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This is really really weird. One image with two different perceptions of colour. White and Gold, or, Blue/Purple and Black.

Where do you stand? Check again later and you may have to jump ship! Just bizarre.
OK, this is messing with my head. So what color do you see this dress as?

Also see:

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Blue and Black
White and Gold
Blue and Gold
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Still blue and brown here (it's later)
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Mike Crumpler

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So here is something I just found out, thanks to +Sauber F1 Team

On +Google+​, when you share a photo you can allow your viewers to download a full resolution copy of the photo to keep for themselves. Now I knew this was a feature, but what I didn't realise is that +Sauber F1 Team​ (and maybe others) allow their followers to download all the photos they share intentionally.

Basically, if you like any of those amazing photos of that gorgeous blue and yellow car, feel free to help yourself and download a copy (for personal use only I'd assume).

Thanks +Sauber F1 Team​!
Sauber F1 Team's official Google+ page. Circle us in to stay in touch!
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There are alternatives, +Mike Crumpler. :)
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Oh America (followed by other parts of the world), you are on such a slippery slope.

Yesteryear you decided to mass medicate the population by adding fluoride to public water supplies because some people don't brush their teeth regularly.

Today you wish to mass vaccinate the population because a few people got measles, ebola, or some other horrible illness.

And tomorrow who knows what chemicals your governments will decide they wish to put inside every one of you because of a few minorities. This could be in your water, your food or by injection.

Maybe it'll be to save smokers from lung cancer.

Maybe it'll be to save alcoholics from liver disease

Maybe it'll be the flu vaccine that the UK just decided was only effective in 3% of people, and quite possibly hospitalised more people than it saved.

Or maybe it'll all be one big experiment that goes catastrophically wrong.

Either way, it won't be your choice so I hope everyone enjoys the ride set out by a few individuals.

Me, I'll be getting off on the next stop with quite a few others, hoping good old hygiene and healthy living protects us. And where it doesn't, then I will rely on good old medicine which I choose (including vaccines once researched and decided necessary).

All I ask is that everybody is respectful to others, and not share your germs. And if that means wearing a mask (I applaud you China), or locking yourself away for a few days, so be it.

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Yeah. Madi isnt vaccinated due to vaccines nearly killing me in my 20s. She had so many allergies when younger that her pediatrician actually advised against it. He had seen 4 kids like her go into anaphylaxis in his surgery in the previous 18 months. All had similar issues to her when they came in for their shots. We went the homeopathic vaccines instead. The only childhood disease she has got was whooping cough after her school did a mass vaccination for it. 10 previously healthy kids came down with it. The dr we took her to said that the whooping cough vaccine didnt appear to be working and that after each school in the area was vaccinating the cases of whooping cough were showing up.
Im not antivax. I believe people should vaccinate if their research says that is the best thing for their child.
I do however draw the line at people telling me I am stupid and should vaccinate my child and take the risk she wont die or have brain damage even though her allergies indicate this is what is likely to happen.

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Mike Crumpler

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If you are ever bored, why not try this.
You're not going to want to miss this "Will it Blend?" episode...
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Why would you want a HTPC when you can have one of these paired with a Chromecast device. Stream your locally stored content from the hard drive direct to the Chromecast via WiFi. That's sounds perfect to me. If only had some content to put on the thing, but I know many will.

h/t to +John Blossom
That's Chromecastic! ;)
Let’s face it: Hard drives aren’t sexy. Seagate thinks it can spice things up though, launching its new Seagate Personal Cloud drives on Sunday. By adding wireless capabilities to the drives, you can stream content stored on the them to various screens around your home. The Personal Cloud, available in 3TB, 4TB, and 5TB capacities, connects to a…
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So good
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This is a very interesting post regarding simple math. Put yourself to the test and vote for your correct answer on the original post. Thanks to +Max Huijgen for yet another post that gets the brain thinking.

What I found to be most interesting from this is that the Calculator App on Android Lollipop actually follows the basic laws of mathematics. I put it to the test with the simple sum of 1+5x5= ? Now dependant on your own mathematical knowledge the answer is either 30 or 26.

A little hint. so long as you don't press = until the end, the Calculator App will get it right :) Impressive, but also highlights the need to make sure you enter your sums correctly when using the App.
Googlers: I know you're handy with words but how about some simple math?
Solving 12 : 4 × 3 (or 12 ÷ 4 * 3) looks easy, but can you multiply that total with 1 + 2 x 3? Pick your answer below and let's see if G+ can solve the kind of 'math' we expect from current primary school students.

Vote for your answer or disagree with the pre-canned ones and provide your own in the comments
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Sorry, I meant 7 +Mike Crumpler  
You can get 9 if you multiply 1 by 9 (1 being 12:12 and 9 being 3*3)
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Have him in circles
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Mike Crumpler

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So here is something I just found out, thanks to +Sauber F1 Team

On +Google+​, when you share a photo you can allow your viewers to download a full resolution copy of the photo to keep for themselves. Now I knew this was a feature, but what I didn't realise is that +Sauber F1 Team​ (and maybe others) allow their followers to download all the photos they share intentionally.

Basically, if you like any of those amazing photos of that gorgeous blue and yellow car, feel free to help yourself and download a copy (for personal use only I'd assume).

Thanks +Sauber F1 Team​!
Sauber F1 Team's official Google+ page. Circle us in to stay in touch!
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I think if you asked most teams, they'd probably say there is no money in F1. It's just all about winning.
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I hate Bluetooth. It is the worst technology that man has ever invented. It is so unreliable no matter what equipment you are using.

