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83-year-old woman breaks nose on Apple Store glass, sues Apple.

An 83-year-old woman didn't see the glass wall of an Apple Store in New York City, walked right into it and broke her nose. Her attorney says Apple's architecture is a danger. They're suing for $1 million.
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Haa! Funniest thing I've heard in a while.
I was dumb, not paying attention to my surroundings, and hurt myself a little - you owe me ridiculous amounts of money!
Brian Titus
Apparently her retina display is defective. Either that or the door's resolution is too high.
what? she can get her nose fix less than $5,000. I wonder how she and her attorney came to that number.
You do realise shit like that only happens in america. Too many lawyers
Let me guess... now we have to put caution signs on glass everywhere...
I've had to save a few birds lying dazed on my front lawn from cats when that's happened. So she's literally a bird-brain?
"People who live in glass houses..."

I'm surprised there were no decals or other visual guides to discourage this sort of thing. Most glass doors have at least etchings so people know they're not open doorways.

Then again, Steve Jobs was known for parking in the handicapped spot, so I doubt he was attuned to these sort of needs.
The one law we really need that against people that have no ability to take responsibility for their own actions is the reason our society is going down the crapper....
People of all ages just don't pay attention any more... just like the lady who fell into Lake Michigan because she was texting and had to be rescued...common sense is an endangered species in this country and lawyers are right there to defend Darwin Award candidates every time..(smh)
Jackie Chiles will get his pound of flesh.
She's 83 years old, I think she should sue her eyes.
Surprised that she is not dead running into things. 
At least she wasn't driving it could have been a far worse outcome...
maybe stick grey silhouettes of people on those walls ... or some of them white apple stickers would suffice
I have a certain amount of sympathy for her but her suing has dampened that significantly...
<sarcasm> How dare anyone sue Apple? She should have sued Samsung instead for copying Apple's door design! <end sarcasm>
It would have been a better story if the door was wasn't unlocked.
Hmmm, interesting, but crazy!
I've been saying Apple is bad for the environment!
it is interesting,and i think it is ridiculous in china
I don't understand this stuff, how do you get away with that
So in all these years that there has been Apple stores 1 person has an accident and suddenly the stores are a danger. Get real! 
Good for her for turning a moment of embarrassment into a money making opportunity. he says using a sarcastic tone
My vision is very poor. Still, It is my responsibility to figure out where I am and what is around me. There are many blind people in this world for which not only is every door is invisible, but everything else in the known and unknown universe. Personal responsibility is the key and must be upheld. This crap is ridiculous.
Lewis Grant
Warning, Hot Surface!
Do not insert into rectum.
Keep out of reach of children.
May contain nuts.
Do not subject to direct sunlight.
Avoid touching sharp edges.

Are we this stupid as a species? Remove safety labels and the problem sorts itself out naturally in two generations.
If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit! The defense rests.
She should sue the cleaners for cleaning it too well. Wait perhaps sue the chemical company for making too good cleaning products.
Guess she needs new iglasses (see what I did there?).
Ray A
is this real? well Apple and anything Apple related should not be on a Google owned site such as G+ that is connected with Androids! Apples are such crap
Don't mind the GIANT apple sign and glass panes 10 feet high. They are practically invisible.... Right.
Was there a sign? U mean glass wall no sign this is outrageous unacceptable I wont stand for it
Apple's defense is she didn't have the latest version of her iglasses
Its not Apple's fault that she didn't see where she was going, and broke her nose on her own. Really, Isn't sueing 1 million dollers a bit much, for a broken nose
wow..seriously?!.. is there a -1 for her specifically? >_>
Don't they have an app for that?
Why do they have a picture of Jackie Chiles (from Seinfeld) here?
And sometimes, people act like bees (they can't see glass) so that they can show their jealousy of Apple.
Because Jackie Chiles from seinfield played as the lawyer that accepts any ridiculous law suits people wanted
If she wins there will be a lot of of people breaking their noses on a lot of store glasses.
why was an old lady going to an apple store anyways
"Next thing you know, Apple's going to ship all the Apple stores overseas, pane by pane, because American customers don't have the right shopping ethic..."
what a dumbass, maybe he should get eyeglasses. its ludicrous to think you can sue just because you failed to look. there are many offices and buildings with large window style doors. i hope he gets nothing.
she has a sound case! as far as i know, the glass pane didn't state clearly that walking into it will result in injury
was it gorilla glass?
only if droid built the building. I'm shocked it didn't break and have the apple guys say "that's not covered, you need to buy a new building"
Another prime example of what's wrong with this country. I'm sorry but if you can't see a glass wall you need to have your vision prescription updated in a more timely manner. You can't blame poor vision on being old, they've been making glasses and contacts forever. Keep your prescription up to date, watch where you're going, and be accountable for your own stupid mistakes.
well....birds also...on windows of tall buildings....
I'm all for sticking it to Apple, but this is ridiculous
Considering Apple sues companies to bankruptcy, I have no problem with this.
Taking big companies to court is a new job for retarted people.

