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You can't make this up.
In the category of seriously, wtf?, we have a new development in the case of some Orange County cops who raided a medical marijuana dispensary, and in the process were caught on video doing some rather shady things, such as eating the pot brownies. Thanks to this video, the business is suing the cops, and the cops in question are looking at being demoted or sacked.*

But now, the cops in question are moving to have the video suppressed under California wiretapping laws. You see, under California laws, both parties need to consent to any recording for it to be legal. And while the cops knew there was a surveillance system in the business – not only was it posted, but they're legally required to have one – they are claiming that they had a legal expectation of privacy, because they thought they had smashed it.

This has got to be one of the most bizarre legal motions I've seen in a while.* I wonder if they've seriously thought through the consequences of such a decision? "I shot out the cameras, so I had a legal expectation of privacy while robbing the bank!"

* Eating a pot brownie is a serious business, you see; this isn't a minor thing like shooting a black teenager.**

** Oops. Did I say that out loud?

* I really wish I could say "ever."

My 5yo wanted to play with me. "Sure, what do you want to play?"

"Let's have a meeting so you can learn how to be a team player."

Shoot me now.

(On the bright side, the meeting was mostly on the importance of using throwing knives should the arc reactor fall into the wrong hands.)

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Sometimes doing The Daily Show seems almost too easy.

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This would totally fit in the news in my home state of Tennessee.

Well done, Washington.

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What an amazing game. So glad I got to see the Lady Vols win the Sweet 16 round today over Gonzaga in Spokane. That was an incredible comeback. Next stop: Maryland in the Elite 8. Go Lady Vols!
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Chili cookoff at work on Friday. Yummy. 😊

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Wind v. Fence had a clear victor.

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Me, almost every morning...
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