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Top 650 Google Plus Users minus 350 users from the SUL By cutting out the SUL we get this chart that is just a version 1.0 ..

Debatable where we drawn the line as some users were on the SUL in the beginning, amassed many followers, now they are out ..
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Why are they out? Things changing to fast for me
No debate. Just do it :) I'm interested in seeing the results.
Sorry Dan, I asks questions and do not just do anything. Understanding important thing in my life
Thanks Dan, this along with two others are the only thing I allow (without control) to raise my blood pressure. I know I am at bottom of learning curve and that does not help. What is a SUL?
+Mike Downes No, I hadn't see that one. Interesting. I don't know of any such lists thought. That would be cool to have.
Thanks again. Suggestion, any way to sit up old folks machine that does not change to often, and screens not so busy?
+Dan Soto .. we all can look at most users at +CircleCount to see when a spike occurred, from there, I've seen many posts moaning about the list and who's on it .. one accoount is not on my global but is on my UK list err?

Whether this leads us to finding a few users who has many followers and ALL their own work, is another issue ..
+Mike Downes, I think this is just fascinating. Were you able to create a spreadsheet for the remaining 650 top users?
+Mike Downes - you are doing some very useful and interesting data analysis. Thanks for the great work.

I'm looking at this on a phone, so it may be a bit distorted but I would have assumed this would have looked much more like a power curve than it does.
It may sound silly but is there a way to keep everyone in. SUL through no fault of their own are out, Why? If you are going to kick me out of something I would like to know why. Especially if I built followers, which means I played by the rules.
So if I regard the SUL as social distortion, so to speak, can I fairly say the top "real" or "organic" follower count here is under 150K? Just want to be sure I'm reading this right.
+Alex Lapidus I'm still working on that.. issue is.. WHO was on the SUL in the dropped but still has a truck load of followers? No way to tell. except the rants in the g+ stream of other saying +xyz should not be there..

True organic could be as low as 87k .. or even lower.. hard one to guess..
Thanks, I just discovered you and I'm very intrigued by the metrics. I need to go back over your posts and get caught up...
+Mike Downes - coming back to this now. I see that you shared the spreadsheet for the full 1000 top users. Have you shared that minus the SUL (the data you used to develop the insert graph above)?
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