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Hangouts with the help of +Hermine Ngnomire took a step forward today in the OR. What you will see circled is a Logitech C910 Webcam mounted on a medical stand and two laptops streaming to the hangout a Thyroidectomy procedure.

Dr +Gary Levin was in the hangout to share his medical expertise, also pictured are +Dan McDermott +M Monica and +Mike Downes .. More images and the video will follow shortly.
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Swee Oh
This is very cool, and as a medical planner by profession, this is a great way for us designers to learn more about the procedures and how the surgeons and nurses work around the room.
It was a great use of Hangouts... REALITY and personal! :)
This is a clever way to use a hangout. Even better would be having a web cam mounted to a doctor so that other doctors could consult while a procedure is happening.
I screwed up and there is no audio from me. (My haste to completely change configurations with no notice.) The audio from the OR and everyone else in the hangout is great and it looks fantastic. Just whenever you see me I am miming or something... No biggie. At least you get to see me!! LOL +Gary Levin +M Monica +Mike Downes +Hermine Ngnomire
+Dan McDermott We can sub title you.. saying that, youtube have upped their game with auto transcripts too ..
+Adam J. Cohen the surgeon was heavily kitted out already with glasses, binocular close up attachment and monocular torch with massive battery packs strapped to waist .. Dr +Gary Levin can tell you exactly what they were ..
this is great! Being in the medical profession, I love the idea of people being able to observe procedures from elsewhere and learn new techniques, etc....
I would think that might creep a few people out :-) very cool though.... there are so many amazing uses for this!
Thank you to all who made this possible to +Hermine Ngnomire the first HOA surgery patient on air. Hermi we watched over you..and to +Mike Downes as well as broadcaster +Dan McDermott and the unsung helpers, camera men and the anesthesiologist as well. Surgeons did a great job and at the completion of surgery a final high and low five. Amazingly despite the technical and bureaucratic glitche it all came together and worked. +Michelle Li +Melissa Carlson +Sarah Hill +Maria Quiban (sorry your audio was muffled). Patients and families enjoy this type of thing and despite HIPAA regulatons many will waive privacy. The main issue is a time delay in case something unexpected occurs. For that reason this first HOA was reccorded and broadcast later. We will work on a technical solution and talk to Google about that. +Vic Gundotra +Chee Chew +Mohamed Mansour +Digital Health Space
+Gary Levin It would not have been possible without your calming expert analysis .. :)
The surgeon had a coaxial light source (fiber optic) along with high powered stereo magnifiers with a working distance allowing him to stand and work comfortably with his hands in a natural position and without back strain. Next time we may have a professional biomedical videographer doing our over the shoulder views. It may also be possible to use a 'camera on a boom. +Hermine Ngnomire did triple time arranging technical support, and consenting to having the surgery and waiving HIPAA protection. She deserves most or all of the credit.
+Stefanos Stavropoulos It was agreed that cameras and hangouts come second to the medical procedure.Tthe medical staff were excellent in that they had tp trouble shoot setting up the remote webcam, switching it to another laptop across the room ..
This was amazing indeed! Thank you +Hermine Ngnomire for the opportunity to witness your surgery. This will no doubt help change and hopefully improve medical procedures like these in the future. Hoping you have a speedy recovery!
How can I share this post at other social sites? and with e-mail? the link at the address bar is not serving the purpose.. I know doctors and would like to share with them..thanks..
I find this mildly amazing and that you were able to keep the lawyers out of the way is really amazing! I can just hear the "What if they film someone making a mistake? Who will be liable? We can't let this happen!" conversations.
+Scott Lewis I know many hospitals are doing almost the same with video conferencing already.
+Shannon S. Myers Thanks so much, a new generation of health professionals is taking over, and old models will be discarded and/or ignored. Hopeffully we will lead the way.
+Gary Levin I worked for Indian Health Services for almost 12 years. I can see so many ways that this could be applicable. We have got to start thinking outside of the box!
Curious, What do the HIPPA folks think about this?
that is an interesting question +Jurek Grabowski although I think if it is a closed network of sorts and/or release signed by patient? I do know that other patients can be discussed while in the operating room either by telephone call/speaker or pager as well.... interesting...
Very great to see the start of this. Hangouts are just a great tool.

