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After 10 years of blogging with conventional blogging sites and services, I abandoned that approach a year ago and started blogging on Google+. Why? Because Google+ is by far the best blogging platform. As Tim O'Reily said, it's like Tumblr 2.0, but more social. 

I also cancelled my account with a leading photo-sharing and management site, and now use Google+ for that exclusively. 

I've replaced more than half my email communication with Google+ communication. If you don't know me, the only way to reach me is via Google+. 

I use Google+ to automatically publish my email newsletter!

I use Google+ instead of Skype to communicate with my family while I'm living abroad. 

I use Google+ to write first drafts of my stories, to crowdsource, to take polls, to get feedback and to drive traffic to the articles I write. It has dramatically improved my work as a writer. 

I even use Google+ for social networking!

Although I'm most active on Google+, you can also follow me here: 

And you can download my top 200 most popular posts as an eBook by clicking here.

I'm ranked #1 on the Google Plus Score list, which is based on user engagement.

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I'm one of Mashable's top nine Google+ Power Users.

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But wait! Who the $#@! is Mike Elgan? 

I write about technology and innovation for a living. My work appears all over the place, most frequently Computerworld, Datamation, Cult of Mac, Houzz, PC World, InfoWorld, MacWorld, CIO Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and The CMO Site.

I don't do reporting or reviews anymore. I'm all opinion, all the time. And I don't do "access journalism." I am not in the industry, I'm not an investor or entrepreneur, but instead an independent, disinterested observer. (I have nothing against access journalism, it's just not what I do.)
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Mike Elgan

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CNN is a little slow with the breaking news, apparently.
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Adam M
Everything is "Breaking News" on CNN anymore.  It has become a mordant statement about "news" in general.
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Mike Elgan

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Tech News Today 986: Google Gets a Drone of its Own!
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Mike Elgan

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Making hot chocolate, step one.
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Good Afternoon Mike Elgan  Nice Day chocola very good. Gr Maria
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Mike Elgan

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Who's getting Google Glass today?

The store is now open:
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Ya, echoing the rest of the comments, yes, too expensive, but who knows, maybe Google wanted to do this, make it only available to the truly dedicated that know if I drop $1500 on a device like this, I am going to use it, be proud of it, and TELL others about it. If they sold it cheaper, they would have opened the market up to a lot more criticism from the average folk, and frankly they are probably not ready for that yet. 
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Mike Elgan

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Great perspective.
It's That Easy or Hard!   #perspectivedeterminesaction  

From thousands of miles away, Silicon Valley can feel like a magic box: normal people enter and out pop billionaires. But the startup ecosystem is much like the Wizard of Oz, where, when you pull back the green curtain, there stands a man.

There’s actually a fairly systematic process behind the formation, growth and financial success of many startups. Which is not to say that it is a fool’s errand to launch a successful startup and grow it into a billion-dollar company, but only to say that it has been done, and there is a worn path and a mature ecosystem surrounding this routine.

Related: How This CEO Combined a For-Profit and Nonprofit and Made Both Better For It

San Francisco-based startup organization Funders and Founders generated the infographic below, breaking down the way an entrepreneur goes from idea generation through to initial public offering. The infographic is based loosely based on famous programmer and venture capitalist Paul Graham's essay "How to Start a Startup.”

Take a look to get a clearer picture of what goes on in the big black box that is Silicon Valley. Behind the green curtain.

Thanks +Entrepreneur +Funders and Founders 
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Mike Elgan

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Over at the Atlantic, John Tierney performs the important service of analyzing Beverage Industry magazine's 2014 U.S. Beer Category Report. The biggest takeaway for beer fans: Northern California's Lagunitas Brewing Company is hot and on fire. That 84 percent sales increase from 2012 to 2013 is far and away the...
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I sidhu
+Martin Muldoon I believe it is based on the number of cases shipped/sold per year.
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Is Google's dream of a stratospheric Internet a dumb fantasy or a brilliant vision?

