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Mike Creuzer

Feature Requests  - 
I am loving GCodePrintr on Android. 

I had a few questions.

From the web interface, if I click on 'stop print' will that turn the heaters off? Basically an emergency stop that will put the printer in a safe state?

When you send a file from the PC client  to the android client, can you get it to start printing remotely? I see a checkbox in android that reads something like "start print automatically after finished loading to SD card" but that seems to be more something to the controller than to the android.

Can we get some basic temperature controls in the web controls? I would like to be able to pre-heat my bed remotely. And shut the heat off as well.

Thanks for the great work!
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Thanks for the good feedback !
1) When you click on "stop print" it will stop sending the remaining gcodes, clear the queue and send M104 S0 and M140 S0 to turn the extruder and heatbed off.
2) There is no autostart, yet. I already thought about it and will add this feature soon.
3) Sure, I will add it to the feature candidate list.
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My nearly-4 year old is playing with the fingers for a printable prosthetic hand I am printing as part of

This is the original sized fingers for one model of hand. She thinks it's the coolest thing ever! She is working the joints for me so they function more smoothly.
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What she has in her hands are just a few pointless nails (I have nails without points?!?) as it's easy to test the fingers and make sure they flex easily.

This set will get just melted plastic rivets, the real fingers get Chicago Screws.
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We need to make another 3D printer because the kids don't like to share with each other...
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Mike Creuzer changed his profile photo.

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This is a +SeeMeCNC  printer sitting in their front lobby. Thanks +Drew Fustini  for the photo! This a a favorite photo of me.
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Still a serious face, but you at least look like you're thinking and not bored. 
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Mike Creuzer

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Who needs The Club when you have a Cyborg Beast! 
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The Cyborg Beast driving is awesome.
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Mike Creuzer

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Heh, somebody liked my water-cooled hot end.
Did anyone else attend the Midwest RepRap Festival (#MRRF) last month? These were some of our favorite #3DPrinters seen there, including one that uses a water cooling mechanism.
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You, bet, +Mike Creuzer! The Mountain Dew bottle was a nice finishing touch. Let us know what you do with the aluminum extrusions!
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I got my Misumi order in today. I tried putting it in this weekend, but I guess there isn't much 2020 left. I was forced to quote. So I got less 2020 and more 1515. I am assuming that their deal is to get me hooked, and I expect it will. 

I know what my first 2 projects will be.

I am going to make a CNC platform for sewing embroidery using my el-cheapo black friday sewing machine. I should be able to do this quite easily with my smoothieboard. The only tough part I think will be software, generating the gcode.  My sewing machine is very basic (I intentionally got a pure mechanical when I got it) so I should be able to swap out the built in motor with a stepper motor and each stitch is a nice even value in gcode, probably 100 indicating 100%.

The other project is I want a CNC feed for my drill press. I want to make a bunch of openstructures compatible wooden beams. That would mean drilling a LOT of holes, so I think that the drill press shall be automated to do that for me. I can code up something to kick out the gcode for that in a big hurry, very simple.

Does somebody want to borrow a couple of really cute kids for a few hours so I can concentrate on making robots that can make stuff? I can't yet incorporate them into the process.
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You got a few more hours. I just got extrusions. 
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Mike Creuzer

Discussion  - 
Beer here: A simple, cost-effective DIY solution to brew storage.
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Is the solenoid food-grade?  I looked into solenoids a while back to further automate my brewing process, but the food-grade ones (NSF-certified) were very expensive.
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I saw this machine and the results at MRRF. It's a slick setup. The results are impressive!
Scale up production of your 3D printed parts with RotoMAAK, a desktop rotational casting machine - now on Kickstarter!

I thought this might be pertinent to the 3D Printing community as a way for us to scale-up production of our 3D printed parts as a bridge between one-off printing and full production runs of injection molded parts.

Full disclosure: Mark VanDiepenbos is part of my Makerspace, The MakerHive (
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Nice little park.
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For being located in a gas station, this is an awesome local short order kitchen. I've never been disapointed. One of the few places left with specials under $5.
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We pre-paid for parking and show up and they are full. 2 other families on the shuttle from a nearby lot that had space had the same story.
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