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This is how Gmail looks this morning with the dark grey g+ icons on the right side .. missed this feature
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It only appeared yesterday for me :)

Makes life that little bit easier to see non-G+ things in my inbox :D
+Dolidh Young I think there are many who never use Gmail .. and have all g+ email alerts turned off .. maybe they will think again .. biggest I have dealt with is user with 800k followers [at that time] .. careful filters, label and bright color help .. Oops looks like you can see My Inbox, albeit pixelled out ..
Mine's still as before, should I do something?
It's cool +Mike Downes... I don't think we can see anything.
I've started using the alerts for comments as sometimes it's easy to miss with the notifications system only showing 9 at a time on the notify drop down.
I wish I could suggest a better way of working it to them, but I can't think of any other way without mega load for the page... especially for people with a lot of notifications.
+Jaana Nyström... probably just a matter of waiting patiently till it rolls out... like the HoA stuff.
+Egržvýd Chálobodor We all have it .. Theme is Light [first choice, top left] and I view as Compact .. that's it .. the coloured bars are filters and labels i have created .. so when a message comes, I can see quickly who it's from and what key words are alerted to me ..
+Jaana Nyström A logout, clear cache maybe ? I was in mid message last night and it just appeared ..
+Dolidh Young I still check both g+ and gmail .. I cannot give one up .. it should be the RED/WHITE box as I can have 27 alerts slip through in a few mins .. hours .. weeks ..
Ah, you see, occasionally I get people adding me that go through my old posts... resurrecting them from the swamp waters of my profile. :S
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