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Finally, a practical and appealing toiletry bag!

As someone who lives out of a suitcase (actually a wheeled backpack — — ), the subject of toiletry bags is something both near and dear to my heart.

In short, I've never found a good solution — until now. Traditional toiletry bags for men tend to be made out of some weird vinyl material. Stuff leaks, the inside gets nasty, with toothpaste smears and other problems. The biggest problem is that they don't clean up well. As a result, I tend to use a plastic freezer bag, and change it every once in a while.

But now I've discovered the Würkin Stiffs Silicone "D-Bag" It's made out of silicon! That means you can rinse it, wash it and stop worry about it.

Here's all the stuff I use and recommend:

#luggage #toiletry bag


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This should help... : ) 

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Robot fish drones, traffic-busting supercars, never-miss dartboards and face-recognition toilet paper dispensers!

Read all about it on Mike's List:



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How to protect yourself from ATM crime

(Read my column: )

ATM crooks are getting super sophisticated. ATM skimmers now use pinhole cameras to steal your PIN, and tiny skimmers that fit inside the ATM's card scanner where they can't be seen and where they don't interfere with its normal operation.

The good news is that starting Monday, all 13,000 Wells Fargo ATMs will enable you to withdraw money without using your card. Later this year, they'll even let you use Apple Pay or Android Pay to access your account at ATMs.

In fact all the major banks are adding better security to ATMs.

It won't stop ATM crime. Here's why:

#atm #atmskimming #atmshimming

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There’s more to the smartphone nostalgia trip than meets the eye!

(Read my column: )

The smartphone market finds itself in the grip of a nostalgia craze.

In recent weeks we’ve seen companies announce or hint at products designed to remind users of old-school devices like the Nokia 3310, BlackBerry devices, the Psion PDA, and Motorola’s Razr.

These products’ heydays all date from before the iPhone shipped in 2007, an event that ushered in the smartphone market’s Tyranny of the Rectangle.

But these phones have more than nostalgia going for them. They actually embody some great ideas.

Here's why you just might want to buy one of these nostalgia-inducing phones:

#Nokia3310 #BlackBerryKEYone #GeminiPDA

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I do!
Who loves eating pie?

Eating pie is one of my husband's obsessions. If he had it his way, everything would be made into a pie. We don't eat gluten and haven't for years so I've perfected delicious pie crusts that are gluten-free and mostly whole grain.

One of my favorite savory pie recipes I've created is a curry turkey pot pie. But I also make lots of different kinds of sweet pies, which are also gluten free. In our family, quite often, there is birthday pie instead of birthday cake. And, of course, my husband's last birthday was all about pie -- both sweet and savory.

Would you like to learn the art of healthy gluten-free and nutritious but exceptionally delicious pie-making from scratch? It's one of the optional offerings for our new Gastronomad Experiences 😋

More info at

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Like I said, Apple is working on smart glasses.
Why Apple will make smart glasses

(Read my column: )

It's easy to dismiss the speculation that Apple is working on smart glasses.

It's hard to picture Apple selling smart glasses. But it's also hard to picture them not doing it.

If smart glasses become a popular and mainstream consumer electronics category, Apple will almost be required to enter the market as a fiduciary responsibility to Apple shareholders.

Consider the plight of poor Apple. Smartphone margins are shrinking. The tablet market is flabby. Smartwatches aren't panning out as a mainstream platform. Apple TV is still not going to bring in huge profits. So Apple has to adapt and keep up with the evolution of consumer technology to continue to dominate the market as well as secure its growth.

Also, the choice of smartphone in the future may be dictated by the use of smart glasses. If mainstream smart glasses require an Android phone, Apple could lose market share.

What's certain is that Apple is working on smart glasses.

Here's exactly why I think Apple will actually make and sell smart glasses:




#smartclasses #apple

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Mike's List 135 just hit!





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Live like a gastronomad for a few days in Barcelona or Fez!

If you saw TWiT last week, then you heard me talk about my wife's new business, called Gastronomad Experiences. Here's that TWiT segment in case you missed it:

As you probably know, my wife, +Amira Elgan, and I are nomads. We live all over the world.

Gastronomad Experiences are where we bring a small group of people along to join us for an amazing few days in a specific city.

The next two cities are Barcelona and Fez!

You should join us if you can!!

And if you'd like to think about future trips, or just keep up to date with what we're doing, you can subscribe to our free email newsletter here:

#gastronomad #travel

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It's time to face the ugly reality of face recognition

(Read my column: )

The public is understandably hazy about the privacy and security risks of biometrics. Everybody knows biological features can be used to identify people. Police have been using fingerprints for decades, for example.

Technology has enabled a large number of new biometric identification systems that use fingerprints, iris scans, wrist vein scans, voice recognition and face recognition. But when it comes to the potential for privacy invasion, however, these various approaches are not equal.

Face recognition is 100 times more dangerous than all the others.

Here's why:

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