Like they put the glass doors there intentionally to brake noses..
This thread is sooo funny
What an Idiot. Who walks right into a glass front door and then sues?
what's even funnier is how this article is post dated for tomorrow morning at 8:48 AM (3/26/2012). As of my post it's 9:23PM on 9/25/2012.
Only in America. I did something stupid but I'm going to blame you for it, and try to sue you for it.
oh stupid people and their lawsuits! they are so... stupid. (shocker)
I remember the lady that went after McDonalds for the hot coffee.
What is even dumber is that she will likely win. Juries are even dumber. I heard of a ladder manufacturing company that went out of business due to law suits even though they had 12 warning labels on their ladders.
This is one of the most ridiculous things that I've ever heard of!!
that is some stupid mess she would have seen that heck apple should sue her
I can understand because my friend walked into a glass door at a business and cut his hand. That is what you called a sparkling clean window.
In most countries you are just called and idiot for injuring yourself in a dumb and irresponsible way. However, in the US, you become a rich, popular idiot...
Lol this is funny. Its her own fault she is stupid. People who sue are strait up losers
Who told you to put the balm on it!?!? I didn't tell you to put the balm on it!
Remember, she came in on her own will not by force! and your wonder why America is going broke.
"Your my case."
Two things. First her lawyer has asked for $1 million she has not been awarded $1 million. Second, it is my understanding that the reason cases like this often appear in US courts is that in the US there is no negative outcome for lodging frivolous, irrelevant or vexatious law suits. In other countries a judge can award that the legal costs of both parties be paid by the complainant if the case is deemed frivolous, irrelevant or vexatious.
I'm just a kid, but that's pretty stupid. Come on she's 83. Of course she can't see the glass.
Another version of that McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit?
i second that! im just a kid too, so maybe we are just more logical...? at least more than an 83 year old woman...
omg!!!! thats what happened to my dog...sort of. i was with my dog at petsmart, and he bumped into a glass wall too! i saw another dog do the same. :(
I've walked into a screen door or a glass wall before not knowing it was there. It's very embarrassing. I never broke anything though. That's unfortunate. But if we all Received $1,000,000 for our ignorance we would all be millionaires.

i wonder if she did it on purpose...some old peoples can be sneaky lik that...idk lol
i think what's great here is the photo.. man i would hire that guy to represent me anyday lol
Make her pay for the glass and sue her greedy attorney .
83 years old? How fast could she have been going?
Before y'all jump to conclusions ... check out the excellent documentary "Hot Coffee". It's eye opening.
Hope she cleaned up the mess and broken glass, also make her pay for the damage and lost sales at the store for her negligence.... then revoke her lawyer's right to practice law.
XD "I've fallen and I can't get up!" so mean lol
Well, it depends. Most businesses use decals just to avoid this probability. They could be liable.
And we wonder why we pay so much for everything! suit happy people
A friend's brother died after walking through a glass wall at a restaurant where the door opened against the inner door, hiding it. The glass wall shattered and he bled to death.
Eh she most likely was not paying attention and broke her nose because of her own negligence. But in this day and age, if you get hurt you can sue, even if its your fault.
“Hot Coffee” Documentary Exposes Corporate Attacks on Consumer Rights, Features Expert Insights from Public CitizenLearn the True Story Behind the Infamous McDonald’s Coffee Case

