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Why, Japan? Why? Butt robot invented.

Japanese robot geniuses have created a butt robot called "Shiri," which is Japanese for "ass."

The researchers behind this project describe it as a "buttocks humanoid that represents emotions with visual and tactual transformation of the muscles."

They designed it to respond like a real posterior to various kinds of touching, including spanking.

Why, Japan? Why?


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Siri japanese Ass
And I thought Brad Pitt's touchable bottom at Madame Tussaud's was interesting... lol
It's the new Disaster Early Warning System - watch for tightening of the muscles, then run like hell...
Do not try to understand the Japanese and you will stay sane
umm...i don't get it...why?! and what does "perceptions manifested in the minds of people who communicate with shiri" mean?
Trying to figure out how this shows off any emotion other than "I'm concerned because my butt is really twitchy today."
Everybody wants their patent to be part of the full robot body. Some will work on the butt, some on the feet, some on the face...

Because it's useful to know how we'll need our synthetic replacement bodies to behave as similarly to our old ones as possible.
That's the ol Japanese fer ya, thinking outside the buns.
Now if they can make a woman that responds favorably to various touches and doesn't talk unless spoken to and has a script to follow, I'll take one!!! lmao.
You know what's coming next! Pregnant Robots!
at a sex shop near you!! only $10.000
wow, you better be careful asking Siri directions in Japan.
Is this just a "Saturday Night Live" sketch about Siri?
One small butt for man one giant butt crack for mankind
Quick! Stop the clench program! What if you insert a battery? I want one that can do the Star Spangle Banner. Have it say something already! Ooh, I know. One with a bottle opener. Now that's a party!
What the fuck?! A Mother Fucken robotic ass?! Wonder if they need to wipe it periodically. Does it fart out gasoline lol
The start of robo-prostitution? Sexbots?
so that's what Siri's 'shiri' looks like!
i wonder what they REALLY use this for.. i mean come on, it vibrates.
we no what the perv.s going to be f. ing.
Because Japan Rocks More Than The USA.
I suppose they have to have sex toys as well.
They could have at least used an attractive female mold. Just sayin'.
That thing is like a train wreck, you want to look away, but you just can't! Lol!!!
Totally weird..... I think this guy has a fetish...
The "tester" seems like he really likes his job, also!
Did Travolta just pilot a flight to japan?
How about using it for a Hamster / Gerbil carry - all??
I can't put this into words....................... (disturbing)
What bothers me is that is too flat to be a woman's ass.
The most useful thing about this post is that I can now go around calling people "Shiri". Thank you!
siri, can you tell me where your japanese twin?
They can probably make different ethnicities. Wonder if it will also include Smell-a- Vision? What if it breaks and leaks oil? Oy Vey!
The Japanese market strange things. Pillows shaped like womens laps, giant pillows painted with a womans likeness, now this...
and that's gentlemen , is how you test a robot butt , by smacking it XD
Bob Lee
It's for the Homeland Security TSA's new $100 million dollar 2-week mandatory training course on how to inspect Spanx. (grin).
Isn't Shiri what Sean Connery calls the voice on his iPhone?
It gets really creepy when he 'massages' it around 2:50"...

