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Mike Downes

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Still think it's a pity we cannot add short videos to place listings .. This was taken today showing a Large Heath or a Speckled Wood Butterfly (not quite sure which) .. Found in a local forest - that is listed on maps ..
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Even a link to a YouTube video would do the job...
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Mike Downes

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How to Copy YouTube Video URL at the Current Time .. If like me, you share videos all the time at a set timestamp - then this is a shortcut you will need. In one right click copy/paste you have a timestamp ready to go ..

All you need to know is ?t= where the number you add is in SECONDS ie is 1m 13 secs .. I would definitely refresh yourself on the 6 times table .. 6, 12,18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60 ....

And yes for those who already know you can add as mins secs as: t=1m13s .. just extra typing ..

For mobile, I would SHARE then just remember the timestamp -- do the math in your head ie 2min 25 secs = 144 .. good luck -- and happy sharing ..
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Mike Downes

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New app from those +Az Screen Recorder people.. Cine Browser lets you watch video overlaid as a pop out on your mobile -- just tried it with WSJ and works perfectly...
WARNING Cine Browser is 100% clean of sexually explicit content. However, s...
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Mike Downes

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Three Ways to Make YouTube Mobile Thumbnails More and more these days we are recording mobile screens or uploading portrait video to youtube. Here are three ways to make one of those blurry background thumbnails - and get rid of that awful blackspace.

I have used Sony Vegas, Google Drawings and Google's old school picasa ..

To record a mobile or tablet screen i use AZ Screen Recorder No Root, to record my laptop screen i use OBS Studio/Classic ..
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Mike Downes

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my photos views is now unfrozen, the local guides email also tells me I'm getting 518,358 views in a week, so maybe the view counter was a tad busy watching the olympics or something.. has everyone else's counter also unfrozen ? ...
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Mike Downes

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This image is far from perfect, reason for sharing -- arrived on a University Campus.. on walking the a building instantly knew it was a panorama -- clicked five photos and went off to my meeting. And then as if by magic delivered me an alert with the pano. The large building is The Albert Sloman Library, +University of Essex England .. and in the Special Collections - .. all about J A Baker who wrote The Peregrine .. ..
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Mike Downes

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not that i'm counting as such, but has anyone else's view count stopped? mine has not moved in about a week ..
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Mike Downes

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Social Media Etiquette So there I was checking twitter, when i see a message from 'JumpingTraci' aka +Traci Cappiello .. first thing i think, 'that's interesting i'll take a look' .. then i see there is no link and no way of getting to any of the photos (on maps) .. My next reaction, do some investigative work to pull out the user link -- then i thought .. and paused .. in times gone by i would have even tweeted back and said, ''looks great and included the link ..
In my view, in 2016 -- people are more aware on this 'cyber stalking' thing .. however google make a search engine to 'search' but when people do a 'proper search' then i think many people these days feel it's stepping over a line ..

as a tailpiece of irony, official +Google Local Guides have NO PHOTOS on maps .. how weird ..
ps +Traci Cappiello is Local Guides Program Manager with 74.4 million views over 3,332 photos >
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By the way, can you use a custom URL in place of your maps gallery?
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Mike Downes

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Cine Browser by Hecorat - popout floating video - How useful is that!? Hecorat have made some brilliant Android Apps like AZ Screen Recorder and this latest one is no exception. Cine Browser lets you pop out video in a floating window..

get it:
see all Hecorat:

at time of writing [26 aug 16 6pm uk] youtube videos are not supported.. beta and all that .. but hey what a great app to watch videos from sites and keep checking email and search and stuff ..
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+Az Screen Recorder you may like this.. about your new app .. of course video made using AZ Screen Recorder .. :)
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Mike Downes

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Making Mobile Portrait widescreen with a blur Here's how to get rid of those black borders after you record a mobile screen as portrait. I've used Sony Vegas, but any multi timeline track video editor will do the job.

Although I'm talking about AZ Screen Recorder - this video is really about any mobile portrait videos while making them look better in the widescreen 16:9 youtube format .. ie sans black borders ..

watch my other AZ screen recorder videos like:

get AZ screen recorder at:
follow at:
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+Miriam Ratner neither do i.. i have use of a Moto E (very cheap and amazing phone) and an almost old school Nexus 7 ... i def would think about upgrading to something like a moto e (with quad core and gps..) it will def help you out if you are out and about and need assistance -- moto e even runs marshmallow and i guess Nougat very soon ..
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Mike Downes

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yes i'm a huge fan of and an even bigger fan of the +WebRTC that helped build it all ..
Today is the birthday of the Internet, and remote communication just became even easier! is now available as a Power-Up for 16 million Trello users - have your daily standup meeting on video while looking at your Trello board ;)
25 years ago on this day, the Internet was born. And not only are we celebrating this fantastic human creation, we are celebrating that…
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Mike Downes

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Def worth a share here, mentions local guides a few times ..
Google Maps has been available for more than 10 years now, and since its launch, a huge swatch of features and functions have been added to the service. Are you sure you know all of them? Here are our favorite tips and tricks for getting more out of Google’s mapping service.
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    many projects.. the laptop show, my camera in the field.. check website and youtube for more ..
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15 may 16 note, currently working on Simple Black and White Photography .. i was trained in black and white photography, back in the days of film, chemicals and a darkroom .. the best (and only) tools we had - a camera with a fixed 50mm lens, our legs, our eyes and a thinking creative brain. Fast forward to 2016 and most of what we see is not a photograph at all - just absolute laziness. By starting a new discussion, maybe, just maybe a few people with realise they do in fact have legs and a brain and will happily wander about with a camera as if for the very first time .. 

note:  For those many people who continually ask, 'Why are you verified [at youtube] with so few subscribers?' -- here is my answer

''I get this question alot -- I was at google+ at the start back in 2011 and that's where I got my verified tick. I am a trusted tester for google pre prerelease software (like hangouts). As it's One Google, I think that's why my tick is seen at youtube as well as across most of the 100+ Google Products and Services ...

the Laptop show is a gift to all the children I have ever taught, now all grown up .. you can read the post here at my new University of Warwick Blog: .. 

It's new new for 2016 - where anyone can learn something fast .. simple timeless fun ..

real world teacher . passionately curious . make videos to help people learn . complex to simple fast . website . . . . . . @mikedownesz

  • University of Warwick
    Education, 1994 - 1998
    Educational Studies with Biology QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) Specialist ICT and Science
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