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The world's only lovable tech journalist

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Augmented Reality is going to be fun!

This ARKit app is shown here "levitating" an iPhone.

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This Ethiopian restaurant is the highest-rated restaurant in the Bay Area

Or so I'm told. In any event, the food is spectacularly great.


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Who wants to experience the culinary adventure of a lifetime?

Our plans for the Gastronomad Barcelona Experience are close to being finalized! 

We're down to one remaining spot for a single couple. 

(Grab it now: )

Go here to find out more!:

Here's a partial list of the incredible foodie stuff we're going to enjoy:

* Traditional bread baking class with Spain's #1 baker
* Day in the Cava country tasting biodynamic bubbles with the top natural winemakers
* Grape harvesting in Penedes vineyards and winemaking the Catalonian way
* Local artisanal cheese class with expert affineur to the Michelin restaurant chefs
* Wood-fire cook-out of Catalonian delicacies
* Quality time in exclusive studio with a famous Catalonian ceramacist and artist
* Guided walk around La Boqueria Market to shop the way the locals do
* Market to kitchen to table Paella and Sangria master class taught by Catalonia’s most talented couple (who are the leaders of Barcelona’s organic food movement)
* Authentic Paella and Sangria Party!
* Perfect Mediterranean picnic and beach day
* Spanish Vermut (vermouth) class and tasting
* Tapas hopping (a.k.a. restaurant roulette) at the city's best tapa joints
* Decadent and bohemian day and night in the Gothic Quarter
* A lavish Catalan gastronomy dining experience under the stars
* Journey through Spain's best wines with Spanish cheese pairing
* Traditional market-restaurant seafood culinary experience
* Intimate and exclusive Flamenco entertainment
* Old-fashioned Spanish hot chocolate and churro respite
* And other secret surprises!

Join us!!

#gastronomad #barcelona #catalonia #barcelonaexperience

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Google Glass is Back

Really it was never going to go away. The pressure to have seamless augmented reality at our fingerprints is only increasing. It's always the form factor that needs to be solved in order to lower threshold barriers to uptake. :) 

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Who wants an Amazon messaging app?

Amazon is asking people about a possible messaging app called "Anytime." It looks like a cross between WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. It would be encrypted, cross-platform, enable calls and video chat and enable apps, including games.

What's your reaction? 

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New Blade Runner trailer hits!

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Amazon gets into the meal kit racket

The first thing I thought after the shock wore off upon learning of Amazon's recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market is: meal kit!

Now Amazon is filing trademarks.


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If you're interested in skate culture, check out my Uncle John's new book!

It's called "Anti Gravity Device Company." The book is a memoir and history of John's involvement in skate culture in Hawaii and California in the 70s, 80s and 90s (including as a designer and builder of insane ramps and skate parks).

This book is a must read for skate and extreme sports fans, as well as anyone interested in the history of 20th Century California -- an instant skate lit classic.

(Full disclosure, author +John Oliver is my mother's brother and his editor on the project was my brother, +Adam Khan.)

Read it:


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The augmented reality boom will transform phones (and everything else, too)

(Read my column: )

Augmented reality is frivolous, we're told. It's mainly for gimmicks and games.

But an important transformation is about to get under way. Starting next year, AR will begin transforming enterprise communications, logistics, manufacturing, analytics, product design, training, marketing, field service and more.

Today's phones and tablets aren't quite up to the task. But tomorrow's will be.

Everybody will be surprised when the obvious and inevitable happens -- when the capabilities and performance of AR on phones and tablets becomes the reason to buy one brand of phone over another. You can bet that smartphone makers will then innovate with new hardware features to boost AR.

It's actually already happening. Silicon Valley is suddenly exploding with chatter about an industry-wide race to optimize smartphones for AR.

Here's what industry nerds are whispering about

#augmentedreality #ar #iphone #hologramphone #huaweimate10 #surfacephone

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Goofing around with my baby granddaughter during her luncheon

It's great to be back with Princess Squishyface again (or, since she's eating baked squash for lunch, Princess Squashyface...).

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