What kind of business name is Mike Downes Media On Air from the Hangout? (from profile listing)
This is really awesome. I imagine it can be a great tool for medical students just like similar hangouts in other industries can be great for others.
Aint nothin compared to a hangout from 2 tractors with 2 farmers +chris niemann and +Brian Scott from 2 different states! Hangout and raise a crop thanks to the awesome +Google
Ha. Need to upgrade my gear for next time.
The person getting off to this, is... really disturbed. (sorry, the joke had to be said, for medical reason it need to be addressed)
will you please tell me whats goin on here?
+M Ariana This is a screen shot, from a hangout yesterday, that show a LIVE medical operation ..
+Hermine Ngnomire You did it! Very speedy recovery to you...The message and learning towards the Thyroid and how it can and does affect mood and behavior along with all the other pioneering growth that this will bring is to be commended.
Meanwhile, on Facebook, the debate over Snookie vs. The Situation continues.
Not sure I could watch but that is a huge hangout in my book
+Mike Shaw Could you ever imagine this happening on British soil? Many in the UK, will not even stream a public meeting .. let alone medics in full flow ..
This breaks the privacy of the patient
+Mahmoud Agha It was the patient's idea to screen this even backed up by many legal signatures that made this all happen ..
it may also use for consultancy from experts situated far from operation theater.
+Mike Downes No mate, hell How long did it take to get cameras into Parliament? We still cannot see inside a courtroom yet!
Privacy is key but as long as there is consent. This is incredible. Shows a lot of great things that can be done.
Nice convenient way to watch what happens to your loved one in surgery provided it is used in a right sense. I love it.

For ambulance chasing lawyers and walking law suit patient this is a boon . Already stressed Surgeons,and doctors, beware !!!! one more tool for lawyers to jump up on you and for patients to tell you how to turn your hand and body in the Operation Theater.. Immediately comes a malpractice insurance company after you to get your premium.
This is a totally voluntary process for all concerned..patient must request it, doctor must approve it, and hospital has utimate control of the situation. Actually recording the surgery favors the surgeon. It almost always documents the physician and OR personnell meet professional stanndardsl Any physician that is 'stressed' out by being recorded more than actually doing a surgery should not be doing surgery..all surgeons have been 'watched' meticulously during training...if they couldn't pass muster then they won't be operating...Most docs have no problem telling a ho spital administrator to take a hike. The MDs report to the medical staff and bylaws....not hospital admins. Hospital admins are respnsible to the Board of Trustees.
Just to echo +Gary Levin This wasn't forced on anyone. They were cool with it. The doctor was very friendly with us before the procedure and after but totally focused like a laser beam on the patient during the procedure. There was no apprehension nor was there grandstanding. They were simply excited to be able to show others in an educational way what happens in a surgery. This was the first time this has ever been done. It was ground-breaking so others could learn. After all, doctors are scientists first.
Do you still practice in Nevada? Must be awesome views of the mountains there. We have lived in the Palm Desert area, which is also beautiful
Yes, I agree this method to document if done in the right spirit and sense.
Most of innovations are misused by people who do not know full facts
There is always the risk of divided attention when the Surgeon needs little focus and silence to take spot decisions on the table. Every case is different and when once the body is cut open it is a temple of wonders

You can not judge the Surgeon competency by hang out documentation or force the staff to follow prof studs. It Should come from within.
The hangout was meant to be educational, not a critique or demonstration of the surgeon's competency. There was much more going on including the pre op, the OR and the activity of the OR which a patient would be unaware of since they are under anesthesia.
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