“Hot Coffee: Is Justice Being Served?” Premieres on HBO, Monday, June 27 at 9 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific) and 8 p.m. (Central). It will be available on-demand later this month. For more information about the documentary, follow this link.What Really Happened?Stella Liebeck, 79-years-old, was sitting in the passenger seat of her grandson’s car having purchased a cup of McDonald’s coffee. After the car stopped, she tried to hold the cup securely between her knees while removing the lid. However, the cup tipped over, pouring scalding hot coffee onto her lap. She received third-degree burns over 16 percent of her body, necessitating hospitalization for eight days, whirlpool treatment for debridement of her wounds, skin grafting, scarring, and disability for more than two years.Despite these extensive injuries, she offered to settle with McDonald’s for $20,000. However, McDonald’s refused to settle for this small amount and, in fact, never offered more than $800.The jury awarded Liebeck $200,000 in compensatory damages — reduced to $160,000 because the jury found her 20 percent at fault — and $2.7 million in punitive damages for McDonald’s callous conduct. (To put this in perspective, McDonald’s revenue from coffee sales alone was in excess of $1.3 million a day.) The trial judge reduced the punitive damages to $480,000, but did state that McDonald’s had engaged in “willful, wanton, and reckless” behavior. Mrs. Liebeck and McDonald’s eventually settled for a confidential amount. The jury heard the following evidence in the case:McDonald’s Operations Manual required the franchisee to hold its coffee at 180 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit;Coffee at that temperature, if spilled, causes third-degree burns (the worst kind of burn) in three to seven seconds;Third-degree burns do not heal without skin grafting, debridement and whirlpool treatments that cost tens of thousands of dollars and result in permanent disfigurement, extreme pain and disability of the victim for many months, and in some cases, years;The chairman of the department of mechanical engineering and bio-mechanical engineering at the University of Texas testified that this risk of harm is unacceptable, as did a widely recognized expert on burns, the editor in chief of the leading scholarly publication in the specialty, the Journal of Burn Care and Rehabilitation;McDonald’s admitted that it has known about the risk of serious burns from its scalding hot coffee for more than 10 years — the risk was brought to its attention through numerous other claims and suits, to no avail;From 1982 to 1992, McDonald’s coffee burned more than 700 people, many receiving severe burns to the genital area, perineum, inner thighs, and buttocks;Not only men and women, but also children and infants, have been burned by McDonald’s scalding hot coffee, in some instances due to inadvertent spillage by McDonald’s employees;McDonald’s admitted at trial that its coffee is “not fit for consumption” when sold because it causes severe scalds if spilled or drunk;McDonald’s admitted at trial that consumers are unaware of the extent of the risk of serious burns from spilled coffee served at McDonald’s then required temperature;McDonald’s admitted that it did not warn customers of the nature and extent of this risk and could offer no explanation as to why it did not;Liebeck’s treating physician testified that her injury was one of the worst scald burns he had ever seen.McDonald’s did a survey of other coffee establishments in the area, and found that coffee at other places was between 30-40 degrees cooler.Moreover, the Shriner’s Burn Institute in Cincinnati had published warnings to the franchise food industry that its members were unnecessarily causing serious scald burns by serving beverages above 130 degrees Fahrenheit. In refusing to grant a new trial in the case, Judge Robert Scott called McDonald’s behavior “callous.” Morgan, The Recorder, September 30, 1994. From
+Daniel Camacho I'm with you on that. Seriously... people are all about blaming other people for their self-made injustices. Less and less you see people taking responsibility for their own actions.
Wow. should of seen where she was going.
Apple's not her problem. Her problem is..........Windows.
I am absolutely stunned at the reactions of some of the people commenting. Apple has recently created "glass box" stores. many of them don't even have handles on the doors so you can't tell whether the door is open or closed.

I'm glad you find it hilarious that an elderly person slammed into a glass wall. I guess when you have an accident you are fair game for all of us to laugh uproariously at your plight. Since none of you were there, have never been to the store, have no first-hand knowledge of the woman's visual state or health, and no knowledge of state or local building codes, you are able to determine that 1) it is her fault and 2) she's just after money.

I'd wager that if you were in her place, you'd be suing, too... Just a guess.
I wonder if she drove to the mall
There is no need to sue in a situation like this. It's partly "calling wolf" and discrediting the valid concerns out there. And it's also making everyone pay for your stupidity. We are going to be the broke laughing stock of the world if this continues. Take responsiblity people. We all make mistakes, it doesn't mean a payday.
so pathetic. pay attention people. where I live.. glass walls / doors are everywhere. get over it
was she Black? just saying...there was a story not long about about a Black lady who tripped over a water fountain in a mall while talking mindlessly on her cell phone, so...
reminds me of a rhyme

