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Best salad I've ever had in a restaurant.

L'Antic Magatzem Restaurant is a kick-ass Catalonian restaurant. Everything was great, including the food, wine and service. But this warm raw goat cheese salad was unbelievable.
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That is one huge effing salad. I thought Americans were supposed to be the gluttonous ones?
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Mike Elgan

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Love the view from our Barcelona apartment.

(Fast Internet, too, thanks to AirBnB master +Amira Elgan)....
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This is what it's like to drink real absinthe.
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Mike Elgan

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All dolled up for a night on the town.

Why, I have no idea...
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Mike Elgan

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Innovation at Mobile World Congress: The Beergarita!

They say that thirst is the Mother of Invention...
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A giant Grumpy Cat no. 
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Mike Elgan

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Checking out Barcelona's Black Lab.

We were eager to check out the local micro-brew scene to see how it contrasted with American craft beers. So +Amira Elgan found this shiny, new brew pub in Barcelona called Black lab.

Beer is awesome, and all the food is made with beer, too.

Turns out the owner and brewer is an American.

Whatever, man. Great place!
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I'm on Sierra Nevada 
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Mike Elgan

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Our daily elevator squeeze.

Our Barcelona apartment is on the 7th floor. The elevator is the size of a phone booth. So twice a day, we all pile in with our backpacks and equipment cases to leave and come back. 

+Amira Elgan +HILTON GORING 
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+Wade Moline​ I hope they brought their towels.
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Mike Elgan

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My Spanish is a little rusty, but I think the lower-right disclaimer translates as "Children get sick and die."

I could be wrong, though.
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In Catalan means 'every day' ☺
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Mike Elgan

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Tuesday nightlife
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Pub dogs are the best dogs.
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Mike Elgan

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Absinthe minded...

At Bar Marsella. 
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+Joseph Labrecque I am not aware of the brand in the pour I am relating the brand my girlfriend and I tried four years ago. And I do agree with your assessment. We have since given our allegiance to Vieux Pontarlier which I am sure you will agree is clean bright and top class for any special evening.

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Mike Elgan

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The view from our Barcelona balcony.
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Hope you're going home via Tenerife this time, +Mike Elgan​. ;-) 
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Luma Fitness cost us $232 per class. Here's why. My wife and I signed up for a year at Luma fitness at the beginning of last year. Luma Fitness limits the number of students per class. You have to sign up. If the class is full, you can't take that class. And the classes are usually full. You can see this for yourself. For example, when I wrote this review on Saturday morning, you can see from my screenshot that every Sunday class that takes place at the gym is already full. (The only available classes are a trail running class -- we already trail run every day and don't need to pay a gym for that -- and a second class that's way above our fitness level.) We work during the day, and want to work out after work. Those classes are the most unavailable, especially the ones at our fitness level. We're very busy, and often had a hard time making time for the gym. But when we did find the time, we found that Luma Fitness classes were already full. Because of that, we were able to attend only 10 classes for the year. We paid them $2,148 and used their gym 10 times. The nightmare continued. Our membership ended at the end of January. You have to give 30 days notice in writing to terminate the membership, which we did on January 6. Yet they're charging us for the full month of February. We called and argued with them about it, but they were horrible and nasty and insisted that we pay the full month, rather than honor their own contract of 30 days notice. They KNOW we won't be using their gym for the month of February. They KNOW we paid them thousands of dollars without using their service much. But they are just taking our $179 for the month anyway. I guess the $2,148 we paid for 10 classes wasn't enough, so they took more. So now our grand total is $2,327 for 10 classes. Instead of going to Luma Fitness, just flush $20 bills down the toilet twice a week. You'll save money, and you'll get more exercise.
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Shirley rules!
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Everything we tried at this restaurant was incredible. What a gem.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
Awesome location and great coffee completely ruined by freezing room temperature and mind-bogglingly slow Internet connect (it took me three minutes to load this page before I could write a review).
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31 reviews
This is a really good restaurant. The food is very flavorful without being fatty and heavy. Great service.
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reviewed 6 months ago
Awesome. Simply awesome.
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OK, I'm going to say something VERY controversial here. But it's my opinion that Pizzateca has the world's best pizza. As the author of the book _American Pie_ says, the world's best pizza is usually the one you grew up with. However, I have eaten at Bianco's Pizzeria in Phoenix, all the highest rated pizza places in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere, and this is the best I've had. Most of the best places in America nail the toppings but fail on crust. They tend to use yeast-based leavening, which can only get you so far. Pizzateca, on the other hand, is doing something magical with the crust that involves 3 days of fermentation, according to the owner. Specifically, Pizzateca's muchroom and garlic pizza is truly mind-blowing. Please, do NOT fail to eat at this tiny joint if you're anywhere near Madrid, Spain.
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reviewed a year ago