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Behold! The greatest office ever!

An incredible house is for sale in Spain for $29 million. Located in Costa Brava, the property has ocean views, an elevator, swimming pool, private coves, walk-in fireplace, Olympic-size waterbed, bla bla bla -- LOOK AT THE OFFICE! Wow!

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Nice place and all, but I think the idea of a walk-in fireplace creeps me out a bit...
If I worked there i would probably never get any work done :)
Craig H
I would find it very difficult to keep focused on work. Too many distractions for effective concentration.
Now that the pictures have been taken, I'd certainly invest in a more comfortable office chair.
Yeah. Who needs a screensaver?!
that's not an office. That's an aquarium... or a terrarium to be more precise.
+Morgan Palmer do you really think you would be sitting there that much? Hell, take the laptop out by the pool. lol
and... what do you do if you need to scratch yourself while in there?.. you can bet there will be a memo going around the company the moment you do it...
You'd need to wear sunscreen to sit in your office.
I would never get any work accomplished....with all the eye candy gawking....if ya know what I mean?
A walk-in fireplace? Having lived in Madrid, I can understand having a fireplace as it gets freaking cold in the winter; however, the only wood available are grape vines which are sacred. As to needing a fireplace when living on the coast, I don't get it.
I'd just muck up that view with large monitors and several computers anyway. Besides, what can you get done with all that light?!
Mike, can you loan me 30 mil, and marry me? But, I dont do windows! And, can I bring my dog, Son and Mom? "Happy Valentines Day!" I hope your still smiling! :-)
15000 square feet!!! I've seen smaller office buildings!!!
This looks exactly like my office except for the everything
I may be in a tiny minority, but I have to say that I don't like that house at all.. yes, I looked at all the pictures.... I find it cold, clinical unimaginative and pretentious... more suited for a dentist's office than a home.

IMHO all the architect managed to prove are two things:
- he has chosen a fantastic location;
- qua concept, all he has showed me is that he has a ruler and a square.
As with anything, if you lived there day in and day out you would habituate to the view until it became totally normal and no big deal. You would work there just as you work where you work now because YOU and your MIND would still be there. Our real world is inside, not outside.
Let's just say if you can afford to buy that house, work is probably the last thing on your mind.
I wonder if I'd really get anything done. I'd want to keep looking at the view.
haha..ryt..but that amazing view will definitely helps you relief from all day stressful works..
Yeah I could put in some serious hours at that office
Wonder how they manage to keep papers. Wouldnt it fly off
Looks nice, but the floor and ceiling should have been glass, too! :-)
I would look at the ocean more than I work...
I think if you can afford a $29M house, you probably do not need to work anymore - your accountant, on the other hand, ...
+Andrea Memenas Sitting under regular glass, you actually don't need sunscreen. Regular window glass blocks about 90% of UV radiation.
Yes, I'm a nitpicker :-)
Great photo and loyal.
Dimensions: 2048 x 1536 pixels
File Size: 207.44K
Camera: Galaxy Nexus
Exposure: 0.01 sec (1/100)
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 3.4 mm
ISO Speed: 100
Nice view, but horrible, horrible office. Why would I want to work in a fish tank?
"olympic-size waterbed" - never knew sleeping was a competitive sport, and that's included in the olympics as well.
It's only a monument for vanity and selfishness, IMO.
The property could have mediterranean views not ocean because Costa Brava is in the est part of Spain
For the 0.000001%

Where's an electrical outlet?
+Mike Elgan Yeah, I thought so, but it looks like a central A/C or heating vent. I'm guessing there's one around though, maybe hidden.
+Seth Perry It's aesthetics and form over function not practicality. I'm guessing they have better chairs, just not for the shoot.
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