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The real reason iPad is 'better than a computer'

(Read my column: )

Apple says the iPad Pro is "better than a computer."

(That's an interesting claim to make for a company that makes computers.)

But is it true?

I've been pondering this question since Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro line and iOS 11 operating system at their WWDC event for developers earlier this month.

Surprisingly, my answer is: Yes! The iPad Pro is "better than a computer" — for some business users. But not for the reasons Apple gives.

#iPad #iPadPro

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What's your favorite way of eating cherries?

I saw them in season in Morocco last week and now here in Cannes, France.

And I took this picture in Barcelona at La Boqueria Market just a few weeks ago!

I'd like to invite you to sign up for our Barcelona Experience in Barcelona this September! It's going to be epic fun!

In many ways, what makes our approach to travel not only sustainable, but also meaningful, rewarding and life changing is the fact that they are not about vacationing but about living like temporary locals wherever we go.

We're not checking it out. We're moving in.

At every new place we live, we rent an apartment or a house. We do our work, we develop a daily routine, we shop at the local markets, we cook, we do dishes, we bring our trash to the street trash receptacle, we do laundry, we wash our bedding, we clean up and maintain an apartment -- our home. Yes. Our home is wherever we go and wherever we are.

We also sometimes take "vacations" and enjoy tourism. We take day trips to go explore. While living in Florence, we took a vacation to Cinque Terre, for example. While living in Athens we took a vacation to Santorini.

But for us, the real joy will always be the living, not the touring. We become regulars at the local coffee shops and mom-and-pop stores. We use the local transportation. We get to know the shop keepers and the farmer's market sellers by name. We wander through every street and get to know the whole neighborhood and even city by heart.

And in the process we serendipitously discover a hidden gem, a local beloved relic, a traditional artisan, a talented maker or visionary innovator. We learn the local secrets. We observe, talk to, get to know, and learn from our new neighbors and friends in every way we can.

Vacations are fun. But it's the joy of living that keeps us moving. Come along and experience it with us!

#barcelona #spain #gastronomad #slow #travel #beauty #joy #organic #biodynamic #natural #permaculture #realfood #seasonal #farming #foodartisans #handcrafted #sustainable #life #fooodie #farmers


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The Gastronomad Barcelona Experience!

Come join us this September for the experience of a lifetime!

To say that we live to eat isn't quite accurate.

We're passionate about food, to be sure. We look for and discover the people who are keeping the traditions of the local culture alive, who also happen to be the heart and inspiration of the local community interested in preserving the almost lost arts of pre-industrial culinary traditions and cultural heritage.

We talk to the experts and the leaders. We want to learn about and participate in the local community's way of life. But more importantly, we want to acknowledge, promote and celebrate the artisans who are not only keeping traditional methods alive but also using modern technology to innovate, enhance and complement what they do for the purpose of cultivating tradition and making it more ubiquitous.

To us, they’re unsung heroes preserving the traditions as well as passing along the knowledge to younger generations inspiring them to keep a connection with real food, the land, farm-based cooking and beyond organic practices in agriculture, handcrafted natural food preservation and local culinary artisanal methods.

This, in a nutshell, is what it means to be a gastronomad. It's a slow and deep approach to immersive travel with intention and conscientiousness to champion for preservation of local culinary traditions, cultural heritage and authentic way of life.

Our mission is to create a joyful gathering of likeminded future friends to rediscover the simple pleasures of sharing a farm-based meals made with locally sourced seasonal ingredients with the help of local artisans around the world.

Informing to inspire sustainable, slow and conscientious travel practices is part of the core philosophy behind the gastronomad lifestyle.

Join us for our first and only Barcelona Experience ever! To us, each experience is serendipity in the making and trying to recreate the same thing twice is not serendipitous.

We have only four spots left for this true and genuine once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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This is the photo we talked about last night on TWiG
Sea lion vs. flightless cormorant, Isabela Island, Galápagos

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Watch This Week in Google!

+Leo Laporte, Stacey Higginbotham and I grapple with Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition, the future of Uber and much more.

#ThisWeekinGoogle #TWiG #Amazon #WholeFoods

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I'm on This Week in Google!



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It's 2017. Are we there yet with editing audio or video on phones or tablets?

Is anyone using their smartphone or tablet to edit podcasts or video?

If so, who? And what apps are they using? 

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Is the mobile web better than the "regular" web?

Google's AMP optimizes for mobile, meaning that AMP articles and pages should load much faster than normal pages.

Also: Many startups launch mobile-online web-base services.

Some social services, such as messaging services (Snapchat, Allo, Confide, etc.) are mobile only.

These are reasons why the mobile web is better than the "regular" web.

Are there any advantages to the "regular" web over the mobile web? 

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I need a chocolate printer

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Lying is just part of OnePlus company culture

I'm not surprised OnePlus is lying about the benchmark performance of its new OnePlus 5 phone. This company lies and cheats like it's a bodily function.

The first link below is an article I wrote three years ago about OnePlus's many early transgressions. The second link talks about recent benchmark cheating. And the third link is another person's view on OnePlus.


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