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I imagine they have someone sitting there individually picking people to go.
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And I got thrown back to try again
That would almost be a better option...
Sergey and Larry on their Glasses of course.
Got internal server error on first click. Amazing.
yup I got thrown back again. This is less fun than dieing
every person who posts a success makes me cry a little inside
Are you guys also seeing "Sign In" in the upper right corner of the waiting page?
four internal server erros in the first two minutes
Not really expecting much at this point. :/
+Steve Albright and I have each gotten kicked back to the homepage twice after waiting the 6+ minutes. BLAH!
still waiting :-/ third time lucky?
Twitter doesn't seem to be full of people having much success either... still waiting... lots of reports of Wallet timing out as well.
After my fifth or sixth "waiting" attempt, I finally got this message:Sorry! There are no available tickets at this time.
Back to regular life! 
I'm on my 10th timeout...what gives??
I am on I started at 7am on the dot.
Brent B
Same issues.. I got in once.. They even billed my card and then it kicked me out.. WTF GOOGLE!
AJ West
I've been issued a ticket twice now, but both times Google Wallet has timed out while trying to pay.

Aannndd... looks like they're sold out. :(
Those of you who had NO problems, what email confirmations did you get? Did you get a link to your account or just your order receipt?  
+Leela Keshavan I got an email confirmation with a confirmation ID and subject "Your Google I/O 2013 registration confirmation" I also had to fill out a survey after my transaction wnet through but I don't know if that was before or after the email.
DAMN!!! Google cancelled my purchase because of "Unable to notify the merchant of this order".  I called my credit card company and they said it went through!  FML!
google wallet timed out...
+Mike DiGiovanni Thanks.  I got all that.  The survey is what failed. When I go to reg page now I just see the registration is closed. The claim is you should be able to see your details on the main reg page, if logged in. Does this work for you?
+Leela Keshavan Congratulations, you're done! Your confirmation code is what I see when I click the link from the email that is supposed to let me update my registration.
+Mike DiGiovanni  Thanks for weighing in here!  Hopefully soon it'll be more obvious.  I hate to make plane reservations only to find out that it didn't go through. I'd feel better if I could see the details beyond my receipt - but mostly I feel that I wouldn't be concerned if I hadn't gotten a server error during the survey portion.
Dear Google, please reboot the Google Wallet server that is sitting under your dev's desk before next year's registration.  k thx bye.
If wallet can't handle a few thousand concurrent payments, how do they expect to compete with other providers?
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