Japanese dudes need to go out and talk more to real women... urgently!
someone needs to come out... seriously...
no offence to the japanease butt (hehehe) their all perverts
Japan never ceases to amaze me. I think I want one... just so my friends can come over and ask wth?
a major breakthrough in ro-buttocks (I can't claim credit for this)
Lucy TA
What the heck?????
Lucy TA
I'm sorry to butt into your conversation, butt it seems like Japan is a little too obsesses with robots and butts.
Is it developed for catholic monks and priests to save children?
Lucy TA
Sir mix-o-lot would be proud.
If they could teach it to talk it could go into politics
why would someone have a random but laying around
All I want to know is how the hell can I apply the Voight-Kampff test to a butt to make sure it's real and not one of these.
Not sure if this is funny, or just really sad.
Some people have WAY too much time on their hands!
Maybe Japan is telling the rest of the world to kiss their robotic %@#$!
JoPa Mi
Was anyone else eerily turned on at first, then creeped out towards the end?
Man, if put their minds to solving their nuclear crises it would have been solved now.
Why the hell did they make this?, there could be so many other things done lik better video games.
OK..... faces that display emotions.....but a mechanised buttocks?!
Silly The goal is a full working android (no pun) sex robot The long wet dream of robot inventors.
You people obviously do not get the point. The End
Why a guys butt? Why couldn't they do a giant ghetto booty to test the Ba dunk a dunk action....curious to see the muscle involved there! haha
I think we all actually know "why"....
hahaha that is hilarious. The Japanese are so innovative, but sometimes I have no idea where their innovation is going. What kind of communication can you have with a butt??? That is my real question.
Jeff. L
There out to create the ultimate sex toy "robot".
We'd have to check with the creators of that before stating it in such clear terms, +Elle Gray.
Not true! And knowing Japan, I'm not surprised they were the first to come up with THIS.
Hence the reason they had to call iRobot to provide a robot that was actually useful to look into the power plants that were in meltdown after the Tsunami...
well, at least we know that in the future we'll be slaves to robots with butts
What exactly is the use of this device, pray tell?
Wow I took the time to watch half of that video... probably missed the finale. 8)
the Japanese are going up a sex robot realist looking
I mean some other robot they have like a women greeting people at the airport people did not she wasn't real it was cool those are brilliant
Oh the Japanese. Always falling face first into the Uncanny Valley.
wow... becaus the world needs more shit.. Very nice.
Some may say that these Japanese inventors are perverts. Others may say that this is a new porn toy. Whatever the real reason for creating this, or what use it'll actually become in the hands of the owner, think that it's because of these "outlet" measures that Japanese retain their sanity (well, most of the time) and Japan remains a safe organized place with low crime rate. 
I don't believe I've actually sat here and watched this...what's wrong with me???
wow......just wow.......
wht the hell.....who wud develop a robot like tht? oh yeah japan...forgot. ;)
Well....I am Japanese ....and I do not know this ...Why Japan......spooky....
The first thousand of these bionic asses were just shipped to Hollywood, with Tom Cruise being the proud first recipient.
Lol that is so fucking akward... Whats next Boob robot???
I can guess which market this is aimed at ;-)
Japan: Always trying to be unique. Always succeeding!
The also the fact that Jessica flematti A Dcf worker in ct killed travon martin. she is such a bitch.
Is that some type of sex toy or something? That's awkward I mean the motion vibration is stupid.If a girls anus really did that,that would of been horrible. /:
Thats jst creepy doesnt japan hve sumthing beta to do
don't tell the wierdo's they'll buy in the masses lmao
what the hell??? All of a sudden i feel violated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scared
Because they are Japanese and it's genetic coding of their to have an obsession with the insane. Just look at their games shows, over exxagerated female Anime, and porn vending machines.
I shouldn't find this surprising, it's Japan, after all.
Okay I know, everything is part of eventually overcoming uncanny valley and getting a true android but... couldn't make this just a part of a show along with other parts? It would look less creepy.
Maybe they want to conduct experiments otherwise objectable. Creativity needs buffer zones!
the only emotion I see the robot butt communicating is "I don't give a crap"
Prototyping robo-porn maybe? About time! There's only so much you can do with a toaster.
You laugh now, but this shit is going to sell like hot buns :D, No, really think of all the losers who buy rubber vaginas, they will love to have one of these! The japanese know the perv market is huge!!!!
Japan at its finnest! Doing weird things and stuffs.
^^Budum Tss

I guess you can say Japan is a Butt-Pirate country
there must be alot of perverted Business men in Japan
Could be a prototype for a new sex doll...
Just Wow...but, why am I not surprised that the Japanese did this? lol
Why, Japan? Why did you make a butt robot? WTF, Japan?
Well for all those who want to try something weird...
creepy perverts...but then it shows in their offense :P
Yeah, but can it drop it like its hot?
What!? Do your parents know what you do?
Tim D.
Why! Why? Oh the inhumanity!!!
Because Japan is cool this way
$50 says this thing gets HLS support before my Logitech Revue.
It is not clear why this was created. I am totally confused.
China was one step ahead with these toys in local porn shops.
can't believe i'm watching this..
japanese invention.. at least not a pie! (american) :)
With porn being one of the most profitable industries today, I think the Japanese will be able to afford to buy a couple more nuclear plants.
That was the weirdest video I have watched in a long time. And still confused as to what the point was.
I feel like my emotions were just violated! lol
worst thing i ever saw. weird.
u got that right...that's just fucked up....
you should be mad u knw ur father is ugly...
lmao.......and that is why 72% of weird sh it in the world comes from japan.
For good laughs, for releasing anger ? Lol.
For sure only the Japanese would do this. Eh, lets make an artificial butt, why not.
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