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Mike Downes
helping people cope with & access the modern world, read and write a lot then publish teacher
helping people cope with & access the modern world, read and write a lot then publish teacher

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John Lewis River Canoe Bikes on a Sunday I wish Google Maps @localguides would allow the right video as part of Google Local Guides - here's an example I made today from this spot on the bank of the River Chelmer.

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PowerDirector Android App 22 Picture Frames to Enhance Picture Frames can point to while enhance an area of a clip. I've used a big yellow arrow to as a cumbersome contrast.

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Open Camera Android Audio Source Microphones Open Camera, like any good video recorder has a few choices for Microphones. Get it wrong and your video maybe unlistenable. One interesting choice, 'Optimised for Voice' ..

Install Open Camera at

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PowerDirector Android App Case Study Sgt Harry Tangye … featuring the @DC_ARVSgt vlog video diary ..

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Huge new track from London Grammar ..

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PowerDirector Android App 21 Portrait Minimise Timeline button Working in portrait, then look for the minimise arrow, so much easier to see what you are editing when previewing. Not much else to say, albeit use the button if needed..

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New Google Earth App import KML KMZ files Early in this video I say KMX, I meant KMZ, KML apologies. Have the New Earth App and see My Places with Import KML, KMZ and not sure what they does, then watch this video...

On desktop, visit then left MENU, My Places

More info at or at this post that gives link to Google Earth Blog 3D Mesh file.. find link next to text, ''find file in 7th pragraph... HERE IT IS...''

HELP at 'View KML files on Android'
You can use your Android device to see KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files, which show geographic data such as paths or points of interest. Learn more about KML files.

Open KML files
On your Android device, open the Google Earth app.
From the left-hand menu, tap Google Drive. If prompted, sign in to your Google Account.
In Google Drive, find and tap the KML file in the left panel.
Turn visibility on or off for the layer.

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Please Watch on a Mobile Vertical Screen Thanks Having spotted a few changes at YouTube, this is the second PORTRAIT VERTICAL video I've made today. Done well, these videos that are tall for mobile could be very useful, so just watch on mobile, and CLICK FULLSCREEN -- gone are the big black borders ..

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reminds me an awful lot about StorySpheres .. if you made any of those, you will have learned about placing audio tracks on a XY directional 360 grid thing .. 

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PowerDirector Android App 20 A Portrait Video example When opening PowerDirector, you are greeted with a Landscape or Portrait choice. This is the first portrait video I've ever made. Of course YouTube is landscape by default.

For sharing on mobiles or vertical screen like a HD TV, maybe in a conference room, a portrait video maybe just what you need.
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