I can't wait for the day a hands free kit in a vehicle works more than 50% of the time. Its about time somebody invented NFC technology for hands free systems where you can put your phone in a holder and it connects to the hands free system without the need for wires or Bluetooth whilst charging at the same time.

If +Android​​ Auto is going to rely on Bluetooth I think its going to be a royal pain in the arse with constant dropping of connectivity.

What's your experience with Bluetooth. Is it just me that hates it?
17 votes
Bluetooth should die out like the plague
Bluetooth is a pain but I love it anyway
What are you on about? Bluetooth rules!
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As far as in cars go, some head units have terrible bt receivers and others are placed poorly so the signal is blocked by the dash and trim. 
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Here's my problem with Google, Android, and in particular, Nexus devices.

I think anybody that knows a little something about me will know by now that I'm a fan of all those things mentioned above. But I still have an issue with them.

Back on the 25th June 2014 Google told the world about android L and the new material design. How excited was I along with many others, especially as I already owned two Nexus devices.

But then we had the long wait for the official Android Lollipop release which got announced back on the 15th October 2014. You would think that would mean the wait was over and soon after we would get our upgrades. Well guess what, it has taken until today for my final device to get Android Lollipop; a 2013 nexus 7 with 4G

So for a fan with a nexus device to have to wait over 7 months to get upgraded to something that was teased all that time ago, it is an absolute killer. And quite frankly I hate it. I hate the way the technology industry announces products that aren't yet available, or even have a planned release date. The next time I hear about a new product, I want it available within a week if not sooner!

Isn't that what the Nexus range was meant to be? Cutting edge, with fast updates. Com'on, 7 months, seriously???

So guess what, in 4 and a bit months time, I'll probably be learning about what I'll have in 2016.
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+Mike Crumpler If you were involved in software design, you might see things differently. You would push a simple image out to 1% first and then wait for the backlash / pull the release (crap 3rd party apps that did not release L versions in time / rooters who fiddle about etc). Then you correct things and re-push to 1% (rinse and repeat). Then 5%/10%/50% etc. Then do the same with a more complex device. 

Add into the mix the massive range of Android devices and the diversity and number of users (80% of all phone users globally).

This is what makes it completely impossible to do it all at once.
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Mike Crumpler

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For those of you that like all this home automation stuff, here is another toy to add to your inventory (although it has nothing to do with home automation).

This Power Ethernet 2  gang socket (well 1 gang really), can replace a standard 2 gang socket, and enable you to run a network over your existing power cables. It uses the Powerline technology so it is compatible with other manufacturers products. The advantage with this is its appearance because it isn't a plug in module, but fits flush like a standard socket. The downside, you lose a socket outlet.

All you need to do is plug an ethernet cable from your hub, and then plug any ethernet enabled device in to another powerline device, ie your smart TV, and presto you have a hard wired network throughout your house without having installing any fixed wiring. Bingo.

So where you can't get a reliable wifi signal, this could be one answer.

P.s They don't come cheap.
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+Mike Crumpler wow, yeah...I keep forgetting how the Pound stacks up against the USD....I probably paid $80 for my first pair of power-ethernet adapters, but yeah, $120 is a bit steep....
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Mike Crumpler

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This here is the single most reason why I am yet to invest in a +Nest​ thermostat. If I purchased the device complete with installation at £249, it would need to reduce my energy consumption by 68% to pay itself off in the first year. But that's a unrealistic expectation I know. As you can see from the photo, my gas usage is already pretty low and under control at £367 per year, way less than the UK average.

A 10% saving is what I would really expect. But even at that figure, it would take 6 years 10 months to make my money back. Now this doesn't take in to account any electricity used by the device, although probably very low.

Now let's be really honest here. Is anybody expecting their nest thermostat to still be working like new in 7 years time? Some how I think this is going to be just a very expensive toy.

So sorry, but I'm out.
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Reminds me a lot of the energy meters that were being touted a few years ago. We got one (an Owl or something) and it was very interesting wandering around the house switching things on and off to see whether we could get our electricity usage down.

But you know what? Bar a couple of minor things the reason a lot of those things were on was because we needed them to be on. So basically the savings ended up pretty slim.

If you've programmed a 7 day thermostat reasonably well I can't see how Nest's automated algorithm will be able to do much better. The only thing I wonder makes a difference might be that a lot of people in the US use the Nest to control AC as well, but I've had no experience of configuring (or needing) AC.
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Now that I have lollipop installed on my Sony Smartwatch 3, I have disabled the tilt to wake screen feature. This makes me a very happy man because with the transflective display, it just makes complete sense.

The only thing that remains is for Google to remove the long press to change the watch face feature. Now that you can change the watch face from the settings menu on the watch, and from within the android wear app on your phone, the long press feature is unnecessary. In fact, having the feature enabled is just a pain in the @#£% because every time I cross my bare arms, the watch thinks I'm trying to change its face.
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+Mike Crumpler Ok sure. I've chosen a stock face today and so far hourly use has gone down to 4% / hr. Still not what it was.
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If you are looking at my profile you better know me already :-)

And for those that don't, then follow me on Google+ and you'll soon understand my love for Formula 1 (F1) and everything Google (See links below)

My number one passion has to be my wife who, for anyone that knows her, is an inspiration. And lets not forget our gorgeous son.

Be sure to engage on my posts, and you never know, I may even circle you back. I do ask however, if you get to be part of my limited posts, anything I discuss about my private life, is to be kept private. Feel free to bring up anything about my life on other limited posts, but on public posts, please keep anything you have learned about me out of the comments. Many thanks, and I look forward to engaging with you all.

Favourite Quote:

"Many hands make light work"

Looking for an Electrical Sub-contractor in Hampshire: 

Feel free to contact me using the links on this profile. 
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