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This article is maybe the best yet. Not only does +John Baldoni make some amazing claims. I see no trace at all in backing up the title claim of Why Google Plus is a failure Have I missed something?

One gem of a line, Google is choosing to view the company through its executive suite in Mountain View, Calif., not through the thousands of pairs of eyes of men and women who are paid to observe, analyze and comment on its corporate performance. What like you John ..? [Have John in Circles = 39]

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Does anybody seriously have any realistic data on G+? The circle thing is brilliant because it isolates users from everybody else so we really have no idea of the numbers in here.
+WT Gator Yes, 75% of my posts are limited. My question, is what these people [who write this stuff] are really out to prove. Do they want to break Google, just feel happy to moan every day.

It reminds me of the guy who has spent millions of his own money and three years, producing a movie. Then on premiere, some critic watches the first five minutes.. walks out and says it's rubbish..
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But seriously, I "love" when the guys/gals bash G+ and not even use it.
It's like saying "I HATE APPLES! Apples suck" even when you never tasted one.
Funny. My reaction to all this is that Gundrota is an idiot. Not so much the people writing the articles reporting what he said.
You have to "Take it from whence it comes". Sensationalist reporting sells news. A fact.
"The higher the tree, the stronger (and colder) the wind at the top"
I never quite get all of the statistics like "average 3 minutes per month" it makes no sense anyone that uses Google+ has for sure spent more time then that in a day. There seems to be a big group of outliers on whatever chart they are using projecting such results.
+Julian Bond What makes you view Vic Gundotra that way. I respect your view, but it would be good to give your reasons ..
Less than 50 people have him circled, and not a single post that wasn't an advertisement for his writing. Where do I even begin...
That was a lot of blah blah blah. I think the short answer is Google Hangouts on air. Nuff said.
+Mike Downes, I can't speak for +Julian Bond, but I'm beginning to think much the same - wondering what is going on at the top that they've seemed to be unable to manage Google+ or the press response to it.

Consider that in the past 3 weeks since the Ghost Town story broke, Google+ has released the following features:
- Changes to the +1 button and badge, including allowing it for your personal pages and a highly controversial color change.
- Hangouts change how you can invite people and bring Google Docs support into the main hangout product.
- An enhancement to Ripples
- A long awaited change to photo management

All this while Vic was saying they release a new version every day! Which may be true - but it means that users don't see much actual change. These changes are at the same time we continue to ask for some real and substantial fixes - the photo management is the one thing on that list that meets that description.

During this time period Vic and a huge posse were at SXSW. Did they make a major Google+ announcement or release there? No. Say anything to disprove that it is a Ghost Town? Just Vic saying that people are "using it wrong" and that their numbers say something different... but they're also measuring something different. (Do we really think they don't have time-on-site stats for the plus pages itself? Their Analytics platform can tell me this for my pages!)

A few people were at the GDC. Was there any major game-related announcements? None that I heard of. The only thing from GDC that I seemed to hear about was that in a year, "Google Games" will integrate your play across all platforms... and that the game developers want the ability to be more viral.

In this same time period, they made a couple of significant changes to other Google products. I may have missed a few, but the two that stood out to me:
- Introduction of Google Play. No mention that I've heard about Google+. None. My stream did pick up a little with Google Play Music reshares of the same cheap album, but then nearly vanished again.
- Announcement that you can make a YouTube channel based on your Google+ personal profile. Which is exactly backwards from what they're saying drives Google+ "traffic".

We keep excoriating people who say Google+ is dead for having low circle numbers. Perhaps that isn't the cause but the effect. When Vic says that people are "using it wrong", perhaps there is a fundamental problem with the design that isn't helping people use it more or better. We can't just discount the people making these comments.

The problem is - it sounds like Google is. And that is what this article was warning about.
+Allen Firstenberg There are three things at work here. What products Google have, what people say about them and how Google may appoint people in a press office.

I think, and I may be very wrong here, Google do not have a press office and exJournos sitting there spinning out stories to neutralise bad press do they? In my view, we have Google VPs, Community Managers and they talk directly to the public. I would be alarmed if Google employed a spokesperson/team like this.

What is this highly controversial colour change? Surely not the +1 button? If so, we as g+ users have our priorities wrong don't we. I was using On Air last night in France24 to talk about Syria and the one year anniversary of the uprising.. social media came into that, but it wasn't about colours.
Eventually everyone will get it. The service is getting too powerful not to notice. Huge ROI for just three minutes a month. May have to trot out the Muppets again. In the meantime we'll have to suffer these ridiculous trending-topic SEO articles. Looking forward to tearing this apart tonight.
+Franklin Nwankwo By you guys I guess you mean Google.. not us folks at this post .. will let you if/when I hear of one.
+Mike Downes I'll make sure you get an invite. It is live just before 8 p.m. EST so that is now midnight GMT I think?
People should head over to +John Baldoni s page and let him know that you can't expect to have engagement when you have't made the effort to connect to anyone. Be polite, be nice, don't vandalize.
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