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Please pray for +Shell Presto DiBaggio​ and our son. He is impatient and temperamental like his father and wants to be born now. He is only 28 weeks old and needs to stay in for a few more weeks! 

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Brooklyn NY TO BE DESTROYED April 24
Blue is a 1 1/2 year old American Pitbull Terrier. His previous owner got him as a gift when Blue was 5 months old. Blue was surrendered to the ACC due to the fact his owner was having personal problems.

Behavioral Eval Summary: Blue solicited some attention though remained uncomfortable with some forms of upon close handling, becoming stiff at times. He continually whined towards the exit though was able to be re-engage in some interaction, allowing soft petting.
Playgroup Summary: Blue displays soft body language and keeps to himself in a group of calm male and female dogs.

Owner states that Blue is very friendly and outgoing around strangers. Blue has spent time around a child that is 7 years old and owner stated that he will play somewhat rough with children. Owner also states that Blue can also play somewhat rough with adults too.
Owner stated that Blue behavior is good except for the fact that he will chew on the wood trim in the home if left confined to one room. Blue also will panic and is terrified of loud noises.
Owner described Blue as friendly, affectionate, playful, and excitable with a high activity level. Owner stated that his favorite thing about Blue is how obedient he is. Blues favorite activity is playing fetch, and his favorite type of toy is a Frisbee.

Blue tends to follow him around and has been kept mostly indoors.
Owner stated that Blue is very much house trained and will use the bathroom on the cement. Blue has been crated before and does well for about4-6 hours. Blue knows the sit, come, stay and down commands.


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If you don’t really need science so much as the narrative, then what you get is our own era’s official replacement for Sagan: Neil deGrasse Tyson. As the decades pass, Sagan’s imitators become less thoughtful and more propagandistic, less interested in conveying the actual scientific method and more concerned with just telling the public what to think. It’s also about making those who accept the approved “pro-science” political agenda feel they are superior to all of those ignorant, knuckle-dragging bigots who disagree with them. It equates science, not just with the politics of the Left, but with the Left’s attitude of smug condescension. That’s how you get Tyson’s fake-but-accurate narratives or the meme-swapping superficiality of the IFL Science crowd.

That’s also how we get things like the March for Science, in which it is naturally assumed that defending science dovetails perfectly with the Left’s “resistance” against the current administration and every part of its agenda. It reduces science to a narrow political pose and blinds people to its big questions and radically different method of inquiry.

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This is not a joke, but it is a farce.

"The decision comes after residents reported ID-related issues at concession stands, liquor stores and airports.
“It is our capital, so there really shouldn’t be any confusion,” said Ashley Brandt, who was hassled a few years back at an airport while trying to board a flight using her D.C. driver’s license.
Brandt was flying back from Phoenix in 2014 when a Transportation Security Administration agent checked her identification, became confused and said she did not think the TSA could accept it."

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Over the weekend, I met a gentleman at a convention who wrote a GI Joe story for Kindle Worlds and said he saw an appreciable uptick in sales of his original stuff afterwards. Accordingly, I was thinking of writing a GI Joe novella of my own with an eye toward promoting my other stuff. Of course, you surrender all rights except 35% royalties, but I wouldn't be creating any new characters, either.

Does anyone in my circles have any experience with this?

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I was tempted to write up a long piece pointing out the phony, utterly shallow hipster trendiness of the "SCIENCE!" business, abut how such demonstrations are rooted in leftist politics rather than a genuine concern for truth or an appreciation of the scientific method, and especially how most of the drones going on about this couldn't possibly explain to you how they know the earth is flat, how the Ptolemaic model of geocentrism was refuted, or give a valid explanation of biological evolution, but why bother? This meme says everything in a much funnier and concise manner.

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It takes a state to be this cruel and stupid. 

I believe in the separation of state and my life.

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“Do you yell at church?” LaMalfa asked the crowd at one point. That comment was met with intense booing and shouts of “Do you lie in church?”

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