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One big advantage of Windows Apps is that you can install & uninstall something in the Windows Store without having to worry that it might leave files on your computer, break a feature that you need to keep, bloat the registry or use shared link libraries with other important first party programs.

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When you have a program you want to install on Windows, there comes the process of downloading it & then running an .exe file to proceed with installation. With the application installed you have no clue how many parts of your file system it has touched or whether it has messed up parts of your system registry. With Windows 10 Store Apps however, that are installed from the Windows Store, one big advantage is that these applications run sandboxed & by design do not share parts of the system registry so they can be installed & also cleanly uninstalled instantly leaving no trace, bloat or link libraries behind whatsoever. In understanding how to avoid bad user habits it's important to aware such differences between other operating systems & their core structures since MacOS, Linux & Android do work inherently differently.

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Spring cleaning your PC isn't usually something that's a five minute job. All mentioned here touches the half of what's included within a professional PC Health Check & ongoing maintenance is something that all computers do actually require.

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See the new out of box experience & interesting features of the new Windows 10 Creators Update. This demo shows how Cortana can be used for the OOBE itself & details some of the superb new features available uniquely in Microsoft Edge.

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Smartphone cameras have today all but completely replaced traditional point & shoot cameras. They can actually do a lot more than simply snap photos. From replacing your desktop flat bed scanner to enabling foreign language translation. If you've never used a flagship smartphone digital camera since you got your old compact out of the drawer or dusted off that old state of the art bulky DSLR that can even shoot 1080p video, don't be surprised if you find that the new smartphone you can always have with you goes one up to shoot super high quality slow motion 4K & even handles all your desktop editing too.
Think you know everything there is to know about your smartphone camera? We bet you don't know these 6 tricks!

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We live more and more in the world of the abstract – thanks to the internet and the rise of branding, which sells promises of happiness and attractiveness, rather than things themselves. The things themselves are often crap.

Death for the Vista operating system has arrived. Vista will receive final updates by April 11, 2017. After this date, Vista will no longer receive security updates & will be totally unsupported.

If you are still running the platform it is finally time to fully say goodbye & move onto a fully supported platform (like Windows 10).

So it's irresponsible to use Vista to browse or go onto the Internet.

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Snap assist must surely be the most useful multitasking feature of any operating system ever. If you haven't learned how to do this yet, welcome to multitask. Your life will be so much easier now.
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