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Hong Kong school kids found smuggling iPhones into China.

Something like 15,000 kids cross the border from Shenzhen, China, to attend school in Hong Kong, where luxury goods are cheaper and easier to get. So smugglers have started paying kids to load their backpacks with iPhones and other luxury goods before they cross the border. 

Ironically, Shenzhen is where iPhones are made.
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Mike Elgan

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WeChat trolls Mark Zuckerberg in ad.

Pretty funny. 
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My first social network was hi5. 
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Mike Elgan

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The New York Times has an entire section today on the bread revolution.

Read it online here:
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Thanks for the info on The Art of Bread... Going to join now, but first Ive got some dough in the mixer that needs checking.
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Mike Elgan

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Tech News Today 991: AT&TV?
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Should the Supreme Court kill Aereo to save ABC, CBS and NBC?

Join me and my co-hosts and guests +Jason Howell (TWiT), +Peter Rojas (AOL), +Jordan Crook (TechCrunch), Matthew C. Klein (Bloomberg View) and +Ed Baig (USA TODAY) as we tackle this question and other tech news on +Tech News Today!

#aereo #technewstoday #tnt   #TWiT  
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How would this kill them?  If they don't produce any content then Aereo has nothing to rebroadcast.  This is simply another way to access the content that the networks have already created and broadcast so that anyone with an antenna can consume it...unless your receiver was made by Aereo...I guess.
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Mike Elgan

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Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For trailer hits.
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+Mike Elgan here's a better quality version. It has better sound, video, and is slightly longer:
Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For - Official Trailer - The Weinstein Company
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Mike Elgan

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Tech News Today 992: OnePlus One = $299
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Invitation-only phone has high-end specs, costs only $299 unlocked. Is this a Nexus-killer?

Join me and guests +Rene Ritchie (, +Sascha Segan ( and Alex Sherman ( as we talk about the OnePlus One phone, a world of new streaming TV news, how mobile phones are boosting literacy around the world and Google StreeView Time Machine. 

Watch and subscribe:

#oneplusone #TechNewsToday #TNT #TWiT  
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+Manny Brum, Play Music will also download to a SD card, which I found ironic when Google added the ability a few months ago, since Google is otherwise anti-SD. That said, I'm more likely to be using Podcast Addict than Play Music.

Also, let's not get hungup on the backup thing. I don't, as a general practice, bother with them. All my contacts are automatically on Google as are my documents in Google drive. The only thing I might lose with a general device failure is game progress. Not really worried about that.
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Mike Elgan

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Here's a trick my wife picked up in Morocco.
How to make and use Moroccan preserved lemons.

If you like Moroccan food, chances are you've had Moroccan preserved lemon. It is a key ingredient in Moroccan cuisine. But if you've never made any food seasoned with Moroccan preserved lemon then you're missing out in the joy of eating this delightful treat.

Ian Walker made his own preserved lemons and asked me for suggestions on using them (this post is inspired by his question).

Moroccan preserved lemons are delicious when they’ve been preserved well and can enhance almost any dish they’re added to. You can even eat it plain -- cut a small piece and have a taste. The skin or zest including the pith is actually the best part. Unlike fresh lemons, preserved lemons are mildly tangy, a little salty and not really bitter. They have a hint of sweetness. 

You can find Moroccan preserved lemons at specialty grocery stores and at some health food stores but making them at home it’s easy, simple and a lot cheaper!

Moroccan Preserved Lemon recipe:

¼ to ½ cup of sea salt
10 to 12 small or medium organic lemons (Meyer lemons are fantastic for this but any variety will do) 

- After washing the lemons, they can be used whole with 6 to 8 small but deep incisions punctured through the skin with a sharp knife around each lemon. The lemons can also be partially quartered making sure the lemons still remain mostly whole (I used a combination of mostly quartered lemons with a couple of whole lemons in my batch). 

- Prepare the partially quartered lemons by adding 1 teaspoon of sea salt inside each partially quartered lemon.

- Place all the prepared lemons in a clean mason jar squeezing them in tightly together and gradually adding salt in between each layer of lemons and ending with a good amount of salt on top as a final layer. Close jar with lid but not too tightly to allow air out. Store in a dark, draft free place at room temperature.

- After three to five days, remove lid from jar and push the lemons in to squeeze them together more tightly towards the bottom of the jar. If the lemon juice released by the preserved lemons does not fully cover them, cut some fresh lemons and add enough freshly squeezed lemon juice to cover the preserved lemons so they’re entirely covered in liquid. 

- Close the jar with lid again and store them in a dark cool place. Let them do their thing for at least four to six weeks before using. Once fermented, the lemons will be good for cooking for one to two years.

How to use preserved lemons?