Watch to find out what I think:

Post a comment below to let me know what YOU think. 

This episode of +Tech News Today involves the usual suspects (co-host +Jason Howell and me) as well as guest co-anchor +Dan Lyons (+HubSpot) and interview guest +Andrew Cunningham (+Ars Technica). 

Join the TNT Google+ community!:

#titanaereospace   #google   #facebook   #technewstoday   #tnt   #TWiT  
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The news stories are focusing on the Developing World but I am inclined to believe that this could be very useful creating competition in the Developed World
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Mike Elgan

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I just don't understand the 'we're serving you coffee' argument.

The self-described "anarchists" in San Francisco who are harassing +Kevin Rose and blaming him personally for the cost of living in San Francisco keep complaining that you technology employees are getting rich and "we're serving you guys coffee."

This same line came up with the previous stories about Kevin Rose being harassed by the same group, presumably.

The coffee thing makes zero sense because:

1. Doesn't pretty much everyone drink coffee? Isn't it pretty inexpensive? Why the coffee obsession?

2. Doesn't buying coffee help create jobs? Would the people serving coffee be better off if fewer people bought it?

3. If being a barista is too demeaning, do the protesters think the baristas would be promoted to psychiatrists and lawyers if technology employees moved back to the South Bay and stopped buying their coffee in the city?

4. If the people serving technology employees don't want to serve coffee to technology employees, why don't they just stop?


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J rose
+Alexander Fretheim well I am a barista and used to work at a shop not far from you in bothell and tips there where pretty good. Now years ago my wife worked at a store that was on the ground floor of a building that Amazon employees occupied. She often commented on how tip friendly they where and great customers to serve overall. It's true, plenty of people don't tip and I'm ok with that. I'm not in it for tips, I do it because I love coffee that much.
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Great new Gmail-Google+ integration: smartphone photos show up in Gmail!

You know those Auto-Backup photos that move from your smartphone to Google+? Well now they're a click away in Gmail, too. The effect is that the pictures you take with your phone are just "there" when you want to email them to people. Nice!!
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So what about when someone emails me a picture, can I add that picture to my G+ pictures, or only to drive? 
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Mike Elgan

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Tech News Today 985: Facebank?

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+Jeremy Frazier On behalf of the whole crew, thank you!
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Awesome. Simply awesome.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Awesome location and great coffee completely ruined by freezing room temperature and mind-bogglingly slow Internet connect (it took me three minutes to load this page before I could write a review).
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Best place for breakfast in the State of California. I'm not kidding. This place rocks. It's mostly a French cafe, but with Moroccan and Mexican influences. The food is as good as food gets, and the owner is an awesome guy, too. Do NOT leave L.A. without eating here. You're welcome.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
This is literally the best food thing in Santa Barbara by far. (Note that this McConnell's has a different owner and is very different from the other McConnell's in the area.) The best part are the baked goods, such as cookies (which you can order as part of your ice cream sandwich), hand pies and other incredible pastries. All of these are made from scratch by hand -- very home-made tasting and delicious. This place is a MUST VISIT.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
27 reviews
OK, I'm going to say something VERY controversial here. But it's my opinion that Pizzateca has the world's best pizza. As the author of the book _American Pie_ says, the world's best pizza is usually the one you grew up with. However, I have eaten at Bianco's Pizzeria in Phoenix, all the highest rated pizza places in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere, and this is the best I've had. Most of the best places in America nail the toppings but fail on crust. They tend to use yeast-based leavening, which can only get you so far. Pizzateca, on the other hand, is doing something magical with the crust that involves 3 days of fermentation, according to the owner. Specifically, Pizzateca's muchroom and garlic pizza is truly mind-blowing. Please, do NOT fail to eat at this tiny joint if you're anywhere near Madrid, Spain.
• • •
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Great place. Very good coffee, tea and food. Great atmosphere and very friendly people.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
Best place for a treat in California. Amazing!!
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago