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Wink to take a photo video and resulting photo

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How much of this was already coded but disabled? Also did you have to calibrate your wink?
+Mitchell Feigley yeah, I calibrated my wink. It was disabled in a few places, default setting was false, there was an extra check at one point that if it's a user build, it would catch that and revert to false again. 
I just realized the Glass wasn't even "activated." Does having the sensing mechanism (whatever it is) constantly running effect battery life? 
+Mike DiGiovanni Ah, that makes since. I think they disable for the privacy concerns. If/when they enable the feature, it might be limited to when the device is active, which might limit the backlash.

Edit: Also that would limit the accidental activation.
How does it actually detect the wink?
+Will Deasy I'm suspecting the little black window is a sensor, maybe a low res camera? I haven't dived that far, there's enough really high level stuff to plug into that it wasn't necessary. I'm waiting for a tear down. I'm not totally sure though since I was using it in a fairly dim room.

+Andrew Wickham Glass does calculations on eye close length and "magnitude" and rates your wink. If you look at the logs with winking enabled, it gives some interesting stats.
+Drew Baumann source code and explanation to come, unless I get told not to do this by anyone at Google within the next 12 hours or so.
+Mike DiGiovanni I just wouldn't want the camera to go into a picture taking frenzy because there's something in my eye or I have an eyelid muscle spasm ROFL
Is it possible to turn the threshold "rating" down to the minimum such that every time you blink (just naturally) a picture is taken? That would be true passive lifelogging, but I would be concerned about battery and storage limitations.
Amazing!! Thank god we have those amazing developers!
For all of you that concerned Glass will falsely pick-up a wink- maybe it's possible to take a picture only when you wink twice, fast?
It looks weirder but way more reliable. In my opinion.
Hi Mike, thanks for this! I haven't gotten my Glass yet... Do you need to root it to be able to install Android APKs? Or is it possible simply through USB on debug mode? Cheers, Peter
Excellent! Sorry I just saw your other post with more details after I posted my comment :-)

I guess we can presume this will be locked down on the consumer version of the device coming out next year? Even so, it should be a lot of fun for the Explorers!
Awesome, keep up the good work! I can't wait to get my own Glass.
Hi, I didn't spent to much time searching but would you tell me if it's possible to display a kind of constantly refreshed HUD in those glasses from an android phone/BT ?
+Yannick Selles should be possible. I haven't tried it myself and battery life would be terrible, but I'm guessing it's technically possible at this point.
I would like to display performance infos of a remote control sailplane. Those infos are on my andoid app for the moment, but when you are in control, you can't manage to look at the screen and the model at the same time !
Hey Mike, I've got mine calibrated but it still only recognizes one out of every three or four winks. Any suggestions to improve the quality of the calibration?
+Joshua Merrill there's some info in the logs that you can see via logcat that mention length and magnitude. It might bw qorth taking a look to see whats wrong with your winks. Does calibration do fine and then later it doesnt work well?
Ah, nice, I'll take a look. Yes, calibration works fine, but later winks are only successful intermittently. If I find an answer I'll post it here. I really think that winking is the best way on the planet to take photos—such a simple gesture!
+Mike DiGiovanni , when XE7 comes out for Glass, will it overwrite the winky code?

Do you think Google will stop this method of enabling winky in the next version?
+Mike DiGiovanni I can still calibrate winky on XE7, but it does not appear to function any longer. (I haven't attempted to debug it.) 
+Shane Conder I've been having no problems. In fact its been much easier for me to reliably trigger over xe6
Hmm, that's odd, +Mike DiGiovanni -- it's been impossible for me. Maybe something else is interfering... Good to know it works for you! :)
I figured out, finally, that it was the Android settings app causing the trouble. The settings app was crashing on startup. I removed that, reinstalled everything else (settings was last, because I forgot about it, really), and now it's all working fine again! :) 
+Shane Conder weird, I've had that too. Let me try again, I wiped my XE7 device and haven't turned on Winky again yet.

Well that's shitty, I can't get it working anymore :/ It definitely was working perfectly fine before I wiped the device :(
Working after recalibrating for a fifth time. Weird
Strange... So maybe it was unrelated to uninstalling settings. (Althoughy it's also nice the startup crash is gone.) Seems like something changed, though. 
+Mike DiGiovanni It's fucking awesome! Do you mind I help you made the chinese version? I really really love this app and I'm the first Glass Explore on China.
Whats the progress of this app along with XE11? Just got my glass today and I'm eager to play around with this.
+Mike DiGiovanni  Sounds great. Hopefully things get figured out, I'll keep a look out for updates in the future. Best of luck!
+Ravi Teja.M I've been seeing this myself lately too, thought maybe it was just my problem, I wonder if +P.Y. Laligand  has any idea since he mentioned capturing this intent in his I/O talk.
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