You can add preserved lemons to almost anything everyday for a boost of flavor in the same way you’d use fresh herbs or garlic for enhancing the flavor of foods. Preserved lemon adds wonderful but subtle flavor to food, especially Mediterranean cuisine. But I use it even with Latin American dishes and almost savory dish that calls for fresh lemon.

Use preserved lemons in cooking, with peel and all, of course. Cut them into slices or wedges or finely dice them to add to roasted, baked or broiled foods made in the oven or stove top. Preserved lemons go well with roasted vegetables, fish, wild game meats and meat of any kind including bison and lamb.

Add to recipes that call for  thyme, rosemary, cilantro, parsley and or dill. Add slices of preserved lemon to roasted chicken, duck or turkey along with garlic, rosemary, olive oil, red onions, carrots and potatoes about 2 hours before baking time is done.

When I bake a turkey, instead of putting aluminum foil to prevent burning the top of the breast, I cover it with slices of preserved lemon and add one cup of white wine to the bottom of the roasting pan one hour before the turkey is done cooking. You can do the same with roasted chicken or duck. The roasted preserved lemons are delicious, by the way. 

You can also add finely chopped preserved lemon to dressings, salads, olives, olive tapenade, white bean soups, hummus, rice or quinoa pilaf. 

Try it in your favorite savory recipe. 
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Easy enough.
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Mike Elgan

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Samsung is preparing for a 'post-Google era.'

Samsung Medial Solution Center President Hong Won-pyo told reporters today that Samsung is rapidly developing its Tizen operating system as an alternative to Android in preparation for a "post-Google era."

He said Samsung will release products that run on Tizen "as early as possible" and is looking for mergers and acquisitions to speed up the process of moving off Android.

The biggest barrier right now, he said, are "poor market conditions" (i.e. that Tizen doesn't have any apps). 
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Les Dee
Android is ten times better these guys just getting greedy 
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The world's only lovable technology journalist.
I Live On Google+!

After 10 years of blogging with conventional blogging sites and services, I abandoned that approach a year ago and started blogging on Google+. Why? Because Google+ is by far the best blogging platform. As Tim O'Reily said, it's like Tumblr 2.0, but more social. 

I also cancelled my account with a leading photo-sharing and management site, and now use Google+ for that exclusively. 

I've replaced more than half my email communication with Google+ communication. If you don't know me, the only way to reach me is via Google+. 

I use Google+ to automatically publish my email newsletter!

I use Google+ instead of Skype to communicate with my family while I'm living abroad. 

I use Google+ to write first drafts of my stories, to crowdsource, to take polls, to get feedback and to drive traffic to the articles I write. It has dramatically improved my work as a writer. 

I even use Google+ for social networking!

Although I'm most active on Google+, you can also follow me here: 

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I don't do reporting or reviews anymore. I'm all opinion, all the time. And I don't do "access journalism." I am not in the industry, I'm not an investor or entrepreneur, but instead an independent, disinterested observer. (I have nothing against access journalism, it's just not what I do.)
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Awesome. Simply awesome.
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Awesome location and great coffee completely ruined by freezing room temperature and mind-bogglingly slow Internet connect (it took me three minutes to load this page before I could write a review).
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Best place for breakfast in the State of California. I'm not kidding. This place rocks. It's mostly a French cafe, but with Moroccan and Mexican influences. The food is as good as food gets, and the owner is an awesome guy, too. Do NOT leave L.A. without eating here. You're welcome.
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reviewed 6 months ago
This is literally the best food thing in Santa Barbara by far. (Note that this McConnell's has a different owner and is very different from the other McConnell's in the area.) The best part are the baked goods, such as cookies (which you can order as part of your ice cream sandwich), hand pies and other incredible pastries. All of these are made from scratch by hand -- very home-made tasting and delicious. This place is a MUST VISIT.
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OK, I'm going to say something VERY controversial here. But it's my opinion that Pizzateca has the world's best pizza. As the author of the book _American Pie_ says, the world's best pizza is usually the one you grew up with. However, I have eaten at Bianco's Pizzeria in Phoenix, all the highest rated pizza places in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere, and this is the best I've had. Most of the best places in America nail the toppings but fail on crust. They tend to use yeast-based leavening, which can only get you so far. Pizzateca, on the other hand, is doing something magical with the crust that involves 3 days of fermentation, according to the owner. Specifically, Pizzateca's muchroom and garlic pizza is truly mind-blowing. Please, do NOT fail to eat at this tiny joint if you're anywhere near Madrid, Spain.
• • •
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Great place. Very good coffee, tea and food. Great atmosphere and very friendly people.
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Best place for a treat in California. Amazing!!
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reviewed 6 months ago