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The Google Assistant logo in Allo reminds me of the Wonder Bread logo

I wonder how many ways Google Assistant helps build strong bodies.

#GoogleAllo #GoogleAssistant #WonderBread
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Am also thinkining
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Mike Elgan

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Apple's App Store has a fake Google Allo app called Alo

It even uses the same color scheme, and a speech bubble. 
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Hi send
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Mike Elgan

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Chinese billionaire gives his dog eight iPhone 7s
Wang Sicong, the 28-year-old son of China's richest billionaire, apparently bought eight new iPhones for his Alaskan Malamute, Coco. The dog already owns two gold Apple Watches. 
The dog has a blog, which is called "Wang Coco Is a Bitch"
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using  that  money on some starving kids or give it as a donation to some charity will be good bt people we are different can l have one cause l don't have a better
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Mike Elgan

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Apple's iMessage finally grows up

(Read my column: )

Apple is finally taking on Snapchat, WeChat and Slack.

Wait, what?

When iOS 10 appeared on Tuesday, it featured a long list of enhancements. The biggest news is the transformation of Apple's messaging service, iMessage, into a full-fledged, modern messaging platform.

As with so many things, Apple is an exception to industry norms. The new iMessage will become far more than just another messaging service. It changes everything.

Here's how:

#imessage #iphone #ios10 #apple

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Why doesn't Apple release iMessages on Android? They released Apple Music. If it's so good it would stand the test of multi platform.
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Mike Elgan

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An iMessage app called GrammarSnob lets you correct people

The new iMessage, which was updated at the same time as the new iOS 10, along with the Messages app, enables you to drag and drop stickers anywhere in the conversation. So an iMessage sticker app called GrammarSnob lets you drop cross outs, line outs and other negating markup, along with common things that people get wrong.

The result is that you can take an annoying red pencil to your conversations.
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+Hillwood Lam what does "can you even English" mean? 
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Mike Elgan

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Apple's new AirPod ad
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Saw this on Conan it was hilarious
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Mike Elgan

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Children's computer kit runs Amazon's Alexa!

Full disclosure: My son, +Kevin Elgan, recently joined the awesome San Francisco-based startup Piper, which makes an amazing $299 computer kit for kids.

The kit uses Minecraft to teach kids how to build the computer itself, then use the computer they built to learn about electronics and programming.

Piper is fun, but not a toy. It's a real computer (based on Raspberry Pi). My son last night put Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant on a Piper computer.

Check out the video!


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Salut cv
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Mike Elgan

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Who's using Google Allo?

Google's new Allo messaging app, which is sorta kinda like Apple's iMessage (except cross platform, with Smart Replies and the Google Assistant), officially started rolling out today.

Who's using it already?
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Don't need another one.
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Mike Elgan

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Fanny pack phone holder is the worst accessory ever
The Handee Holder is a fanny pack with a telescoping phone holder, so you can watch and use your phone hands-free. 
Do I have to spell out why this is horrible? OK: 
1. It's a bulky, complicated wearable contraption that does nothing but hold your phone. 
2. It's a fucking fanny pack.
3. It looks like you've got an erection with a phone attached to it.
Please don't fund this!
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Mike Elgan

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First selfie with the iPhone 7

Left to right my nephew +Ben Wagner , me, my photobombing daughter in law, +Nadia Elgan and my son, +Kevin Elgan.

(Taken with Kevin's iPhone 7.)
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Hallo K
samsung galaxy S 7 is a better phone
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Mike Elgan

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Why no bots in the new iOS 10 iMessage? Did Apple ban them?

Just checking.

(Picture not necessarily related.)
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+Flavien Brun Ducret Marseille! 
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Mike Elgan

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Why you should invite A.I. to all your meetings!
(Read my column:

Only humans can have meetings, sadly.

But some of the clerical work associated with organizing and documenting meetings now might be outsourced to artificially intelligent machines.

Wait, you might say. Isn't artificial intelligence for big tasks such as self-driving cars, automated trading and facial recognition?

Once the stuff of science fiction, AI is quickly becoming widespread, available and even commoditized. While AI eventually will play a much larger role in just about everything we all do, the first AI application you touch almost certainly will perform tedious, relatively minor tasks. In business, that means helping you with your meetings.

I'll tell you at the end of this column why business meeting AI is a great model for the future of the partnership between humans and computers. But first, let's check out the new generation of meeting helpers that use AI. 

#artificialintelligence #ai
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That is certainly just slightly short of disturbing.
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Luma Fitness cost us $232 per class. Here's why. My wife and I signed up for a year at Luma fitness at the beginning of last year. Luma Fitness limits the number of students per class. You have to sign up. If the class is full, you can't take that class. And the classes are usually full. You can see this for yourself. For example, when I wrote this review on Saturday morning, you can see from my screenshot that every Sunday class that takes place at the gym is already full. (The only available classes are a trail running class -- we already trail run every day and don't need to pay a gym for that -- and a second class that's way above our fitness level.) We work during the day, and want to work out after work. Those classes are the most unavailable, especially the ones at our fitness level. We're very busy, and often had a hard time making time for the gym. But when we did find the time, we found that Luma Fitness classes were already full. Because of that, we were able to attend only 10 classes for the year. We paid them $2,148 and used their gym 10 times. The nightmare continued. Our membership ended at the end of January. You have to give 30 days notice in writing to terminate the membership, which we did on January 6. Yet they're charging us for the full month of February. We called and argued with them about it, but they were horrible and nasty and insisted that we pay the full month, rather than honor their own contract of 30 days notice. They KNOW we won't be using their gym for the month of February. They KNOW we paid them thousands of dollars without using their service much. But they are just taking our $179 for the month anyway. I guess the $2,148 we paid for 10 classes wasn't enough, so they took more. So now our grand total is $2,327 for 10 classes. Instead of going to Luma Fitness, just flush $20 bills down the toilet twice a week. You'll save money, and you'll get more exercise.
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Shirley rules!
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Everything we tried at this restaurant was incredible. What a gem.
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OK, I'm going to say something VERY controversial here. But it's my opinion that Pizzateca has the world's best pizza. As the author of the book _American Pie_ says, the world's best pizza is usually the one you grew up with. However, I have eaten at Bianco's Pizzeria in Phoenix, all the highest rated pizza places in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere, and this is the best I've had. Most of the best places in America nail the toppings but fail on crust. They tend to use yeast-based leavening, which can only get you so far. Pizzateca, on the other hand, is doing something magical with the crust that involves 3 days of fermentation, according to the owner. Specifically, Pizzateca's muchroom and garlic pizza is truly mind-blowing. Please, do NOT fail to eat at this tiny joint if you're anywhere near Madrid, Spain.
• • •
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30 reviews
This is a really good restaurant. The food is very flavorful without being fatty and heavy. Great service.
Public - 2 years ago
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Awesome location and great coffee completely ruined by freezing room temperature and mind-bogglingly slow Internet connect (it took me three minutes to load this page before I could write a review).
Public - 2 years ago
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Best place for breakfast in the State of California. I'm not kidding. This place rocks. It's mostly a French cafe, but with Moroccan and Mexican influences. The food is as good as food gets, and the owner is an awesome guy, too. Do NOT leave L.A. without eating here. You're welcome.
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reviewed 2 years ago