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I have more native apps for Glass in the pipeline!

Launchy - A Glassy-looking launcher. The big problem for most Native app development with Glass, is that once you install an app, there is no way for you to launch that app easily. Launchy is going to fix that. I figured out a way to get Launchy running from GlassHome without affecting general usability too much. I'm really excited about this since it's going to let devs create more typical apps that can't be triggered off global broadcasts.

Google Authenticator for Glass - Streamlined UI just for Google Glass. If you use Google 2 factor auth, then this is going to be a big deal for you. Scan the barcodes from Glass and have the accounts added right there. If you have more than 2 accounts, you will have to scroll though. Very very few changes to the open source Google Authenticator app. 
This will require a download and install of ZXing.
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This looks awesome keep hacking out code :)
This is awesome. How did you get it running from Glass Home?
Great stuff! Both are good, but Launchy will be particularly useful. 
Are you using Python? I am a Python newbie.
+Nick Webster I'll be mentioning that at release time. I'm trying to write up a reasonable explanation right now.
+Mike DiGiovanni So you have to install ZXing on Glass to scan the barcode to add your account to the authenticator on Glass?
+Mitchell Feigley yeah, it would be pretty trivial to pull the library into google auth, but I figure the current explorers are reasonably technical and can handle that.
Does this mean multiple accounts to use Glass with, or using Glass to authenticate different accounts? Can someone explain to the non-dev here? :-)
Dude, has anybody told you how amazing you are yet?  Well if not...

YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!  Seriously though, if amazingness was directly related to power level yours would be well over 9000.  ;D

Thank you for this, and thank you for all the other awesome things you have been doing with Glass.  :D
Personally, I'd hope Google gets a built-in authenticator into Glass, but awesome work!
+Mike DiGiovanni
It will be interesting to see if Android APKs that make use of the Android NDK (in this case for ARM CPU binaries) will also run on Glass: truly native code is great for speed but also helps to save on battery charge (in part because any given task runs for a much shorter time).
You are KILLING it. Nice work.
Are you going to integrate your launcher into the glass home app as a new voice command or make it more like an alternative home screen? Good work man, you are certainly paving the way for those of us who haven't gotten the device yet.
+James Betker Wish I could, the options seem to be hardcoded, I do have reasonable alternative and will be looking into some possibility of hijacking the voice menu.
This is great stuff. There is a windows program called launchy right now may want to think of a different name. What about "Pitcher" because just like the real thing it can pour into all types of "Glassware"
+Drew Baumann I'm in the process of making a low budget version of the side scrolling view that seems to be omnipresent. 
+Mike DiGiovanni I noticed that with the Launchy pics. I think that menu style is best suited for voice prompts though since the only time I've seen it used by the system is after saying, "Ok Glass". I believe that was intentional and the reason for using that style in that location was simply to showcase the options to the user at a glance.
+Drew Baumann I thought the same thing for launchy, but then decided that it was more important to see a handful of items at once. Plus I'm hoping to add voice commands.

But for Winky, I think the sidescrolling thing is the best glassy look.
Gary Lo
Can't wait to see Launchy :) Once that's complete and Google Play gets ported....
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