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Why you will soon have a magic mirror (just like the Evil Queen in Snow White!)

With the possible exception of Simpleton’s golden goose, the coolest fairy tale home accessory ever has got to be the evil queen’s magic mirror in Snow White.

The Grimm Brothers’ description of the mirror is positively medieval. But in the language of Silicon Valley, that magic-mirror gadget was an augmented-reality display with face recognition and a voice-controlled artificial intelligence virtual assistant that was capable of querying remote databases of females ranked by fairness.

Don’t look now, but magic mirrors are no longer just for evil queens:
(Image props to Universal Pictures)
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Already got one mate. And a black lookin' glass, 'n' all!!!
Quiet cool man ! instead of makin' wars for worms of ideas better deal with this kind a business to help everybody !
Oh I could use one of those! Great idea for the multi-tasker!
I don't think we need more people with webcams in their bathrooms haha
I love Cherize Therone, I hope I spelled her name right, anyway, looking forward to seeing this movie :-)
Um, yeah sorry but I don't spend that much time in the bathroom and don't intend to. Even in other places, interactive vertical computing surfaces need voice/gesture input because touch on a vertical surface is tedious at best.
+Carol Mckenna Charlize Theron, my home girl! and the surname starts with the pronounceable T not TH like so many people say.
Just bragging a bit since she lived in my neighboring town as a child.
She is HAWT
nick c
Mirror Mirror on the wall, what time should I meet Susan at the mall?
Remember +Diego Roman , it's not like the Disney storyline. This is more like the original storyline many do not get to hear about. It's kinda like once upon a time....which is great.
Night Is A Theater

Is A
Is The

Is The

The Hero
The Night With Sweet Dreams...:-)
If it's a two-way mirror does that mean no web cam is necessary? I know that'd creep out most consumers. Soon enough, people will start covering up their mirrors afraid they've been hacked with people sitting behind computers watching their every move.

The kitchen- fridge glass looks amazing. Reminds me a bit of the character/ item from Smart House, a Disney Channel move (yes, I'm young!) where the house tended to everyone's needs. With Google's car on the road and this.. I wouldn't be shocked if we had a smart house in the works. :)
So, what your saying is if they want them to take off like hot-cakes, they need to look less science fiction-like, and more fantasy-inspired and they will be adopted for their whimsey rather than their utility?
The true "magic" would be if it didn't show all the finger print smudges.
+Jonathan Morley you obviously haven't seen the article by MIT scientists who have developed a coating that is oil and water resistant. It's coming.
+Mike Elgan I saw a special on how this glass was produced (of course they didn't give away all of thier secrects) and it's really something else. The possibilities are very exciting! A piece of what's also being touted as "gorilla glass" is so thin one can bend it like a piece of plastic. By itself it breaks very easily tho. They held up a non-supported piece of it and by just tweeking the glass lightly it broke into a zillion pieces just like the corningware cookware. (If you've ever broke a piece yourself.) Still, I can only hope they put it into use quickly and not just for the rich (if you get my meaning.) BTW I like your posts.
Tu Bewafa Nathi Mane Khabar 6e.
Tari Rah Jovi Mari Aadat 6e.
Tu aave Ke Na Aave Tari Marji.
Pan Tari Yaad Ma Tadpatu Rehvu Mari Saza 6e.
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