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Right, so I've now got 6TB of backup storage in my Synology NAS box. I'm going to use this as a backup for my unRAID NAS box. All I have to do now is figure out how to set rsync up to do the necessary stuff and then sit back and wait a few hours/days until it copies it all over.
The 2 NAS are located in different buildings to avoid any problems in case one goes missing or gets damaged! They are connected with 1GB ethernet.
The Synology, which I am using as the backup device, has 2 x 3TB disks in, which are set as RAID 0. I'm not too bothered if one of the disks fails in this box as it is only a backup of the main unRAID NAS anyway.
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Jeez how do you fill 6TB with data?
Out of curiosity if both the nas are in separate buildings how are the buildings linked to the network? Fibre? Copper?
Well I put 2 x 3tb disks in so they would last longer. The primary NAS has 4tb capacity at present.
One is in the garage the other the attic. Utp between them.
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