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Tech News Today 989: Heartbleed is Healing!
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Mike Elgan

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Dude makes laser-guided Spider Man wrist shooter.

A German guy named +Patrick Priebe built a functioning Spider Man shooter that can launch tethered darts!
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+Kyle Silcox
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Google's Project Loon secretly tests balloons in Nevada with LTE.

Government filings obtained by IDG's +Martyn Williams reveal that Google has been testing its high-flying Internet balloon idea in Nevada, and with licensed radio spectrum, too. 


#projectloon   #google  
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UFO sightings can now be explained away as Loon balloons instead of weather balloons.
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TV changes forever on Tuesday. But which way will it go?

Watch this debate now:

The legality of Aereo goes before the Supreme Court Tuesday. If they win the case, an explosion of Aereo-like companies could start streaming live TV online and the network broadcasters could move everything to cable-only. 

If they lose, control remains in the hands of the network broadcasters and Aereo -- and their whole model -- goes out of business immediately. 

Will they win or will they lose? Aereo investor Barry Diller says it's 50-50. +Dwight Silverman says Aereo will win. Ted Johnson (a writer for the Hollywood trade publication +Variety) says they'll lose. 

Also on this program: co-host +Jason Howell and guest co-anchor +Lindsey Turrentine (+CNET) and interview guests +Wilson Rothman (+The Wall Street Journal) and Tom Dotan (The Information). 

#aereo   #TechNewsToday   #TNT   #TWiT  
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I'd just wish you could pay a set monthly fee and stream as much of whatever you whenever you want. Having to tune at a set time, record shows on DVRs or buy a DVD box set feels soooo 20th Century.
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Mike Elgan

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Ha! My picture showed up in this leaked Google+ app redesign screenshot!

Props to +Marlon Thompson 
The faucet just won't shut off. This alleged redesign sees a reappearance of that red circular button from previous leaks, and other significant changes.
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Possible re-design looks nice. 
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Mike Elgan

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What makes creepy tech so darn creepy?

Watch TNT to find out:

Have you noticed that tech these days is often described as “creepy”? Google Glass is creepy. Personalization is creepy. Humanoid robots are creepy. 

Today on +Tech News Today, co-host +Jason Howell, guest co-anchor +Jill Duffy (+PC Mag) and interview guests +Arik Hesseldahl (Re/code) and +Omer Tene (+International Association of Privacy Professionals) join me as we grapple with the creepy factor, and also some of the top tech news stories of the day!

#creepy   #TechNewsToday   #TNT   #TWiT  
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Since when is Glass creepy?
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Mike Elgan

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Pretty much the worst thing ever: Video glasses express emotions (so you don't have to!)

AgencyGlass is a prototype glasses product that displays creepy eyes that express socially appropriate emotion. At least, that's the theory. In reality, this is the stuff of some kind of horror movie.
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Wow, it looks like the author of that article on the verge actually believes this is a real thing. 
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Mike Elgan

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Tech News Today 988: The Future of TV is in the Aereo
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+1  La    maintenant  ,  nous   avons   le  cable .  Dans   le   Future   de   la   TV  ,   nous   explique   que  il va   y   avoir   une   lantenne   nommée  Aereo  Qui   va  avoir   une   protection  absolue  , plus   besoin   de   cable  <WIN < 
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Mike Elgan

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Listen up! Hearable computing is the Next Big Thing!

I believe the next big thing in computing is the audio interface. Call it hearable computing.

Hearable computing is not a sub-genre of wearable computing, nor mobile computing, nor desktop computing. It’s a thing unto its own. And I believe it will take two forms: First, the always listening, ubiquitous microphone; and second, the always listening user.

Here's what's coming:

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In-ear won't be what gets most widely adopted, bone conduction or projected should though.  I'd get ear piercings if they were smart sound projecting ear-rings.
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Samsung will soon have 5 smartwatches on 4 software platforms. Is that too many?

Watch TNT now:

Join my killer crew on +Tech News Today: Co-host +Jason Howell, guest co-anchor +Don Reisinger (+CNET, etc.) and interview guests +Vlad Savov (The Verge), +Philip Goldstein (Fierce Wireless), +Graham Cluley ( and +Miroslav Djuric (iFixIt).

Subscribe now:

(Note: images are concepts only, and do not reveal actual plans by Samsung.)

#Samsung   #smartwatches   #TechNewsToday   #TNT   #TWiT  
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+Claude Ndahayo The Gear 2/Neo is Tizen, the Gear Fit is RTOS
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The world's only lovable technology journalist.
I Live On Google+!

After 10 years of blogging with conventional blogging sites and services, I abandoned that approach a year ago and started blogging on Google+. Why? Because Google+ is by far the best blogging platform. As Tim O'Reily said, it's like Tumblr 2.0, but more social. 

I also cancelled my account with a leading photo-sharing and management site, and now use Google+ for that exclusively. 

I've replaced more than half my email communication with Google+ communication. If you don't know me, the only way to reach me is via Google+. 

I use Google+ to automatically publish my email newsletter!

I use Google+ instead of Skype to communicate with my family while I'm living abroad. 

I use Google+ to write first drafts of my stories, to crowdsource, to take polls, to get feedback and to drive traffic to the articles I write. It has dramatically improved my work as a writer. 

I even use Google+ for social networking!

Although I'm most active on Google+, you can also follow me here: 

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I don't do reporting or reviews anymore. I'm all opinion, all the time. And I don't do "access journalism." I am not in the industry, I'm not an investor or entrepreneur, but instead an independent, disinterested observer. (I have nothing against access journalism, it's just not what I do.)
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Awesome. Simply awesome.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Awesome location and great coffee completely ruined by freezing room temperature and mind-bogglingly slow Internet connect (it took me three minutes to load this page before I could write a review).
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Best place for breakfast in the State of California. I'm not kidding. This place rocks. It's mostly a French cafe, but with Moroccan and Mexican influences. The food is as good as food gets, and the owner is an awesome guy, too. Do NOT leave L.A. without eating here. You're welcome.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
This is literally the best food thing in Santa Barbara by far. (Note that this McConnell's has a different owner and is very different from the other McConnell's in the area.) The best part are the baked goods, such as cookies (which you can order as part of your ice cream sandwich), hand pies and other incredible pastries. All of these are made from scratch by hand -- very home-made tasting and delicious. This place is a MUST VISIT.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
27 reviews
OK, I'm going to say something VERY controversial here. But it's my opinion that Pizzateca has the world's best pizza. As the author of the book _American Pie_ says, the world's best pizza is usually the one you grew up with. However, I have eaten at Bianco's Pizzeria in Phoenix, all the highest rated pizza places in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere, and this is the best I've had. Most of the best places in America nail the toppings but fail on crust. They tend to use yeast-based leavening, which can only get you so far. Pizzateca, on the other hand, is doing something magical with the crust that involves 3 days of fermentation, according to the owner. Specifically, Pizzateca's muchroom and garlic pizza is truly mind-blowing. Please, do NOT fail to eat at this tiny joint if you're anywhere near Madrid, Spain.
• • •
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Great place. Very good coffee, tea and food. Great atmosphere and very friendly people.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
Best place for a treat in California. Amazing!!
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago