( including Norton ( and when there's a block on their service we provide a warning to our users. I have already reached out to Norton to notify them, however, the cause for the block is a question best suited for their PR Team. We only use our external blacklist system to protect our users and would never use it to reduce traffic for competitive reasons."

And here's the link to my article:

Looks like they're passing the blame on this one.
I think the saddest realization of this is just how little trust Facebook's users have in the company.  The first reaction seems to be to assume Facebook is being a bunch of jerks rather than it be an unfortunate accident.

I know people who work at Facebook.  They're generally a good group of guys.
+Kartik Dayanand Boddapati , as the movie goes, there's no such thing as coincidence! :) 

A tool, and how it is designed, will shape the kind of crowd that will use it. On the other hand, when this tool grows popular, the crowd gets in control, and the tool cannot change how it would want to. The same applies to rock bands, really.

You gotta be careful to how you show yourself in the beginning, for that will be your shadow forever: likewise, facebook was once a tool for meeting old friends and staying in touch with people (and their private life), now it's trying to jump on the social media bandwagon, but the facebook crowd isn't used to that (subscribers, lists, hashtags, and all that) and simply ignores it, most of the time! 

The era of meeting high school mates and sharing private matters is going towards an end: people now want to actually discover things, be up to date with what happens in the world, get deep into subjects they're interested in, meet their ideal niche of like-minded people and bring some added value to their lives. What you do and say is more important than what you are supposed to be . Teacher, class mate, colleague, ex girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever.

This evolution is, basically, personal websites  (web 1.0) growing into blogs (let's say web 1.5) and into social media, that I would call web 2.5, where 2.0 was something like myspace + early facebook and pre-google youtube, when personal sites and blogs were still separate from the social networks, as the structure of a myspace profile clearly shows, and when the means to create a formally pleasant and tv-like (other than meaningful) broadcast through the web were still in the hands of companies, not people.

In the end, the Open Web wins. It has to win. That's why twitter, pinterest, google+, are "safe", while facebook IMHO has an expiry date (that's up to anyone's guess).
+Mike Elgan Can you tell me how to auto-post on FB please - I can do it the other way FB to G+ but I'd rather hang here and have my posts go there????? thanks!!
I use and a rss feed generator for google+

How can you autopost from facebook to g+? There's no way, g+ has no API yet for writing
Im not sure - I know Ive done it but the whole thing is very confusing... I think I got a G+ button that works in FB...
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