An apple a day keeps the Dr.. Ohh sorry wrong rhyme...
While in vegas, I split my eyebrow open walking into a glass door...because I was distracted by the girl in the super short mini skirt bending over
I like how she is using the excuse that Apple as a company sells tech products. But the actual thing she had problems with was glass, which was invented in 3000 BC. Nobody chucked an iphone at her face. She acts like this is the first time an old lady would confront cleaned glass.
As silly as this story sounds on the surface, there's probably a sound legal argument underneath.
Too bad the Stella Awards aren't active anymore :(
Lawyers can argue anything... How about 1.000 of them chained at the bottom of the pacific?
Why can't I ever be injured accidentally and get a mil for it!
83 years old looking for IPAD~! yeah~! Apple give me a free pad else i sue u
It's like the old lady that sued McDonald's years ago because her coffee was to hot HOORAY FOR OLD PEOPLE corporate Americas worst nightmare
Apple has earned my respect by helping along the survival of the fittest.
whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own stupidity.
the lawyer should be disbarred for taking on such an assinine case
Paul Ln
She should sue whoever clean that window instead,..LOL
+Charles Blackmon You may want to read +Sandra Kozyra's comment before you blurt out the populist response re the McDonald's hot coffee law suit.

There is a big difference between ill-informed urban myth and the reality of the court case and the judgement.
I can only conclude one thing from this
Maybe she has a case. How does everyone here "know" all the relevant facts about this case to be able to judge she was just an idiot.
I am glad her boobs are ok, other wise it would have costed 3 millions :D
That's what happened when you make an ipad to attractive, even to the elders. Perhaps the retina display is too much attraction for those with poor eye sight ...
Apple can sue her too. For making the glass dirty ?
Want money?... Get a job And get some glasses! Really! You walked into a glass door? SMH
I read the arctical about the MacDonalds lawsuit. The woman bought the hot coffe which she then spilt on herself. MacDonalds did'nt do it;.. what is it that you do you not understand about being responsible for your own actions? You buy a knife and it cut's you so you think it's justified to sue the manufacturer? duh
When can we start suing people for being to stupid to let out into public. Some one that senile needs 24hr monitoring. Look out McDonalds! Ohh ya, that already happened again... Coffee being hot is, implied! Are you clueless? No just Stupid, and looking for money as easy as possible.

Can we sue a judge for being gullible enough to award a moron for being stupid, or senile?
This actually reminds me of auto manufacturers who had to put noise makers in early electric cars becuase of fears that the blind would not hear them coming and cross the street. So they made the cars sound something like a kids plastic big wheels trike, or baseball cards on bike spokes. Least that was a valid concern. But seriously if a person cannot see a door, then they need help a lawsuit wont settle. You sue, only when there is no alternative, and this woman needs help, not money.
::facepalm:: Stories like this make me lose all faith in humanity. Really, so the blame is placed on the apple store because they chose an aesthetically pleasing design? Not on you because you weren't paying attention to where you were walking? It seems like you were the negligent one, lady!
+Siobhan McCormack It's why so many good things are gone. Its why everything has an overload of directions, ingredients and warnings. People sue for everything and most of the time its their own stupidity. Some how we still think we are better than every other country even though our citizens have to be walked by the hand through everything. There was even a case of a man who pulled a large machine from the garbage, and fixed it up without any safety device in place. When it cut his arm off he sued. It should have been impossible, but he won, as it the judge determined without an award he might have gone bankrupt and starved. Loosing the lawsuit would have been as a death sentence, or even put him into the care of the state.

I am also reasonably sure this is why all over most playground hardware has gone away. Parents suing the restaurants becuase their kids got hurt or sick.
So I have read elsewhere the amount is actually 75,000. But I suppose 1,000,000 sounds better. Plus this isn't an isolated incident. Apple has been adding visibility stickers to their doors lately because they acknowledge this is an issue at some locations.

