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+Gadjet Nut I have been trying to get into the PrivateEyePi google Groups, and it seems like you might have part in allowing that. Any chance you can accept me into it?

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Forget dumping money into sports programs, let's get more kids involved in things like this!!

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Were you unable to attend our Getting Started with Power webinar last night? Don't worry - it is now available to view.

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We're a week away from our next (free) webinar with +PowerTap: Getting Started with Power Training is April 3 at 8pm ET. Join us!

Anyone use any golite gear? Thinking about getting a jacket for everyday/regular use and curious how durable the stuff is..

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It's been killing my battery but that might have been fixed since j last had it installed. But should show local media from your device to your chromecast. 
AllCast - Released on Google Play!
AllCast lets you view your Android's photos and videos on your TV. Show off a new party trick while visiting friends and family this holiday. :)

AllCast supports:

 * Roku
 * Apple TV
 * Xbox 360, Xbox One
 * Samsung Smart TVs
 * Panasonic Smart TVs
 * Google TV (Logitech Revue, etc)
 * DLNA Renderers

Chromecast support coming someday. I hope.

No root required.

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I just found my lunch time show to watch..

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And I got sucked down the Youtube rabbit hole this morning..

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Great education paired up with killer can you go wrong with that?
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