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Lifehacker asks: 'Are you using Google+?'

The problem with a poll like this is that Google+ is a great engine for driving traffic.

Some user with nearly a million circles will post a link to it. A gazillion people will SHARE and +1 it.

Everyone will click on the link and vote. And the results will be skewed in favor of Google+. : )

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yes... but I would use it more.... IF they would make a friggin mobile app for Windows Phone!
David H
I wonder who that G+ user would be? ;)
The electronic version of the uncertainty principle?
Be sure to share Mike's post publicly.
Comment on Lifehacker post: "I don't have any interest whatsoever in connecting with new people. I use Facebook to communicate with people I know/knew and that's what I'd use G+ for."

And that's where Google's advertising to these people when not many of their family and friends are on it is the reason for the bad media view of it and the lack of knowledge on what Google+ really is to be used for (connecting with great people with, many times, similar interests).

Kind of side tracked on this comment, but I voted too of course :P
No I'm not using...oh, wait... #LoveGooglePlus
I think G+ is much better then Facebook (especially with the new design) but there just aren't a lot of people on it (yet)
I LOVE how there's not a LOT of people (that I know) on G+. If it were then I'd have to look for the next G+.
So, I have this little website which sells sports cards on a national level. Same old adage with me as others, "Anyone can build a web page, it's just getting people to it". So other than Craigslist and a few jots on Facebook & Twitter, can anyone speak to how to really be seen on a tight shoestring budget. Real tight......Any thoughts are appreciated. Web site is
The only reason G+ would be considered "boring" or "empty" or "lame", as far as I can see, would be because of operator error.
+Mike Elgan can u tell me what those symbols in the trending section means. up, down and dot symbols are shown. Thanks.
I'd go answer the poll, but I'm not using LifeHacker...
They should have put a "Yes, and I'm here because of a post on it" option...
I am using google+, obviously.
G+ will get worse as more spammers post on it. However, I feel it's really useful for specific friends and family so you can hang out with them and share things with them. That's really the only reason I went to G+
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Intentionally working to influence a poll doesn't help it, it only makes it irrelevant. I really don't understand why the number of G+ users should matter to anyone other than Google employees and their shareholders. If you like G+ who cares how popular it is?
+Aaron Albrecht Its popularity influence how much people like it --- aren't the haters (righfully so, in a way) saying they don't use it because their friends are on facebook?
The extremely small number of responses to the poll, despite being shared many times on G+, seemingly speaks discouraging volumes about the level of G+ activity...
+Glenn Costello I don't know about that; I've only got a couple friends and family members on G+, but my Stream is very active. I treat it more like Twitter than Facebook, and actually prefer it over the latter now. My Facebook Wall is just daily BS from a bunch of people I know, and I only check it once or twice a day, while my G+ Stream is filled with my interests and I keep it open all day.
+Gerald Hines The same here, except I don't even care enough to open Facebook. Pure garbage-filled 'bullshitness' from acquaintances I couldn't care less about.
+Gerald Hines My perception of my stream is similar, and yet only 7k positive responses on the poll versus an almost equal number of negatives is the exact opposite of what +Mike Elgan predicted...These are hard numbers, not subjective impressions.
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