Also people bringing up the hot coffee case need to learn the facts. McDonalds was at fault in that case. 
So does this mean that the lawyer in the picture is representing her. Priceless if so!
They can afford to give the old bird a few shares..
If most of u got hit n the mouth with a fist you would b ready 2 Sue also. That's what u do. All your comments are girlish
She should be suing her optometrist not apple.
If & when she win u all will feel stupid 4 making stupid comments. Get paid 4 that
If this had happened in our country the hapless senior lady would have been forced to pay compensation to the Apple store!
+Tieson Molly do some research before posting. I was ignorant like you until I decided to know the truth
Just can't believe the greed in the land of litigation. People being pushed to sue for any little thing to make lawyers rich. It's pathetic and no wonder the financial crisis was was started - no regulation or common sense to anything.
in the article it does state that she does have some form of vision problems, therefore she really should of had someone accompanying her to the apple store. If she took the subway and walked into the subway door, would she suing over that for that amount. A million dollars is crazy amount for her broken nose when a poor teen in florida is shot for skittles and we can barely get justice for his killer. At least she is alive and apparently doing well. She should donate her winning to the school for the blind or a soup kitchen or something good. A broken nose doesn't cost a million to fix. Heck I have an offset undersize hip replacement and my hip doesn't cost a million dollar and I have been suffering for over 6 years now. Sorry lady but i hope you lose.
boo Jay
Apple has sued for dumber reasons. They deserve this one.
ahh dementia ...its truly a pain in the a** nose la la la la
New compulsory warning signs on all clean windows: "Danger! Clean glass panes may cause personal injury. Do not impact."
I don't want to live on this planet anymore...
ridiculous lawsuits? ... that has apple written all over it, but usually it's the other way around ... i love it when apple gets a dose of their own medicine ...
I am truly amazed by the ability of americans to not acknowledge their own faults and not only blame others, but request a compensation for their own mistakes!

That's absolutely insane!
Everything can be dangerous to a 83-year-old lady
I've fallen crossing the street, let's sue Nike! CRAZYYY!!!
did that already (walked into the glass stairs - not sued apple) cut my nose.
She should obviously not be allowed to walk ... but I bet she still drives!
did that already (walked into the glass stairs - not sued apple) cut my nose
Wow! lol. WIsh I would have thought of that :P So if I walk into a wall, so I sue the building owner or the architect? o.o
If you walk into a wall, you're an idiot... LOL
es tonto por que esta quemandose sin soplar
Wow.smh Im gona go buy a pair of Nikes that are three sizes too small for my feet and sue Nike for my feet hurting.
Maybe this will make Apple pause and realize that they should stop suing everyone who makes anything electronic.
Just because of a broken nose
When everything is defined by $$, where do we draw the line for personal responsibility.
Lawyers don't really care because most of these cases will settle out of the court and they can make their $$.
So she's had 83 years of experience with glass doors and she still doesn't know how they work?
Wow the woman who sued McDonalds because their coffee was too hot is now 83?
you know the yellow "caution automatic door" sticker. Do people think that is so people don't get cut in half or something. No it is placed there to give the glass door visibility. The yellow lines or tactile strips put on the edge of staircases are to stop people from falling down them. Or the rumble strip only save people who drive when they are tired. If safety from "stupid" accidents wasn't designed into everything we make these days I guarantee all of you guys would have a few more scars to show off.
This picture is win. Not only is it funny in its own right, but perfectly resembles precisely what is wrong with the legal system.
I like the comment "It's not a problem with Apple ,it's Windows", my headline would have been "Breaking Nose er News"
Actually I see her point. The challenge is to make it look cool and be safe. I think it is a poor (and possibly unsafe) design.
Sad what happened to her but on what grounds is she suing? The glass was too crystal clear or should have been tainted or may be should have had a sign on it saying mind the glass?....
+Rufus Ballard Don't expect me to feel crunchy when some blind woman wins a court case for walking into a door. I look at this similar to the drunk man who got hit by a parked car. Least he was genuinely impaired.
-What was her excuse?

Did she think the door handles, hinges, spacers and brackets that support the glass, was all magically suspended in air? Maybe her intelligence level is that low that she had a hard time figuring out a shop doesn't operate with the front of the building missing. Apparently she's deaf to as she never noticed there was no noise coming from the store she was walking up to.

Stupid people should not have the right to sue because they themselves were stupid.
This is the stupidest thing i've ever heard on her behalf! First of all, if she didn't see a wall protecting the store, being that she's 83(a person with experience and wisdom), you'd think she'd be able to rationalize that there might be glass there? Considering it's only a store stocked FULL to the brim of sensitive technology, and i'm sure Apple doesn't wan't weather touching their product, once again rationalizing that there is glass there would be pretty uncommon i guess(imply extremely heavy sarcasm) I swear, the judge that allows her to get away with that much money for pure idiocracy was either payed off or is best friends with this stupid lady.
And I have an extremely random question for anyone who can possibly answer it. Is there a way to put your text for these comment in italics, bold, underline, ect. I tried usuing key commands, but nothing, so is it even possible? I didn't know where else to ask this. lol
Surrounding the text with * makes it bold _ makes it italics and - makes it strike through
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